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From SI MMQB: Asst Coach DBowe

So … this is how you define "culture change" in Kansas City. This is from my story on the Chiefs in Sports Illustrated this past week, about how Andy Reid has engendered a new way of team-think among veterans who, quite frankly, we never saw have this kind of impact on the team: One play in the Kansas City Chiefs’ 9-0 start illustrates why the players like playing for new coach Andy Reid. It happened late in the first half of an Oct. 27 home game against Cleveland. Kansas City had a first down at the Browns’ 28. As the offense broke the huddle, the Chiefs lined up in trips right: three receivers in a row outside the right tackle—wideout Dwayne Bowe, slot receiver Dexter McCluster and tight end Anthony Fasano, left to right. Andy Reid has won the loyalty of the 9-0 Chiefs, who went 2-14 with mostly the same roster last season. (Michael Perez/AP)Andy Reid has won the loyalty of the 9-0 Chiefs, who went 2-14 with mostly the same roster last season. (Michael Perez/AP) Before you learn what happened, you need some history. The Chiefs had run this play earlier in the half, and Bowe noticed one of the Cleveland defensive backs clapping his hands twice and nodding toward Bowe. When the ball was snapped on this play earlier in the half, two defenders blanketed Bowe as he sprinted up the right seam, and quarterback Alex Smith had to look elsewhere. So when Bowe went to the sidelines after that series and Reid saw him, the coach said, "Hey 82, what do you see?" Bowe told him on this play, Z Out Zebra Post, he thought if Reid called it again, McCluster should do what Bowe had done on the first play, run a deep seam route, and Bowe, instead of streaking downfield, should run a short out, to take two cover men with him. That way, McCluster would be singled and, with his quickness, get a step on his man. So here came that chance, late in the half. Coaches told Bowe and McCluster to switch their routes, and Z Out Zebra Post was Reid’s call. At the line of scrimmage, Bowe got the double-clap again and he knew he’d get doubled, and at the snap of the ball, Bowe ran an out-route with safety T.J. Ward and corner Buster Skrine bracketing him. Streaking straight downfield, McCluster got two steps on corner Joe Haden. Smith threw. McCluster stretched for the ball at the goal line. Bingo. Easy touchdown. "Hey 82 … 82!" Reid said to a grinning Bowe when he returned to the sideline. "You got a job doing this coaching thing someday." That touchdown made the score 20-7. The final was 23-17, Kansas City. Dwayne Bowe, as it turned out, designed the winning play to make Kansas City 8-0. And his head coach called it. "I’ve never had input like that as a football player," said Bowe. "Some coaches have an ego. Some coaches want to win. Andy’s that [second] kind—he just wants to win." Dwayne Bowe, assistant coach. Quite a change out there in Missouri.

MMQB: Detroit Lions, Carolina Panthers making strong playoff pushes | The MMQB with Peter King

Season Tickets have arrived!!


Many thanks to Mr. Hunt and the Chiefs organization for delivering these on my birthday. Best. Present. Ever.

John Clayton's NFL mailbag: Franchise-tag system flaws exposed - ESPN

Q: Andy Reid's offenses are known for throwing to the running back as opposed to handing it off. Does this help or hurt the K.C. offense, especially Jamaal Charles? -Brady in Raleigh, N.C. A: Reid isn't big on running the football, but he's a good coach. He may swap a few screens for running plays, but he will be getting the most out of Charles. Charles would help every offense. Even though the Chiefs won only two games last season, Reid has a lot of assets. He'll find the right way of using them.

How Relevant are the Chiefs?

As a follow-up to the Pro Football Talk feature over the past couple of days on the Kansas City Chiefs' Mount Rushmore, I decided to take a look at the performance history of our beloved team. The...

AFC free agency winners and losers -

Kansas City Chiefs: Will all of us media suckers fall for the Chiefs again? The defense looks absolutely loaded after signing cornerbacks Dunta Robinson, Sean Smith and defensive tackle Mike Devito to go with the underrated defensive talent returning. (Derrick Johnson, Tamba Hali, Justin Houston, Brandon Flowers and Eric Berry to start.) Coach Andy Reid is trying to re-make the offense in one year, but he didn't have a choice. You know what you are getting with tight end Anthony Fasano. You have no idea what you're getting with wide receiver Donnie Avery. The Chiefs successfully kept receiver Dwayne Bowe and tackle Branden Albert off the market. (They may get value back for Albert.) Considering the talent available, Reid wasn't going to do better at quarterback than Alex Smith and Chase Daniel. This should be a team that expects to be competitive and around .500 right away.

