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A man. A fan. Red Wings. Irish.

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  • NCAAF Notre Dame Fighting Irish
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I love you, Kyle Quincey.

And I don't care who hears me say it. Except that I do. Because I want every Wings fan to. And I want Kyle Quincey to. And, well, dammit, I want every player who has, will, wants to, or might...


An Important Message for The Ottawa Senators

[For context, the following dramatization is an adaptation of the classically mistranslated, but beloved, Zero Wing, Would You Like to Know More?] In A.D. 2013... The Wings moved East. War was...


Who Wants to Troll the Sens for Me?

I made a thing. A trolling thing. Without giving TOO much away, Fans of Zero Wing or those acquainted with the once ubiquitous "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US" meme will recognize the source...


On the Glass: A Hockeystad Regret

Fellow WiiM'ers, a confession: I've begun to feel badly about my glass side antics last year. No, not about doing them. Fuck that. That was fantastic. My sole regret is that it's taken me this long...


Calling All WiiM'ers: Griffins Gathering

Live closer to Hockeytown West than Hockeytown proper? Need an excuse to see more live hockey, but at a low-low price of admission (seriously Griffins hockey is a bargain on par with $1 beers -...


Forget Pierre Between the Glass. Behind The Glass Is Where It's At.

Alternate title: Wherein I Learn Just How Small a Man Patrick Kane Can Be, Much to My Delight! Read on for the full explanation - and visuals. This is a follow-up to my previous post here. Not to...


FINAL UPDATE/PLEA - WiiM: I need your help - and wit - for game 3.

One of us will be on the glass behind Jimmy for the 1st and 3rd at game 3 (OK, it's me, but I didn't want to rub that part in). I've never been down there at The Joe and I want to make it count. ...


Hasn't a Magician Already Been Labe13d?

Spotted this reference to Jurco 'The Magician' over on the DRW official page... via Wouldn't the good people over there know, especially given the, oh, 50 or so references per game to...


How I'm (mostly) staying sane until 12:00 1 JULY 2012...

NERD ALERT: Chrome and Lego have teamed up allowing us dorks to build things on virtual plots that correspond to actual land in Australia. I got bored, searched, and found a spot where (kid you...

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