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Assessing the compitition-Defense

I will do our team assessment after this.


Assessing the compitition-Offense

I'm going to analyze our division in this post. This is inspired by Matt Williamson's idiotic ranking a while back.

Denver Broncos Secret Superstar


Chris Harris was a big reason for the Broncos success this season so its good to see him get some recognition. Word is Harris has been thinking to much in OTA's and hasn't been playing the same. This could be due to the Florence signing getting under his skin unfortunately.

Brain Banks interest in AFC west


Great athlete. Anyone who hasn't read his story should do so.

"Its not about head trauma. It's how we treat head trauma


This guy is really just dumb. Oh yeah and he calls Kurt Warner's statement "uneducated and irresponsible". The irony. I cant believe he is being paid for his opinion.

Brandon Boykin and Cliff Harris


Two very underrated CB and returners. With all these crappy players moving up boards, these two could be excellent value in the middle rounds. Boykin: Harris:

Via Walter Football Merril Hoge recently argued that Robert Griffin should be the pick, but as I...


Via Walter Football Merril Hoge recently argued that Robert Griffin should be the pick, but as I tweeted ( @walterfootball): "Merril Hoge says Griffin should be the No. 1 pick. Why do I get the feeling that if Griffin were consensus No. 1, he'd argue Luck?" I think I have Hoge figured out. The Tebow thing and now this, Hoge just likes to stand out from other analysts. He is essentially a punk hipster.

Upgrade over Bunkley visting Dove Valley


This guy is the best pass rushing DT in the market. Just what we need. Is visiting Dove Valley according to Kaptain. Geno Atkins ***Cap your enthusiasm I think Kap made a mistake and posted Geno Atkins instead of Geno Hayes (big difference)***

PFF Broncos needs for 2012


Interesting take on our needs. Tebow obviously needs to keep improving. T he DT issue is interesting. Bunkley has been astounding in the run but hasn't helped on passing downs. This team needs help in pass defense more than it does in run D. I think our best Pass rushers are: Von, Doom, J.Hunter, DJ, McBean/Ayers then Thomas. I think getting Hunter in more in passing downs will help. Picking up another guy would be wise (Jason Jones?). The O-line issue is there as well. As much as I want to say the two youngsters improved (they did) they still were not above average, or even average at times. Kuper played like an all-pro. Franklin improved tremendously in pass pro and was top in the league in run blocking. The other two positions really hamper us. McGahee had a lot of yards after 1st contact because of this.


Tackling the Problem

Its no doubt that the issue of tackling has come up pretty consistently with Broncos teams since around 2006-7. Although every year is different, the end result is similar, bad tackling usually...

Three Bronco Front 7 players named best for week 12


Dumervil DE, Miller SLB, Bunkley DT. Big reason for our success.


The Truth. What REALLY Happened.

As easy it may be to blame Tebow, his mistakes were not the biggest reason we lost today. Take a look at the scoreboard. This Defense just played its worst game hands down. Came out unprepared. If...

The Recurring problem


Our interior O-line has been a problem since McD decided to draft two O-lineman, Zane Beadles and J.D. Walton. Its not just a coincidence that we had trouble running the ball since they have started. Both of them don't seem to have the strength needed in run support and are often pushed back at the POA. These two need to be put on blast because they have been a big liability and people have noticed. As much as I think Orton isn't playing well, these two have been just as bad if not more. Dont just take my word for it, Pro Football Focus ranks them each in the lowest of their positions.


Collective Assesment: The day after

Okay guys I want to get our members opinions about the game last night. I'm looking for specific details, nothing to general "we sucked" doesn't help. I want to see what everyone agrees is the...


The Need for Speed

Its been pretty well known since Fox was hired that our front 7 was gonna be much faster and smaller. However, Relatively unknown to many of us, the Broncos have quietly increased speed at the...

Stinchcomb released. Possible O-line depth?


He was pretty good in their superbowl run. I think we need a veteran backup RT (also C,G, and LT). Manny Ramirez looked lost against the cowboys. I thought #72 was the only back up lineman worth keeping.


Zane Beadles and Walton

Hey guys, here is what Cecil Lammey had to say about two starters on our o-line: "Walton STILL can't recognize a zero gap blitz, scouts told me before his draft his ceiling was low almost no room...

Taylor Mays being shopped. Could be another of Fox's converts from safety


History would agree. Fox likes fast aggressive Safeties and converts them to Linebackers. Darnell Bing, Nic Harris and Thomas Davis are a few of Fox's experiments.


Knowshon Moreno's new body: Good or bad?

So by now we have all seen Moreno's new figure and I have to be honest when I first heard he was doing all the crossfit stuff and saw how much weight he lost I was a little skeptical. It looks like...

Broderick Bunkley 7th best 4-3 DT


One of the best run stopping DT's in the NFL. We don't need him to rush the passer. Gathering these former 1st round picks is compiling a lot of talent into our team. They don't all need to hit, but the potential is there and it only helps the competition. FO has done brilliantly IMO, no more big moves are really necessary anymore.

Kolb traded to Cardinals for DRC and a 2nd rounder


Cardinals paid way to much but they should be alright because of the team strength of the team.

Jimmy Kennedy, DT from the Minnesota Vikings just released


Very high upside player. Former 1st round pick with potential.

Another Perspective on the Dawkins situation


Hate to say it but its true. I can't see Dawkins positively contributing anymore than in a limited role next season if he stays.


Why you should have two backs with different styles

We all know by now that with Fox's scheme we are gonna be applying a 2 back system. Moreno will likely be half of that, and the other we may acquire in free agency. One of the reasons Chris Johnson...


Day after: Have we addressed our biggest weakness?

The draft is done and our team has some new talent to play with. We can all agree that the defense was terrible last year right? Many of us our quick to assume that our defensive tackles were the...


Looking to the future: 2012 Draft

Hey guys the 2011 draft just ended and there is nothing but good things going forward for this team. Lets see some names in the 2012 draft that may help us next year.


Remaining Gems in the draft

Hey guys maybe the draft didn't go as you hoped it would (We knew we would get Von and after the way the 1st went I thought it would pretty much go exactly the way it did except I thought we would...

Drafting a Linebacker


Some numbers for y'all. If you didn't know, Linebackers are the safest pick in the front 7. I'm not advocating Von Miller here, I'm just saying in general throughout the draft LB's are safer in comparison. Besides, we all know by now that there are only 4 options with that first pick, anything else and we should all be piste.

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