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Randall Carroll Defends His State Titles


According to the UCLA Athletics Twitter page, Randall Carroll just won the 100M and 200M state championships for the second year in a row. The LAT is reporting that he ran the 100M in a time of 10.38 seconds, but there is no word on his 200M time yet. Also, fellow incoming Bruin Sheldon Price finished second to Carroll in the 200M. I can't wait to see all of this speed on the field next year!

Kevin Love's season may be over, but his work isn't as he is currently reporting from the Finals...

Embedded video from NBA Video

Kevin Love's season may be over, but his work isn't as he is currently reporting from the Finals for NBA TV. This is a quick interview with fellow Ben Ball Warrior Jordan Farmar, but there are a bunch more at, so check them out. Also, he is writing recaps for the LAT. Finally, a sensible writer over at the fishwrap.

Lakers vs Magic Game 1: Post-Game Thread


25 point point win.  38 minutes for Kobe Bryant.  Step back 3 pointer for Josh Powell.  Nuff said. Here's the box score and recap. Have at it. Go Purple & Gold!

Lakers vs Magic Game 1: 4th Quarter Thread


Goodness gracious sakes alive Kobe Bryant.  36 points through three quarters?  And a 24 point lead?  If you are going to continue to one up yourself, the league is going to change its rules to make...

Lakers vs Magic Game 1: 3rd Quarter Thread


Well I guess the Jameer Nelson question has been answered, and he doesn't look half bad.  Not that it seemed to matter (other than that scowl on Alston's face).  I didn't get to watch much of the...

ESPN Reporting That Jameer Nelson To Play In Finals


At this point it is just speculation on the part of the Magic players, but still a possibility. Of course Nelson was the player who gave LA fits during the regular season, scoring 55 points in the 2 games. I'm not all that worried because he is fresh off a shoulder injury and hasn't played in 4 months, but he still might provide the Magic with a better second option that Anthony Johnson. If he does play, look for him to come off the bench for 10-15 minutes a game.

Lakers vs Magic: Position-By-Position Breakdown


Basketball is ultimately a game of matchups. Silver Screen and Roll breaks down the Finals matchups, position by position.

Lakers-Nuggets Game 6: Pre-Game & 1st Quarter Thread


The Lakers have a 3-2 series lead, and they would make their lives 100 times easier with a victory tonight.  Of course, winnning on the road when it's not do or die has not been their fortay, so we...

Lakers-Nuggets Game 5: Post-Game Thread


Finally we see Lamar Odom step up in a big playoff game.  Not sure if it was becuase they were showing a video on his struggles or not, but whatever his motivation he needs to remember and channel...

Lakers-Nuggets Game 5: 4th Quarter Thread


Well, three quarters have been played and here we are still tied.  Now it's crunch mamba time, and you know what that means.  Gasol still hasn't gotten going, but just like Bynum in the first half,...

Lakers-Nuggets Game 5: 3rd Quarter Thread


So the ever-wise Michael Wilbon (sarcasm) said during the halftime show that the Nuggets have been in control from start to finish.  I disagree (big surprise).  Since the middle of the first...

Lakers-Nuggets Game 5: 2nd Quarter Thread


Hello Derek Fisher's shot. It wasn't the greatest start to a game, but the Lakers did a good job fighting back and the rebounding has been much better (aside form that embarrassing Jones layup). ...

Lakers-Nuggets Game 5: Pre-Game & 1st Quarter Thread


Here we go.  After a very exciting first four three games, it is now a best of three series and the Lakers once again have home court advantage.  With the heavily favored Cavs on the brink of...

Lakers-Nuggets Game 5: Post-Game Thread


Meh, I'm not worried.  It wasn't a good loss because a loss rarely is, but I think it was an acceptable one.  Denver had everything to lose in this game, and they showed up and took care of...

Lakers-Nugs Game 3: 4th Quarter Thread


Well, we're not out of it, but we're not really in it either.  And that little run by Denver at he end of the 3rd certainly didn't help.  If the Lakers can a) make a damn free throw b) play just...

WCF Game 1: Post-Game Thread


Now this is the Lakers team we have been waiting to see.  They played what was far from a perfect game, but in the end they buckled down, got the stops, and hit so many huge shots I can't even...


Women's Water Polo Banquet

Bumped. GO BRUINS. -NThis morning I had the privilege and honor of attending the 2009 Women's Water Polo Banquet after being invited by a friend who is a huge fan and close with the team.  I know...


Around The League: Round 2

via So it's two rounds down, two to go for the Lakers.  Of course, 3 other teams are saying the exact same thing, while for 4 others the ride is over.  Let's take a look back at...

LAKERS ADVANCE: Game 7 Post-Game Thread


That sound you heard?  That was the collective sigh of relief of every Lakers fan watching today.  Just like Game 5, the Lakers came out and jumped all over what at this point has to be an...

Kobe's Game 6 Technical Rescinded


Sorry, I actually forgot about this and am a little late getting it up, so I'm sure many of you already heard. Per the LAT the league has removed Kobe's T, so he now only has 4 (just a reminder 7 and you're suspended for 1 game). All I can say is good, although I'm getting a little tired of all of the ex post facto rulings from the NY office. I guess better safe than sorry, but it would be nice to see the officials get it right the first time. Go Purple & Gold!

ESPN Calls Out Phil Jackson


Obviously we here are not the only ones who are seeing problems with the coaching in this series. Read the article and tell us if any of it sounds familiar. Go Purple & Gold!

Game 6: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


Lakers-Rockets Game 6 Recap

Ain't No Cooking Like Some Home Cooking: Game 5 Post-Game Thread


Welcome back Andrew Bynum.  And Lamar Odom.  And Trevor Ariza.  And Pau Gasol.  And the rest of the Lakers for that matter.  Today was the response that all of LakerNation needed to see out of this...

Lakers vs. Rockets Game 4: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly


I'm going to make this nice and easy.  It was ugly.  The offense, the rebounding, the defense standing and watching, all of it.  There was no good and probably some bad, but in the end that doesn't...

Lakers Lay A Big Fat Egg: Game Four Post-Game Thread


Well, we all knew that this would happen.  They have played with more passion, more energy, and more toughness then us all series.  This is a veteran team that's hungry, and the Lakers are...

Lakers Vs. Rockets Game 3: Post-Game Thread


Yet another physical, hard fought game.  Yet another Lakers victory.  Kobe once again led the way with 33 points, Farmar held down the fort in the absence of Fisher, and Odom chipped in a very...

Game 2 Post-Game Thread


Well the Lakers bounced back to take Game 2 on the back of a huge 40 point game by the Mamba.  Now it is up to them to steal one in Houston and retake home court advantage.  Here is the recap and b...

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