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Fulmer Cup MACtion, y'all!

Looks like Central Michigan's gonna rack up some serious points in the next Cupdate. According to the processing station, I'm seeing two players with three felonies apiece for growing and...

This is the picture you see in the dictionary next to the word "tools". Source: Basketbawful

This is the picture you see in the dictionary next to the word "tools". Source: Basketbawful

Your Official Maloof Joke Thread

We've had Haiku. We've even had a few Limericks. Now's the time to spill some more anti-Maloofian bile here on StR, and what better way to make fun of Our Beloved Bankrupt Vegas Carnies than to...

Get Out and Welcome KJ Back Home!


According to SacTownMike in the above linked fanshot fanpost, KJ will be coming home today (Sunday): "Mayor Johnson will be arriving in Sacramento tomorrow (Sunday) at 12:17 p.m. Flight (2284) Delta." Can't get there because I'm working today, but if some of you who aren't in the know can get there, then please do. Also, spread the word. The man's had a pretty crappy 48 hours, and he needs to know from the community what he's done for us over the past year. It is from us that he will derive the strength to continue to fight the Magoofian Empire of BS. So if you can, get out to Metro and welcome him home - and by so doing, send a message to Fat, Drunk and Stupid the Maloof brothers.

City Council Votes 7-2 to Continue ESC Predevelopment


Usual suspects voted "nay" - some of the "yea" votes have expressed some wish that the NBA become a formal fourth party in the negotiations.


Your Official Maloof Hatred Haiku Thread

In light of the public turd that George Maloof dropped on the Kings' fanbase a few days ago, I thought it best that we have a repository to place some of our anti-Maloofian anger. Now, some of us...

Schweet, Schweet Schadenfruede


Looks like Anaheim's take on the success of #HereWeStay is..."We made it happen!" "When Sacramento finally gets its downtown King-dome finished, please don’t forget us. Paint a corner of it orange, or maybe a couple of sections, to recognize those of us whose leverage made it happen. Or maybe rustle up a scarecrow in front of the place, to honor Anaheim’s role as straw man. Or maybe come up with a OC-themed video game arcade, so they can play us one more time."

Another CP3 trade nixed - What does Demps do now?


Looks like Commish has killed off ANOTHER CP3 trade, this time the one to the Clips. How long is it before Demps tells Stern to go eff himself?

Bryant Gumbel Goes "Plantation" on David Stern


Bryant Gumbel Goes "Plantation" on David Stern

SacBee Whacks Don Geronimo and KHTK


"The season's in jeopardy, so Kings fans want to know the latest as it develops. But if you were trying to keep up Friday morning, it might not have helped to turn to KHTK (1140 AM), the "Home of the Kings." During a 25-minute drive to work, the team's flagship station didn't mention the Kings once. Instead, morning host Don Geronimo and his sidekicks discussed these newsy subjects: circumcision, segregation, the movie "Armageddon" and the Blu-ray DVD release of "Star Wars." Maybe it's time KHTK and the Kings parted ways."

RIP Derek Boogaard


Derek Boogaard was found dead in his apartment this evening.


Meanwhile, on the East Coast, an Arena Plan is launched...

Referring, of course to the New York Islanders, and their decades-long effort to replace the aging Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The short version:  17.5K arena plus minor league ballpark,...


Getting Past the Invective

Well, crap. Like it or not, the Maloof family still owns the Kings.  Ron Burkle has not been able to deliver us from the clutches of the Maloof clan (at least not yet), and they are sure to demand...

SacBee: Arena task force names KJ's pal as #1 contender...


#2 is Downtown Plaza. #3 is Arco/Expo. #4 is Arco only.


Taking my lumps

On the last poll, I wondered whether TCU should have been knocked down from the #11 position to off the chart after losing to BYU (spit).Considering last night's result against Utah, our BON...

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