Eight in the Box: FA winners or losers? - AFC West Blog - ESPN

Kansas City Chiefs: It’s difficult to find anyone who would argue that this wasn’t a winning offseason. In fact, the Chiefs might be among the biggest winners in free agency in the entire league. The Chiefs were aggressive and addressed every big need. First, they traded for quarterback Alex Smith, answering their most glaring hole with the best available player at the position. Then, they kept three key free agents in receiver Dwayne Bowe, punter Dustin Colquitt and left tackle Branden Albert. And after that, the Chiefs jumped aggressively into free agency. The additions of Dunta Robinson and Sean Smith could give Kansas City the best group of cornerbacks in the NFL. The Chiefs added in several other areas, including field-stretching receiver Donnie Avery and run-stuffing defensive lineman Mike DeVito. The new brass is determined to move on from the 2-14 disaster that was 2012.

NFL - Day 1 winners and losers in free agency - ESPN

Kansas City Chiefs: Most of the Chiefs' major deals were done long before Tuesday, but that shouldn't tarnish their significance. The Chiefs so far have made every possible move to improve a team that went 2-14 in 2012. They traded two draft picks -- including a second-rounder this year -- for former 49ers quarterback Alex Smith. They signed star wide receiver Dwayne Bowe to a long-term contract, used their franchise tender on left tackle Branden Albert, and restructured a deal for underachieving defensive end Tyson Jackson. And don't forget the depth added with the free agent signings at defensive back (Dunta Robinson), tight end (Anthony Fasano), defense line (Mike DeVito) and quarterback (Chase Daniel). The Chiefs didn't have a clue about building a roster under former general manager Scott Pioli. The Andy Reid era already is off to a much better start.

Rams 2012 review / Draft preview

In-depth look at last season and prep for the upcoming NFL Draft

NFL combine thoughts - NFL - Peter King -

2. Alex Smith to Kansas City? Jason LaCanfora reported Sunday night that a trade of Smith from the 49ers was "effectively complete,'' but the destination is unknown. It's not Jacksonville. It's likely Kansas City, and if it's for a third-round pick or less, it's a great move for the Chiefs. Smith would be the smart and accurate field general Andy Reid wants out of the position.

2013 NFL free agency - Top Needs for All 32 teams - ESPN

Kansas City Chiefs Key need: QB Others: OT/S/WR Quarterback is the biggest need but it may not be filled by free agency. Branden Albert may leave via free agency and an upgrade at tackle is needed anyway. New head coach Andy Reid and new GM John Dorsey will do the smart thing: If Albert is not re-signed, look for them to address the offensive line in free agency. Then at least they'll set the table for whoever the team's next QB will be.

A New Era at Arrowhead (from Millertime Sports & Shorts blog)

A look back at the disastrous 2012 season, and looking ahead to some real bright spots to give us optimism for 2013 and beyond.

A New Era at Arrowhead (from Millertime Sports & Shorts blog)

A look back at the disastrous 2012 season, and looking ahead to some real bright spots to give us optimism for 2013 and beyond.

NFL offseason storylines: Audibles -

4. What will the Chiefs do at No. 1? Last year, we knew weeks before the NFL Draft arrived that the Indianapolis Colts planned to take Andrew Luck at No. 1 overall. Had the Colts passed on Luck, RGIII was there waiting for them, too. The Chiefs do not have such good fortune this year. There is no clear-cut No. 1 pick on this year’s board, and the consensus best player available (offensive tackle Luke Joeckel) may be a luxury pick Kansas City cannot afford, if free agent tackle Branden Albert re-signs with the Chiefs. So, the drama surrounding the top spot in the draft could last until late April, when the league heads to New York. Will Kansas City nab Joeckel? How about Geno Smith or a new quarterback for Andy Reid to mold, a la Donovan McNabb? Or is a trade-down scenario on the table? No one knows for sure right now, and that likely includes the Chiefs’ front office.

