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Urlacher and Vikings talk


I hate the Vikings even more if they sign him...


The Future of the Pro Bowl

If someone is talking about a riveting, edge-of-your-seat game that has you biting your nails as the clock slowly dwindles down, one thing is for sure, they are not talking about the Pro Bowl....

Bears lose out on Ryan Grant as he signs with Redskins


Well I guess it's Bush and Bell for the time being...

Jim McMahon accused to trying to "duck responsibility" for failed bank


Looks like Jimmy Mac needs that concussion lawsuit figured out ASAP!

Handsome Hank’s Supplemental Mock Draft


Who doesn't love mock drafts? Here is Hanks Top 10 picks in Round 1! Indianapolis (2-14) – PASS St. Louis (2-14) – PASS Minnesota (3-13) – PASS Cleveland (4-12) – PASS Tampa Bay (4-12) – PASS Washington (5-11) – PASS Jacksonville (5-11) – PASS Miami (6-10) – PASS Carolina (6-10) – PASS Buffalo (6-10) – PASS

Bears Scouted Josh Gordon at his Pro Day


I'd give up a fourth or a fifth round draft pick, but nothing higher. If we got him great, if not, oh well. I think he's an intriguing prospect.

Chicago Bears' Jay Cutler 'shocked' if no Matt Forte at camp - ESPN Chicago


Matt Forte wants to be paid like one of the best...I thought that was what the franchise tag was for? They sure were not going to use it on Caleb Hanie! In other words, I'm assuming Forte will be signing soon...

Top of running back market likely unattainable for Forte, Rice, Jones-Drew | ProFootballTalk


Interesting to note that three of the highest paid running backs last year didn't do too well. AP signed a huge contract then tore his ACL and MCL. Chris Johnson barely rushed for 1,000 yards and only had 4 TDs. DeAngelo Williams rushed for less than 850 yards. The Bears have a right to be cautious.... Hey, if Forte and Cutler had stayed healthy, the Bears would have made the playoffs, and would have been forced to pay Forte. None of that happened, it sucks, but that is what happens when you gamble and lose.

Bears have doubts that Matt Forte’s knees can hold up


Do nice guys who decide to play out their entire rookie contracts finish last? Looks like Forte should have held out for a better contract a year or two ago...

Football Does a Body Good


"American football is dying," John Kass writes in the Chicago Tribune. "It's about time." He thinks parents will forbid their children from playing, thus starving the NFL of fans and participants. For parents who shuttle their kids to Pop Warner practices, he advises: "So why not make it simple and just give the kids packs of cigarettes instead?" (...) The number of football deaths at all levels has fallen dramatically over the last half century. Present hysteria aside, rule changes and advances in equipment have made it a safer game. During the second half of the 1960s, brain-injury deaths averaged more than 20 per year for football players. That figure is now less than five per year in a sport played by millions. (...) One rarely sees neighborhood kids in pickup football games anymore. They're too busy playing video games, text messaging, and friending strangers on Facebook. The unhealthy aversion to football (and other sports not named "soccer") has little to do with head injuries and much to do with an indoor society that's lost its head. Surely strenuous outdoor activity is a fine remedy for what ails climate-controlled, obese, antiseptic adolescence.

Alshon Jeffery prioritizes working out over NFL Rookie Premiere


This is a short, but good read! It appears that if Jeffery doesn't pan out it won't be because of a lack of effort.

Brandon Marshall: "Devin Hester will have a bigger year than me"


I believe that this could happen. If Brandon Marshall stays healthy and Alshon Jefferey is the real deal, then who's left to cover Hester? A backup cornerback? I am absolutely pumped for this next season! Hey Forte! NASA called, they want their spaceship back, so why don't you fly back to Earth ASAP, and sign that long-term contract! It's not going to get any better than that...

Brandon Marshall Op-Ed


Brandon Marshall comments on Junior Seau, Mental Illness, and life after football. Interesting read especially when he mentions this: "Focusing more on this issue, we see more and more professionals doing research on the brain and head trauma in retired athletes. I respect their science and their research on CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) and how they think it might be associated with depression and dementia, but we can’t recognize CTE until the autopsy. We can, however, start today by treating the living. Treatments that helped me — but that I think we all can benefit from — are dialectical behavior therapy and metallization therapy."


Combine: Bruce Irvin of West Virginia vs. Brian Urlacher of New Mexico

There's conflicting information on whether Irvin plays DE or OLB, but when I compared his combine stats to Urlachers they were pretty similar with the overall nod going to Urlacher. However, if the...

Greg Cosell's 1st round mock based solely on film


From Greg Cosell "Here is my first mock draft. I will savor this moment forever. Here's how I am doing it: I will choose players based on my film study and my sense of team needs. I have no idea what different teams' draft boards look like, nor will I try to speculate what a team might be thinking. The main objective of my mock is to further discuss the top players by putting them in a draft format. One other caveat: I am disregarding documented off-field problems, character issues and anything else that is not a function of on-field play. I understand that teams significantly factor that into the equation, but I am solely basing my player evaluations on the tape. That's what I do. I watch tape."

Bears sign LB Geno Hayes


Geno Hayes, formerly of the Buccaneers, has agreed to terms on a contract, according to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune. Hayes, who doesn’t turn 25 until August, replaced Bucs star Derrick Brooks in the starting lineup in 2009 and started 42 games for Tampa over the last three years. He got dropped from the starting lineup late last season and finished the year with 64 tackles.

Former Bears Receiver David Terrell Charged With Battery


ESPN Chicago: "Court documents allege he grabbed his ex-girlfriend during an argument inside his high-rise Chicago apartment and threatened to throw her off a balcony. The 33-year-old was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery and appeared in court Saturday."

HGH testing issue still lingers | ProFootballTalk


When you consider everything that we're learning about head trauma... How can the NFLPA say they have the players best interest at heart, if they don't allow the NFL to enforce HGH testing? In my opinion, drugs that lead to larger, faster, football players are more responsible for head trauma than inadequate helmets.

Michael Jordan vs. Walter Payton


Most beloved Chicago athlete. Who's gets your vote?


Before They Were Bears

I thought it would be fun to dig through my old NFL Draft magazines and see who they predicted the Bears would draft, compare it to who they actually drafted, and what they said about the rookie....

Big Baby Cries Over Meaningless Game


Aaron Rodgers whines because NFL Pro Bowlers weren't playing at full speed... My only question is, when has the Pro Bowl ever been played at full speed?


Super Bowl Appearances

Real Quick: New England Patriots - 1st Super Bowl 1985 - Total = 7 New York Giants - 1st SB 1986 - Total Super Bowls = 5 San Francisco 49ers - 1st SB 1982 - Total SB = 5 Pittsburgh Steelers - 1st...

Mel Kiper's First Mock Draft Has Bears Drafting ND Reciever.


He's injury prone, and has several run ins with the law, so he's almost perfect...except he a tad too big. I thought the Bears preferred people like Peter Dinklage, you know, who run low to the ground and are hard to tackle.


Possible Offseason Articles?

Just thought I'd drop this idea in the hopes that at least one of the WCG bloggers would find this an interesting idea for a post. Barring injury or some other fluke, there will probably be talk by...

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