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Our new defender in Chief Again, I made this in MS paint


Our new defender in Chief Again, I made this in MS paint


If Kindle, What of Vrabel?

For a while now, people here have been suggesting heavily that the Chiefs take an OLB early like Kindle, Hughes, or Weatherspoon. I;ve been a bit puzzled by this because we're fine at OLB, but have...


Roger Godell is WRONG

  I don't know if Ben Roethlisberger's conduct as of late has been good, bad, or otherwise. I do, however, know that Roger Godell's has been bad. Two women have made claims of sexual assault...

Possible trade partners in Cowboys and 49ers?

Just rumors at this point, but it'd be nice.


Daddy, Where do NTs Come From?

Well son, (good) Nose Tackles come from the first two rounds of the draft! I collected up some NTs most would consider at least "good" and looked at where they were drafted. A few came late but the...


What About Al Woods?

Al Woods is a later round NT prospect. He's 6'4 312 Here are some write ups on him NFL Combine NFP I'll summarize if you don't feel like reading those Pros: Legit 0 tech powerful requires double...


Place Your Bets

The draft is under a week away, so, it's time to put up or shut up. This thread is the place to make your finalized projection for who the Chiefs will select in the first round. Feel free to cement...


Open Letter to JAX Jaguars

Dear Jaguars,      I write to you on this occasion to 1) levy with you my grievances regarding certain players and 2) implore you to abstain from stupid decisions in the upcoming draft. I...


Is it West Coast Time?

Here in KC, we're all pretty well accustomed to some West Coast football. For a decade Marty was so dedicated to WC football that it even took his namesake. No matter what you thought of...

Instead of doing my Biology paper, I drew this in MS Paint. It's Matt Cassel in the rare position...


Instead of doing my Biology paper, I drew this in MS Paint. It's Matt Cassel in the rare position of standing upright on both feel with the ball in his hand.


Is Jamaal Charles an Every Down Back?

My best friend and I, who are both huge Chiefs fans, have had a lingering dispute since the emergence of JC. He likes JC, but only sees him as a "scatback" who should carry the ball 15 times or so...


Offensive Line Statistical Abstract

  Here are two tables I have made comparing our 2009 offensive line vs our 2010 offensive line. Some things to note before I go on here. I'm assuming Lijla will play RG and Weigman will be...

Draft Analysis Fail

Mike Mayock appears to misunderstand the role of an Offensive Tackle. Scroll down to his assessment of OT Bryan Bulaga.


Building through the Draft?

When free agency comes up, and good players become available, the debate turns to whether or not a player should be signed because teams ought to "build through the draft." Now, I agree with...


Draft Board: Inside the Mind of Pioli (not a mock)

Note: I wrote this two days ago but my girlfriend closed out the page. I just now found out that our fan posts are autosaved on our dashboad so I'm publising it now. I know someone wrote a similar...


Okay, Take Berry

I've been a vocal opponent of selecting Eric Berry. The idea of taking a safety so early was bizarre to me when we have positions of greater need that could be filled by guys on the board when we...


Some Unconventional Thinking

I've noticed that since free agency and draft talk have been heating up, I have disagreed with most of the "conventional thinking" on a number or topics. This isn't a lecture on why I'm right, it's...


New TE scheme?

I was at the game on Sunday,  and from the get go, a major change in the offense was evident. All game, we were running more multiple tight end sets than I've seen this year. We kept 2 TEs in on...


A History of Quarterbacking in Kansas City

This is a history of the Chief's starting QBs, and a statistical ranking of their performances with the team. I crunched the numbers myself.


Cassel Doesn't Have It.

Well the academic semester is over so I can get back to the important things, like blogging about the Chiefs.   I have been, for quite sometime, a Matt Cassel proponent. I have now concluded that...


The Fight for 500

Simple question: Do you think the Chiefs make it to 500 this season? In my estimation- Chargers - W - Talented team that can't put it together. If we come out amped from last week and catch SD...


The Best and the Worst

Which chiefs (relative to the team itself) are playing the best, and which are playing the worst? My Picks: Best: Cassel - a very good leader if nothing else. He's taking a beating and still making...


Matt Cassel Sucks?

For those of you who are already calling for Cassel's head: ease the noise. Matt Cassel is playing behind the 28th ranked pass blocking Offensive line, which is going to be a major adjustment for...


Why LT might be a bigger need that RT

A point I always harp on is playing guys out of position. if you play any chess you know you can't switch a pawn and rook; it just won't work. Positions in football are, for the most part, the same...



I watched Jack Harry after the game vs the Giants and he discussed LJ's "ego" comment. Harry was confused as the what LJ meant and apparently a lot of people are. Here is my analysis of what LJ...


Question on draft picks

This isn't a Chiefs related issue, aside from this being able to happen to anyone. The question is: if Michael Crabtree does hold out for the entire season, what happens to the 49ers? Does he owe...


Haley's play calling

I was excited when we got Todd Haley. I thought he brought something that this team needed: a swift kick in the ass and a frank admission that we needed big time change. When he took over play...


Why we're not so good

I'm going to offer a reason for why the Chiefs are not as good as they should be, in spite of the talent we have. Our two biggest problem areas are the lines on each side of the ball. consider this...

Chargers donate big time to GOP

Even more reason to not like the chargers


Ike Ndukwe

Chiefs fans have been worried about the RT position for a year now. We finally dumped Mcintosh and played Ndukwe in game one. I tried to pay attention to him as much as i could and i saw a solid...

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