2013 NFL Mock Draft 1.0 - NFL - Don Banks -

Quarterback is clearly the crying need in K.C., but there's not an Andrew Luck or RGIII in sight atop this year's board. Maybe a passer gets pushed up into this spot at some point, but for now the value of the slot says you take the franchise left tackle in the first round and then try to pick off a quarterback to start the second round. Everybody knows Andy Reid likes to build his roster from the lines out, and with Chiefs left tackle Branden Albert eligible for free agency, Joeckel is the logical replacement.

Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs Reid traded in one team with headaches at quarterback for another....

Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs Reid traded in one team with headaches at quarterback for another. Unfortunately for him, there is no candidate here with the upside of Michael Vick … or even of Nick Foles. The overly-pricy Matt Cassel appears headed out the door, so who will run the show in 2013? Reid will call the Chiefs’ plays — which is both good and bad news, as frustrated Philadelphia fans (and LeSean McCoy fantasy owners) can attest — and he will have running back Jamaal Charles to lean on early. But wide receiver Dwayne Bowe could leave in free agency, as could starting left tackle Branden Albert. Kansas City will stick with the 3-4 defense, which makes sense since OLBs Justin Houston and Tamba Hali thrived in that scheme and the team spent a 2012 first-round pick on NT Dontari Poe. The No. 1 pick will give us some idea where Reid feels this team needs the most help. Is he the right guy for the rebuilding project, though? Grade: B

Grading the NFL head coach hires | Audibles -

2013 NFL Mock Draft -

Kansas City Chiefs: Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia I wrote earlier that this pick largely depended on what would happen with Scott Pioli. If Pioli were retained, he'd draft Star Lotulelei or Luke Joeckel and then use his second-round pick on Mike Glennon, whom he likes. If Pioli were fired, however, as the awesome @saveourchiefs movement was pushing for, the new general manager would almost have to take a franchise quarterback. Well, it was the latter situation that occurred. Andy Reid was hired, while Pioli was axed. New regimes mean new quarterbacks, but whether that means Reid will spend this selection on a quarterback or sign his aging, scrambling signal-caller from Philadelphia remains to be seen. But if history is any indication, Reid will use this pick on Geno Smith. Reid eschewed all the top free-agent quarterbacks when he took over as the Eagles' head coach, taking a mobile, Big East product with a good deep ball and upside instead. Well, Smith is a mobile, (former) Big East product with a good deep ball and upside. He fits perfectly into Reid's offense. ESPN and other outlets will tell you that Smith nor any other signal-caller is worth taking No. 1 overall, but that could easily change. Remember two years ago when ESPN was mocking Da'Quan Bowers and Nick Fairley to the Panthers? Well, Cam Newton ballooned to the top, as will some other quarterback this year. It could be Smith, Tyler Wilson, Matt Barkley or Glennon. We'll see. Four months is a long time. If this doesn't happen, the Chiefs could always trade down. By the way, I'm doing this live because I thought it'd be fun to get instant feedback. I'm going to post my mock anyway, so why not do it this way? Follow @walterfootball for updates.

Trotter: Reid putting together good staff

Lost among the HC/GM hirings: Andy Reid is putting together a heck of a staff. #Chiefs

