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User Blog

A Tale of Two Red Pandas

It was the best of times,it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light,...


The Official Unofficial DBB Jimmer Scouting Report

(Ed. note: March Madness continues tonight with the Sweet 16. Of the four games being played, BYU and Florida tip off at 7:27 PM -- and if watching a future lottery pick in action isn't enticing...


DBB Fantasy Baseball

Would there be any interest out there in a DBB Fantasy Baseball league? That's really all I care to write...but it's supposed to be 75 words. More in a second. Got a bunch of words to kill. Hm. I...

Free trial to League Pass is back


It's good through the 24th, so four free Pistons games. Just wanted to pass it along.

Data Visualization


The good folks at South Side Sox wrote about this, and I thought it would be of interest here as well. If you've got 50 minutes to kill, this video is well worth the time. SSS does a better job explaining the topic than I would: "Visualization of data, a step up from regular old charts and graphs, is becoming near-essential in relaying, understanding and processing information." The video is not really sports-related, but it is an interesting look at the future of information sciences - and while we may never be able to be "authentic experts" - i.e. not novices - it's some nifty stuff. Data visualization has already been used some with NBA with ESPN's game flow, NBA hot spots, or the playing style spectrum.


You're the new owner - what's your plan?

What a weird first three weeks. Since we have a day off today, and what with Tay and Kuester's public feuding and players anonymously telling the media how bad our culture sucks after every loss,...


Best trade ever, I'm pretty sure

So Rip and Maxiell for Elton Brand. Yeah, underwhelming I know. I wasn't really even digging the idea, was just curious how bad Rip's contract was and how close his pay is to Brand's, and one thing...


Hey, it's possible we won't suck someday!

I was comparing numbers to figure out where we were falling short compared to our previous squad, looking at the 2005-2008 years as a baseline. I personally like looking at the differentials since...

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