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My first Super Bowl was watching the 85 Bears crush the Patriots. No way I could be a Pats fan after that. In CT we got Pats and Giants games, so starting in 86 I became a Giants fan. It was a pretty good year.

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  • MLB Milwaukee Brewers
  • NBA Boston Celtics
  • NFL New York Giants
  • MMA Randy Couture
  • Boxing Marvelous Marvin Hagler
  • Golf John Daly
  • NASCAR they're all the same
  • Soccer Yeah right
  • Cycling HAHAHAHAHA
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  • General My drinking team
User Blog

Stephen A. Smith suspension

Stephen A. Smith -- who I am no fan of -- was suspended a week by ESPN. For reference, here is a transcript of his comments as transcribed by "We know you have no business putting your...


Grading the 2011 BBV Community Mock Draft

Yes, this WAS a huge misuse of my time. Thanks for asking. Some explanation: They say it takes 3 years to grade a draft class. Well, it's been three years and since we are so full of...


FanPost Mock Draft Round 2!

Good morning and happy NFL Draft Eve! I am guessing many of you have made plans to enjoy the draft tomorrow night (and beyond). I myself have taken Friday off and am sleeping at a close friend's...


FanPost Mock Draft round 1 wrap-up

The first round of the BBV FanPost Mock Draft is in the books! I’ve created this thread for discussion and would like to share a handful of scattered thoughts that have occurred to me. Round 2 of...


BBV FanPost Mock Draft!

With the 32nd pick is GM and BBV draft analyst extraordinaire "ct17" for the Seattle Seahawks. The Seattle Seahawks select Joel Bitonio, T, Nevada. Offensive line was a problem last year, due to...


FanPost Mock Draft Pre-Show

The BBV FMD has begun. Please follow this link to the new thread. Round 1 Sunday 1. Houston Texans -- kev86, pick is in pending deadline or trade2. St. Louis Rams (from Washington Redskins) –...


I'll be at Pats-Dolphins tomorrow at Gillette

I mention this every year when it comes up, and as yet all'a'y'all fools never have yet holla'd back. But, my wife's dad is a Pats season ticket holder since the 70s (awkward? yup) and every year...


I'll be at the Bills at Patriots game

Every year my father-in-law gives me and my wife a Patriots game from his season tickets. We'll be at the game this Sunday. If anybody's going, please post and let me know here so we can meet up!...


BBV Week 4 Pick'em

OK! So this is the new Blue View. I have figured out how to edit the post. People who picked Seattle were: brisulph, GiantsStep, Maraman, Blood of Eli, Amsterdam Admirals, Troy O., and Give it to...


BBV Week 3 Pick'em

Week 2 top scorer "Blood of Eli" is first to the winner's pulpit and has set an excellent standard for future winners. Here are his thoughts. Lock - Detroit over Tennessee. I think Matt...


BBV Week 2 Pick'Em

I offered WillG and TroyO the opportunity to send me a winner's preview of this week's games. Neither has, so in the interest of establishing a format, I will do it for them. This is the format we...


Post your 53-man guesses here

It occurs to me that the fanpost section is about to get washed out by 19 different 53-man guesses. My hope is that we can have one superthread to ... you know, one ring to rule them all (sorry,...


Community, family, life.

Those of you who have known me commenting here for the last several years might have noticed that I only have very good things to say about Blogging the Boys, our rival site here at SBN. I've...


BBV Alterna-Mock

It doesn't look like this is going to happen due to lack of interest. I'll leave the post up another couple days. I don't have the attention span for the mainstream mock right now! The purpose of...


BBV mock - Cowboys take 2

After considering your input, I have narrowed my possibilities for the Cowboys at #14. I have divided them into two tiers: Guys who are universally projected to go by #15, and guys a little outside...


BBV 2011 draft -- overview

It was a terribly long and poorly formatted comment, so I'll try again here. An at-a-glance look at last year's BBV mock draft -- the good, the bad and the Ed Valentine!


I have seen the future

No, not really. If I had, I'd be on a plane to Vegas, wouldn't I? But I have watched every game by both of these teams for several years now, and honestly for the past several nights I've lied in...



After any big Giants win, I make sure to not only devour every morsel of of news and notes here at BBV, but also the anguished cries of the damned. Below you will find the best of Bleeding Green...


Archives: The JPP draft pick

First of all, here is the link to the April, 2010 archives which include the Jason Pierre-Paul pick on April 22. There are several articles about the pick but the best one is the real-time reaction ...


The season does not hinge on tonight

Hate to disagree with the fearless leader, but I did the math weeks ago.To win the division, the Giants have to sweep the Cowboys on their way to winning four more. 2 wins vs. Cowboys + 2 other...


What BBV has taught me, and what I have figured out on my own

(thanks for the forum, apologies for the draftish nature) What BBV has taught me: I started coming here in 2008, AFTER the Giants had won the Superbowl. A real bandwagon jumper: I had stayed up to...


Some thoughts on the Eagles game

1. The Eagles will be a better team without Vick at the Helm. The Eagles showed that Vince is #2 on their depth chart against the Cardinals. His presence means the Eagles will go with a run-heavy...


Fire Coughlin

I learned a lot of things in the first quarter from a bunch of people I've never seen here before in the game thread. I'd just like to run through those things real quick, because I thought I had...


The future's so GIANTS

I can't help but feel like the Giants are set up for being a competitive team for years to come when I look at this roster. What follows after the jump is a look at some of the guys we have or have...


Who wants to party in Foxboro?

My wife (Pats fan -- a real one) and I are going to be at the game Sunday. The purpose of this post is to find out who from this site is planning on attending the game, and to find out if we can...

Before the game, watch the Giants beat the Eagles ... copy & paste URL

can't fix the link

Before the game, watch the Giants beat the Eagles ... copy & paste URL



Schadenfreude: Pleasure derived from another's misfortune


too bad the media byte is the call

Didn't like: Our inability to stop the run. While Washington and St. Louis shredded our secondary, I thought our run defense was stout. Against Philly, our DB play was a key factor and running was...


BBV Pick'em week 2

I don't know what happened to the guy who did week 1, but I was getting antsy so I took an hour to put this together. 1. I don't want to do this every week. Can any long-established regular step...

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