Four Questions for Andy Reid: NFL - Peter King -

Four questions with Andy Reid ... Not long before the end of the season, I wanted to ask Andy Reid whether he'd be interested in writing something around the time of the Super Bowl for Sports Illustrated. He said no -- even though in his youth he wanted to be a sportswriter. He thought he might be otherwise occupied. I'd felt he wouldn't take a year off from coaching up to that point, but then I knew if there was a job out there, he'd want it. Q: So, since you've been named the Chiefs' coach, many people wonder: 'With everything you've been through -- your son Garrett's death by overdose, the turbulent year on and off the field you just went through -- why not take a year off to recharge and get your life back in order? Reid: "Because I love what I do. Garrett loved what I did. It doesn't feel like work. I didn't want to sit home and not coach. What was I going to do? There was nothing I wanted to do as much as coach football. The thing with Garrett ... it was not very sudden; this was a long, long process. Unfortunately, [drug addiction] is so rampant in America, and people who have gone through it realize that you don't just -- as in my case -- lose a son; you lose a great friend. Now I'm able to bring my other son here. [Reid hired Britt Reid, who also had drug-addiction issues, to be a Chiefs quality-control coach.] Remember, he lost his best friend. But I am so proud of how far he's come. And it says something about him that the three coaches he worked for at Temple wanted him to come with them. The other side of this is working to move on like a man and handle what life throws at you. We're doing that.'' Q: Why the Chiefs? Why not, say, Arizona, or the other places you were linked to? Reid: "The Hunt family is one of four or five bedrock families in the NFL that I always thought, 'If I'm ever released [by the Eagles], if one of those families calls, I'd listen.' The history here is so rich, the tradition is so rich, the fan base is so strong.'' Q: What's the one overriding thing you take from Philadelphia into this job? Reid: "I learned to embrace a city in Philadelphia. They'll take you from boyhood to manhood, which they did with me, and that's okay. It's a results business. I got that. As far as the team goes, it's imperative that everybody's pulling in the same direction. That's the only way you can succeed." Q: What's your take on the talent you inherit? Reid: "Before I interviewed with the Chiefs, I looked at every snap from every [Kansas City] game this year. Special teams were average. The talent overall, it looked to me like they were transitioning from an older team to a younger one. And I thought, 'With a couple, three drafts, very good things can happen here."

Sutton as Chiefs DC

Ed Werder ‏@Edwerderespn Andy Reid hires Bob Sutton as Chiefs defensive coordinator. He was on Cowboys list but below Monte Kiffin, who was also Reid's top pick

Ed Werder ‏@Edwerderespn Andy Reid hires Bob Sutton as Chiefs defensive coordinator. He was on...

Ed Werder ‏@Edwerderespn Andy Reid hires Bob Sutton as Chiefs defensive coordinator. He was on Cowboys list but below Monte Kiffin, who was also Reid's top pick

(14) Twitter

When the Jets swooped in to acquire Tebow from the Denver Broncos, the Jacksonville Jaguars and St....

When the Jets swooped in to acquire Tebow from the Denver Broncos, the Jacksonville Jaguars and St. Louis Rams were reportedly interested in adding the QB to their rosters. It's unclear whether that interest remains, but one has to wonder what other teams that might make some sense as a landing spot for Tebow -- like the Chiefs and Cardinals, who have no answer at QB, or the Raiders and Vikings, who have long-term questions at QB -- will read into Ryan's decision to never really give Tebow a chance on the field.

NFL Rumors - NFL Trade Rumors, Free Agency Rumors and More - Rumor Central - ESPN

Feelings. Nothing more than feelings. And these feelings can't take the lead. The Chiefs trail from...

Feelings. Nothing more than feelings. And these feelings can't take the lead. The Chiefs trail from coin toss to postgame prayer. Major changes are coming, starting with the eventual release of quarterback Matt Cassel. This elevator is in the basement and still going down.

NFL midseason report -- John Clayton weighs the musical merits of all 32 teams - ESPN

Chiefs Fans in St. Louis -- Facebook

Based on some of the great conversation leading up to last week's Chiefs-Rams game, I'm trying to get a bunch of Chiefs fans from St. Louis together. Join the facebook group I've created, specifically for Chiefs fans in the STL metro area.

Offseason Grades for AFC Teams

Matt Williamson with ESPN's Scouts Inc. offers a full evaluation of every AFC team's offseason moves. Some good stuff in here about what the Chiefs have done, and what he expects ... including a division championship.


Chiefs in Joplin 2012 shirts for sale?

Hey, does anybody know if the Chiefs are going to make this year's version of the Joplin shirts available for purchase? I bought one of the red ones from last year, and I believe part of the...

Chiefs Uniform Survey

Hey Chiefs fans. I'm gathering some fan feedback on the new Nike uniforms, favorite players, etc. for an upcoming blog post. Thanks for your input.

Rams Uniform/Players Survey

Gathering some basic fan feedback for an upcoming blog post. Would appreciate your input. Thanks.

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