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tomorrow night's game

Dear fellow Golden State Warriors fans, I have four tickets for the upper level section for tomorrow game, Tuesday, October 23, 2012 against the Phoenix Suns. The games is set to starts at 7:30...

Parking Increase to $18

Apparently, parking has increase. Have fun at the Kings game. LGW!

NBA All-Star Game ballot

Monta, Jackson, AR and Beans made the list. Time to vote! (Well...soon) LGW!

"Bob Cousy was a great teammate. But in our approaches to the game, he and I were complete...

"Bob Cousy was a great teammate. But in our approaches to the game, he and I were complete opposites. I approached the game defense first, then offense. He approached the game offense and then, maybe, some defense. I never had a negative thought about it - he was always a great team player and a really good guy…After I watched him play a dozen games or so, and had a few brief conversation with him to learn more about his approach, I figured out how to help us win more games. If we were on defense and his man got by him, I'd slide over and pick him up to keep him from getting a layup. On offense, after I'd get a rebound, I'd start deliberately looking for Cousy to get him outlet passes to start the fast breaks. Probably a third of the shots I blocked for Cousy were off his men. But I never criticized him, behind his back or to his face." "The way I looked at it was that his flaws on defense triggered our offense. I'd block a shot and outlet it and get it going the other way, turning it into a strength." -Stolen from "Red and Me" By Bill Russell with Alan Steinberg. Pages 129 & 130 Through another perspective: Who cares about defense...Now let the block parties begin. LGW...still. (that and isn't there some good taken from some bad? Let's be positive please?)

NBA Summer League 2009 Access

Alright. For those that missed out on a rather exciting summer league, with Anthony Randolph tying the recording for 42 points, only to have our own Anthony Morrow beating it today, I highly suggest you watch it. I mean the games. Or any of the 55 games. Since I am unable to provide the password, I'll give you hints so you'll solve the mystery yourself, therefore not really breaking the rules. The only thing that I ask is, since they claim there is only one viewer at a time, (I was unable to log-in earlier. Dang them) you can somehow share. Unsure how. But sharing = caring. Sometimes. -the acronyms to National Basketball Association ending with 998. No spaces. Enjoy.

Questions about Summer League.

Would anyone happen to know if one can re-watch a game? Like multiplies of times (Joe Alexander...Oh he's not a Warriors. I mean the Anthonies! Yes, if AR 3x a day workout had done anything for him.) And if one did not watch a game, could she go back to watch the game? Thanks in advance for the answers! (the contact does not work! are they even legit?)

Kelenna thanking the fans in the Spur's game.

Kelenna thanking the fans in the Spur's game.

More about CJ (of a fan...from another team)

There are a few things that I found interesting. I accidentally stumble on this blog entry, and found it quite amusing that even with with a very good standing (33-8), fans just don't quit complaining. (and I thought us Warriors fan got it bad) Read the blog for future ref. I guess human nature is really greed. Anyway, so it's true...GM, other teams, humans, lady and her poodle, is all after CJ.


the why post

Just to be fair, I'll type about all of them. Why did the Warriors lose yesterday?Why couldn't they just fought a tiny bit more? Oh why does the weather look so nice? But why am I indoor? Why is...


Complaints about Ronny Turiaf.

Alright, alright, so maybe I woke up on the wrong side of bed and have nothing better to do...but why hasn't anyone complain about Ronny Turiaf? Besides Marco, and Anthony M, Ronny has the most...


Blame it on luck

  I just want to get this off my chest. (Since I’m sort of fuming from the game still) Dear Warriors Boys, Recently, I became a huge fan of the Golden State Warriors. (Yes, you boys.) Since...

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