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Anthony Thompson (Montreal) Picks UCLA


Story is behind the firewall on BRO, so all I was able to get was that he will enroll in time for Spring practice. Looks like CRN has gone outside of the box once again, and Thompson seems like a solid get this late in the game. Welcome to Westwood Anthony!

Can't Say I'm Surprised


Can't Say I'm Surprised


The Real Bruin Bear Security Force

It's that time of year again.  Some call it Rivalry Week, others Blue and Gold Week.  I think of it as "I Hate Their Guts And Now I Can Show It Week."  I suppose that the official kickoff is...


Pistol vs Pro Set

Discussion on whether UCLA should stay the course with it's "pistol" offense.

A little advice for Coach B.


A little advice for Coach B.

The team celebrates with the fans after our big win. UPDATE (N): Also here is the post game...


The team celebrates with the fans after our big win. UPDATE (N): Also here is the post game locker room (Facebook) video of CRN leading the guys in singing "the Mighty Bruins." GO BRUINS. UPDATE II(N): Also another YouTube celebration clip via Jon Gold. GO BRUINS.

Vote for Joe Bruin in the Capital One Mascot Bowl!!!


C'mon with 40,000 students and 300,000 alumni this should be easy. You can vote multiple times!

Trogans Find Something To Fight For This Season


One kitten's leadership is another's aggravated assult.


Emotions For Coach

Perspective from one of the student leaders at UCLA.

Women's Water Polo Advances to MPSF Title Match


Boy have I not been paying attention. Between gymnastics and baseball, I completely overlooked our water polo team, who just defeated #1 Stanford in the MPSF tournament. They will face either SC or Cal tomorrow for the championship. The match will be right here in the brand new Spieker Aquatic Center, so come out and support the team!

UCLA hires James Washington


Here's the catch...he wasn't hired as a coach. His official position is Assistant Director Alumni Giving, which puts him in charge of raising money for scholarships. This is very, very interesting. I wonder what Coach Neuheisel has in store for him down the road.

Mike Garrett and Lame Kitten Now on Twitter


The link goes to Garrett's page. Lame can be found @Lane_Kiffin. Play Nice :-)

Christian Ramirez Moved To Secondary


This according to the Daily Bruin Sports twitter. It was pretty obvious that Ramirez wasn't going to break into the rotation this year after his performance last season, but we seem pretty stout in the secondary so the move is a bit surprising.

Mike Sealy Named UCLA Head Women's Volleyball Coach


I have never heard of him and did a quick Google check but all I came up with was the link to our Athletics site, so maybe someone with a better background in Women's Volleyball can offer some insight. My initial thoughts are that he seems to be a good hire with lots of experience and strong Bruin ties. However, one of the reasons Coach Banachowski was such a legend was because he always made a connection with the fans in addition to the on-court success. It will be interesting to see if Sealy can match that enthusiasm and keep attendance numbers strong.


At the Risk of Beating A Dead Horse

Students pov behind the spontaneous decision to rush the court after UCLA's emotional buzzer beating win over Washington Huskies.

TOP 12 Kicker Kip Smith (UCLA Commit) was named 1st Team All USA by USA Today.


TOP 12 Kicker Kip Smith (UCLA Commit) was named 1st Team All USA by USA Today.

DB Twitter via Chris Sailer

OSU, Not UCLA, To Play TCU in Arlington


It's not official yet, but it looks like our non-conference schedule will not reach DEFCON 1 after all.


Student Ticket Transfer System

Discussion on solutions regarding attendance issues in UCLA student sections (in basketball games).


Team Chemistry

Obviously it has been noted here before, and any fan will currently admit, that this year's struggles seem much graver than years past.  The simple explanations I have heard is that we seem to be...

Barkely to start $C opener


I for one am overjoyed that they are burning his redshirt.

Rice Sr in the House


Jerry Rice Sr. was at practice this morning to watch his son play. Pretty cool.

Lakers Returning To The Forum


The Lakers will return to the Great Western Forum to play the Golden State Warriors in a preseason game on October 9th. Tickets go on sale at 10:00 am on August 12th.

Farmar Takes On The Boss


9th place at the WSOP? Not bad. He might even get two rings this summer.

Ariza Honors Commitment To Rockets


Despite getting what appears to be a bad deal from his "agent" and going from championship contender to lottery team, Ariza showed the commitment and proper prioritizing we have come to expect from former Bruins by both honoring his agreement to Houston and choosing to stay closer to his family.


Happy 4th of July Lakers Fans!!!

via It's been a hectic and exciting couple of days here in Lakerland with the news of Artest, Ariza, and Phil.  However, today is a day of rest and festivities as we celebrate...

Funny Take on The Kobe-Shaq Debate From The Onion


Personally, I think that this makes much more sense than the "Kobe couldn't win without Shaq" argument.

Great speech. This is only part 1 of 2, but if you wait until the end of the video you can click...


Great speech. This is only part 1 of 2, but if you wait until the end of the video you can click to see part 2

Game 4 Recap: Lakers vs Magic


I have a confession to make: I was wrong.  I was wrong about Fisher, and I was definitely wrong about Phil Jackson.  I know, it's shocking right?  Me not knowing what's best for the Lakers, who...

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