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Graphic - Putting a Price Tag on Winning


The linked chart compares baseball teams’ payroll spending over the last decade with their won-loss record. The graphic provides confirmation of what everyone already knows...spend more...win more (unless you are the Mets).

Don’t like the Yankees success? Blame the principles of capitalism


I came across the linked article today, which I found to be an excellent read. The author suggests reformers of MLB should focus on incremental changes to revenue sharing, and other league rules, and a salary cap later, maybe much later.

Do MLB Fans Get What They Pay For?


I came across this article today, which I found interesting. Of note is footnote 4: The Florida Marlins, Washington Nationals, Cleveland Indians, Colorado Rockies and Kansas City Royals did not respond to the survey. Information from their respective Web sites and 2009 team-supplied surveys were used to calculate 2010 numbers.


MLB Salary vs. MLB Standings

As we discussed the recent trades of the beloved Indians and the plight of the small and mid-market clubs, I was curious to see how the current teams records stacked up against their MLB salary. ...

Billy Beane: The Revolutionary


An interesting article on Billy Beane's impact on baseball and some praise and criticism of his methods.

It Can't Get Any Worse


We officially have the worst pitching staff in Major League Baseball. The team ERA is now above 6.0. What's amazing is that the NYY spent a lot more money and are challenging us for the title.

Fire Wedge!


An interesting perspective, very Jonathan Swift-esque.

Spring Training Stats Don't Mean Squat


Every year I find mindself checking the spring training stats at the end of March and stacking up the Tribe to the competition. And, every year, find an article that tells me this is a pointless exercise. Like this one.

Choo Named AL's Best in September


This is very exciting for Choo and I am extremely happy for him. For some reason this also jogged my memory in regards to his Korean military obligation (good news trumped by bad news - must be NE Ohio thing). Was his obligated service ever resolved or could he be "defecting" to the US during his prime years?

Lee Running Out of Gas?


Is Cliff's uninspiring ERA over his last three starts a result of being overused, succumbing to the pressure of winning the Cy Young, or better teams (minus KC)? If overuse, does the 2009 Tribe limit his workload over the season to keep him fresh for October/November? Maybe pace him for 200 innings?


Friday, September 26th

Mark your calendars for the Sox vs. Indians finale in Chicago.  Assuming the Chicago White Sox can maintain their season winning percentage of .571 heading into that last weekend, they will have...


2009 Goal?

So what is management’s goal for 2009?   I have not heard or have missed the familiar "we expect to compete for the central division in 2009" from Shapiro.   The cupboard is being restocked as we...

LaPorta's blast sinks R-Phils Friday


The kid has had a nice week. Path cleared to the majors, 3 for 6 first day of Tribe ball, game winning HR with two outs in the ninth....

LaPorta's first Interview in the Indians Organization


"I'm just going to bring my enthusiasm, my hard work and my bat."


2009 Most Pressing Needs?

Unless we can put together a Colorado Rockie-esque 2007 winning streak, we have moved into the unfortunate "Take Stock, Move Inventory, and Reload" phase of the 2008 season. I have seen a lot of...


Grasping on to Hope

   “Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane.” – Red, Shawshank Redemption   But here we are, towards the third of week of June, still grasping on to hope.  From a pure...


Building for the Future: 1B and 3B

What would it take to get LaPorta or Gamel from Milwaukee?  Their big league club is loaded with bats, but needs pitchers.  Both LaPorta and Gamel have demonstrated ridiculous power and LaPorta has...

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