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Thoughts On Gerardo Concepcion: Trust The Scouts

A statistically-minded Cubs fan takes a look at the recent signing of Gerardo Concepcion.

Where's Waldo and Where We are Now: Current and Projected Standings

The Cubs record has been bad thus far in 2011. Is this because they stink, or just because a black cat has once again crossed their path?


If the Bears target a FA OT who should it be?

Now I know the crew here at WGC loves itself some lineman analysis/conversation... so in that spirit, I thought I'd ponder if the Bears will go after an available OT, gven the injury to Chris...

An Outside the Box Solution to the Bullpen Problem

An idea to solve the bullpen woes, get Cashner MLB innings, and solve global warming! OK, maybe not the last part.

Learning from past mistakes: who should move to the bullpen?

A few weeks ago, I posted a story on how to calculate WAR for pitchers. Now, I'm going use the move of Z to the bullpen to show how to employ pitching WAR. Heading into the season, Zambrano was...

Gears of War III: Evaluating Pitching

A brief overview of how to calculate WAR (wins above replacement) for pitchers.

The Mariners had a troubled corner outfielder that has changed teams a lot and has often heard...


The Mariners had a troubled corner outfielder that has changed teams a lot and has often heard complaints from the fans because he is dramatically overpaid. The other night, he royally messed up a relatively easy play because his head wasn't in the game. He responded with a cold shoulder by leaving the clubhouse before his teammates could talk to him. A day later, the team finally released him to the joy of the fan base. This is a picture of the menace to baseball society.

So I'm feeling a little down after today's disaster and thought I'd at least have a little fun with...


So I'm feeling a little down after today's disaster and thought I'd at least have a little fun with my pessimism. I hope you enjoy my mock of the Cubs newest ad campaign.

Gears of WAR, Part II: One Stat to Rule Them All

An overview of the usefulness of WAR, from a Cubbie perspective.

Gears of WAR, Part I: Linear Weights

This is an introduction to linear weights and is the first post in a many-part series on how WAR is calculated.

Biggs: Lovie to return for another season


According to Brad Biggs, the Bears will announce tomorrow (Tuesday) at 2 PM that Lobie is coming back for another season as the head coach. They're expected to fire Turner and bring in new offensive and defensive coordinators.

Dramatic Moves to Restructure the Cubs

There's a rumor out there the Cubs are going to trade Zambrano for Luis Castillo, Fernando Martinez, and a AA prospect. We run with it and see what else the Cubs could do this offseason.

Offseason Review to Date

Offseason Review to Date: Cubs trade Bradley, Fox, and Miles for Carlos Silva, Marlon Byrd, and prospects, without an increase in salary.

Building a spreadsheet champion, 2010

An offseason plan for the 2010 Chicago Cubs.

Where the Wild Things Are - A Story in Pictures

This post looks in detail at Carlos Marmol's control issues over the last 3 seasons, with a look forward to 2010.

An Encouraging Interview With Ricketts


Check out this interview of the new owner of the Cubs by Bruce Miles. In particular, those of you that have an appreciation for the utility of statistical analysis and don't understand why people boo will enjoy reading this.

On Baseball, The Scientific Method, And Adam Dunn

This is a post on baseball, the scientific method, the sabrmetric community, and the evaluation of Adam Dunn.

Why Am I Here?

This post is a bit of an extended introduction, and its title is a nod to this thread, where Al asked the question: "Why are we Cubs fans?" I'm going to expand on this question a bit to also let...


Milton Bradley is my Underpaid Salesman

Originally posted at Another Cubs Blog Here’s a somewhat pretend scenario based on a true story. Let’s say you’re running a company, and hire a guy with a 3-year contract worth $300,000. You give...


Why the Booing Has to Stop

This is just the latest in a long line of events that have made me angrier and angrier with the unruly mob that is Cubs fans: ``It's never comfortable,'' he said after going 4 for 4 with a homer...


Pretty Plots of Soriano's Power

This is a link to my work over at ACB on what's wrong with Alfonso Soriano... or, more accurately, what was wrong with Soriano. The short answer is his power has declined steadily over the last few...


What's wrong with Harden?

Why is Rich Harden's ERA over 5 this season? Come along and find out... The short version? Hill is giving up more HR's. He isn't giving up more fly balls, so the issue is that he's giving up more...


The Bears Pass Coverage was Good in 2008

So after reading wiltfongjr's excellent piece on the cover 2, I quickly realized the numbers back up and expand upon one of his main points, using the 2008 Bears as an example. Namely, pressure on...


Bears add DT Darwin Walker

The offseason evolution of the Bears' D-Line took another step forward today when they traded a 5th round pick to the Bills for Darwin Walker, a former Eagles player. Apparently, the Bills were in...


The Bulls won't draft Roy Hibbert...

as he just pulled his name out of the draft. This hurts a bit - he would have been one of the better post scorers that available at 9, if he had entered the draft. I think this makes the prospect...


Bears (including Briggs) like Williams

David Haugh (the best Bears writer, IMO) had a nice piece on Jamar Williams earlier this week. He opened with an interesting note that Briggs called Williams, asking him to take his job. The...


Bears dissed by MNF...

After a season in which the Bears dominated the regular season and went to the Super Bowl, setting national ratings on fire on the way, they're being rewarded with only one scheduled Monday Night...


If the Bears are going to get a QB...

they should do it now. Apparently, Trent Green is on the trading block, and may be cut altogether. While i haven't been in favor of pursuing a new QB all off-season, its more for a lack of...


Yahoo! Lovie, Angelo sign contract extensions!

According to Don Pierson at the Trib: Smith was given a four-year extension through 2011 and Angelo a six-year extension through 2013, the Bears announced. The deal features $22 million in new...

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