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Sick of all those rankings saying Oakland will be the worst team in 2013? Let's do one of our own

Ok, so I was just surfing the web this morning, looking for some NFL news to ease my off-season-hunger-for-football a little, when I came with PFT’s Power Rankings first piece. And guess what,...


An update to the "Greatest NFL Uniform" Thing: We're losing to the donkeys

Alright guys, I think this whole popularity contests are bullsh*t since school. I hate them and I don't endorse them in any way. Whatever the result of that poll is, the Silver & Black will always...


Some reasons why I hope Matt Flynn to win the battle for the starting QB position

While it seems pretty obvious that Flynn is right now the favorite to ern the starting job (you know, with Reggie endorsing him to be the starter and all), it's clear that's not for granted. We...


Nnamdi is a Niner... will he be loved or hated here in Oakland?

As you readi it, Asomugha is back in the Bay, but he wont be playing for the Raiders. It makes a lot of sense form his point of view. He knows the neighborhood, he is a fit on the scheme and he...


Oakland QB Drama:

(Sorry in advance for the long post, but I hope it’s worth it). With all the smoke and dust about Oakland’s QB drama for this season, trying to acquire one via draft doesn’t seem like a bad plan...


The Geno Smith Theory

It makes no sense right? If you want a pocket passer, there's Carson Palmer, who just threw over 4k yards. He is experienced, he has a really strong arm and he has the team hooked with a horribly...


What if...?

So, I was just reading a fanpost by ASwaim3: "Geno, TP and Carson--Debunking Myth's about Oaklands QB's situation" While I disagree with almost everything he said, I liked a lot the feedback from...


It was a bitter victory

I bought the whole "cut it loose" garbage from the Cable Guy, I totally bought the whole 'bully under construction' crap from Hue and I recently bought most of the 'we have to be multiple, we...


Those who deserved better

After reading a lot of posts today (many of them defending Hue Jackson and Tom Cable), and after reading how Slowlando McClain is coming back, Ron Bartell is getting cut and Chimdi Chekwa is being...


Let's get real about the OC situation.

I know we all would love to see Knapp being packed and sent to Abu Dhabi (sorry, I was a huge fan of Garfield & Friends when I was a kid) or Denver... yeah, I would love to see what Peyton Manning...


Offseason starting early this year.

Yes, this season has been a major bust. Back in January I was one of the guys who thought Hue Jackson's firing was a necesary evil in order to give Reggie MacKenzie the best chances to design a...

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