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My first Super Bowl was watching the 85 Bears crush the Patriots. No way I could be a Pats fan after that. In CT we got Pats and Giants games, so starting in 86 I became a Giants fan. It was a pretty good year.

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  • MLB Milwaukee Brewers
  • NBA Boston Celtics
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  • MMA Randy Couture
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User Blog

I'm going to Giants @ Patriots Nov. 6

My wife's father is a New England Patriots season ticket holder since 1980. He sends my wife and I to a game every year, and this year, yep, he was kind enough to send us to a game that could end...


The absolute worst thing in the NFL is...

Jerry Jones defeated Michael Vick's dog-killing, 15-11 Scott Green defeated "America's Team," 14-12


Worst thing in the NFL: The Foul Four

Here are the results for the previous round: Jerry Jones DEF. Buck & Aikman, 14-10 "America's Team" DEF. Commercial-Kickoff-Commercial, 14-10 Scott Green DEF. Fake LT, 20-4 Michael Vick's dog...


Worst thing in the NFL: The Ugly Eight

We've narrowed the field down to 8 awful things, a short enough list for me to include some information on each. Here are the results for the Sour Sixteen: Joe Buck & Troy Aikman DEF. Tom Quinn,...


Worst thing in the NFL: The Sour Sixteen

Here are the results and your 16 finalists for the absolute worst thing in the NFL: 1. The Linc experience DEF. Counting players out after an injury (13-7) 2. Jan. 5, 2003 SF referees DEF. Kevin...


Worst thing in the NFL - Bracket 4!

Thanks for playing, y'all! One more bracket below, then we'll really get into the nitty gritty of what the most craptacular thing in the NFL is. There were a few knocks on bracket 3, but hey, I...


Worst thing in the NFL Bracket 3

Winners from Bracket 2: 1.  Cowboys, Jets, & Eagles "fans" DEF. The FOX dancing robot (14-6) 2. Joe Buck & Troy Aikman DEF. Brian Dawkins  (16-4) 3. Commercial-kickoff-commercial  DEF. Troy Aikman...


Worst thing in the NFL - Bracket 2

First, the bracket 1 results. The following crappy things make it to the round of 32: 1. The Black-Eyed Peas halftime show DEF. Calvin Johnson's non-TD against Bears (11-10) 2. Michael Vick's dog...

That's why Kolb, with a career 3-4 record as a starter, could be traded for a first round pick....


That's why Kolb, with a career 3-4 record as a starter, could be traded for a first round pick. Hilarious understated scorn there!

2007 vs. 2011 Giants

[Note by Ed Valentine, 05/18/11 8:15 AM EDT : Maybe I shouldn't encourage 'Simms' not to work, but this is a good post.] Well, I got word from my boss that his boss is concerned that I'm sneaking...

"I think it's a myth, like 'lactose intolerance.' When my parents were growing up, nobody was...


"I think it's a myth, like 'lactose intolerance.' When my parents were growing up, nobody was lactose intolerant." Raheem Morris, on Adrian Clayborn's Erb's palsy

Giants fans give the nod to KC

Have you guys heard of "The Hate Game"? It's been going around SBN. Basically, you list the other 31 teams and give them 31 points and then fans of your team only "kill" the teams they hate the...


Who would you least hate to see win?

I've got to go with the Patriots. I know it's an unpopular choice here, but my father-in-law is a season ticket holder and my wife is a die-hard fan. They'd be happy. plus I admire the organization...


Steve Smith; Sal Paol on Sirius NFL

We all know what happened when the Patriots lost Randy Moss: Their offense got waaaay better. I don't think that situation is analogous to the Giants' because they play different roles in their...


I'm perfectly happy with the loss

The Giants came into the game down two pro-bowl offensive lineman, missing their top receiver. They came in against a healthy Eagles team everyone touted as the next "best team in the NFL" to play...


How to not get banned this week

We all know that Eagles fans fall somewhere between Celine Dion and Pee Wee Herman on the "People I'd Like to Tailgate With" list. Coming off an ugly loss, and the Eagles competing for the div., I...


State of the O-Line: Not that bad

I was hoping someone else would do this but alas, no. So I've poked around to illuminate exactly where everyone stands with injuries & etc. on our offensive line, which should be in flux for the C...


Potential O-line move this week?

I typically hate or at least disagree with the "What do you think about picking up Braylon Edwards / Shawne Merriman / Marshawn Lynch / etc." and the answer at BBV is usually NO.But now I gotta be...


Knee-jerk reactions and baseless opinions

This game could have been 31-3. The score and the stats don't, IMHO, show just how much the Giants dominated this game. Which of course leaves me the question... are our special teams (and, to a...


2010 season-ending standings

I'll do this for two very stupid reasons: I haven't quite gotten over the misconception that people need to hear my opinion; and this will give people (Colts fans) something to laugh in my face...


Giants defensive ends

I'm hoping to draw on the wealth of knowledge available here. We're all familiar with the Giants embarrassment of riches at the DE position in the last few years, but I have to admit that in the...


Another proud moment for Philly fans

I despise Philadelphia and its sports fans. Somehow this appalling story didn't surprise me:


Perry Fewell on Sirius NFL Radio

Tuesday morning 7 a.m. just listened to our new DC interview. Two quick things: 1. He's up and working at 7 a.m. at the end of January, and 2. Don't expect much here, the guy talks like a HC and...


BBV Pick'em Bowl

I gotta be honest, I did enjoy the elimination thing. Well, after I had done the tally wrong and told LostinJersey he was done, here he is to face off in the Superbowl pick against Meigs1414. The...


BBV Conference Championships Pick'em

The four players eligible for the Conference Championship Pick'em are: Meigs1414, WillGFass, M., and LostinJersey. Shamefully, I was eliminated after the FIRST game of the playoffs, because four...


BBV Divisional pick'em

The good news: No tiebreaker was needed to settle anything, as only 8 players got at least 2 games right. Some BBV season-long pickers and regulars came in Friday night, I added them as we had a...


And the BBV Pick'em Champion of the world is...

GfaninEngland, aka G-Brit! After 170-some odd correct winners picked, the season actually came down to its final game, and the Jets, playing for their playoff lives, topped the Bengals, who played...


BBV pick'em pool championship week

This is what it all comes down to. One week. Sixteen games. ONE WINNER. Could you just hear me doing the voice or what? Anyway, it's a three-way battle for the pick'em title with Brisulph having...


BBV Pool Week 16 preliminary results

I took my home run swing this week and struck out on a boatload of upsets, but XLII has now pulled into a three-way tie for the lead along with RB27 and GfaninEngland. Brisulph has a punchers...


Week 14 preliminary results

After a happy season together, Mike Singletary has turned on me and I've gotten the 49ers wrong 2 weeks in a row. So for this week: 14-2: XLII  -- makes it interesting getting into the mix with...

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