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The All Anti-Angels (with YOUR updates)

Can you name a roster of baseball players who stand for the opposite of everything the Angels are, players who have tormented the team and fans more than their occasionally bad players themselves?


Sign the petition to end "Buttercup"

I spoke with Tim Mead from the Angels Front Office today. I Told him about my complete hatred of this dumb song, he said that he feels that most people enjoy it. I told him that I disagree and that...

Spring training 2012


Spring training 2012


Chili Davis (killer of children's autograph dreams) Hired as A's Hitting Coach

Former Angels slugger Chili Davis has been hired by Oakland to be their hitting instructor. Maybe he'll be their community relations department too. In charge of children's activities in the area....

An interesting article on why Brandon Wood Sucks


Not anything we didn't already know, but interesting to read stuff outside of our probably biased, Angels love, realm. The charts and graphs are also nice


So who is the Angels all time WAR leader?

There is this really cool new feature on Fangraphs that lets you chart WAR, either by season, or by team. It also lets you see what a players WAR was based on their age.So without further ado; The...


Current MLB Draft order for 2011 (well current as of a few days ago)

So yesterday the season officially 'ended' for the Angels. We as fans knew it was likely over a month ago. We now need to turn our attention to the upcoming draft, why? Because the first 18 spots...

poor kid. hope he is alright


poor kid. hope he is alright


Kids are perceptive

My daughter is 4 years old and is a baseball savant. She calls balls and strikes on TV and even tells me when the umpire 'should' have called the pitch a strike. She can name all the players...


Remember when the Analysts said Pineiro won't replace Lackey and we said

  Hey dummy's ... Pineiro is replacing the AAA guys that pitched last year, Weaver is replacing Lackey. Well maybe Pineiro can replace Lackey. We all know that Wins and Losses are a dumb stat for...


Yankees to get their Rings while playing the Angels

From AP/TMZThe New York Yankees better clear out some space in their jewelery boxes -- TMZ has learned the team will be getting their World Series rings on April 13th ... when they play the Los...

how do you upload pictures from your computer to a Fanshot? I have some spring training photos and...


how do you upload pictures from your computer to a Fanshot? I have some spring training photos and want to upload them. Didn't want to put it as a Fanpost because this is where it belongs, it only says 'image url'


draft order

This (with the thanks of I am excited to see that the Angels have 8 picks in the first 106 picks. that is 8% of the picks according to my 7th grade math I...

A lion in the Orange County Zoo was lying in the sun licking its butt when a visitor turned to the...


A lion in the Orange County Zoo was lying in the sun licking its butt when a visitor turned to the zookeeper and said: "That's a docile old thing, isn't it?" "No way," said the zookeeper: "It's the most ferocious beast in the zoo. Why, just an hour ago, it dragged a New York Yankees fan into the cage and completely devoured him." "That’s incredible" said the astonished visitor: "but why is it laying there licking its butt?" "The poor thing is trying to get the taste out of its mouth."


money that will be freed up

The Angels will have a good chunk o' change coming off the books this off season. -- Guerrero - $15m -- Escobar - $9.5m -- Lackey - $9m -- Figgins - $6m -- Abreu - $5m -- Oliver - $3.6m -- Quinlan...


Just in.... Torii Wins Gold Glove

Just announced. Good for him, he definetely deserved it. Question, If a player changes leagues what is the rule for Gold Glove? Seems to me that Texiera should have won, either for National...


Post Season Roster?

The poll on whether we wanted to see Wood or Aybar in there got me thinking. Because this is the deepest Angels team I have ever seen, I feel that setting up who will make the post season roster,...


Myspacecobar has surgery

". Angels pitcher Kelvim Escobar had right shoulder surgery Tuesday in New York. Mets team doctor David Altchek repaired Escobar's posterior labrum"   This kind of went unnotticed with all the...


HK in SI

Sports Ill. has a great article this month on our own HK. It talks about his ability to hit even from toddler age and the importance of his Grandma to him. They also say that it is concievable...


Cabrera in shape?

Apparantly Mike Napoli has been working out with Miguel FatCab. Miggy has claimed that his oath to get into shape is working, most would think this is a ploy to eleviate any concerns about his bad...


Getting to Know You

I've been thinking... A lot of us have been coming to this site for awhile and besides the occasional Vegas trip not many of us get to intermingle or see what our fellow HH'ers are like. I figured...


What about?

Geoff jenkins of Mil, had his option declined by the Brewers, Geoff had 21 HRs and could be had for cheap. The story on him has always been that his hitting would improve if you could get him out...



Hoping that someone can help me with has been bugging me all season. What are those rope looking necklaces that most pitchers wear? Like 70% of pitchers and only pitchers wear them. This...


Is this the year it happens-A trade?

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you think we should stand pat, Do we need that big bat. assuming that Willits, Aybar, Wood, Adenhart, and others always...


Take it or Leave it,....

Its time for America's fasting game show sensation; "Take it or Leave it" where you decide whether the stats provided are adequate or do you think you can get better by letting them play it out on...


The GA Test is Complete

Back on April 17th I posted a diary discussing the shortcomings of a certain leftfielder. I proposed that I track my findings for 2 weeks and see the results. The experiment was to see how many...


lets start keeping track

Rev... I have been wanting to keep track of something for years now and I think you are just the man to help. A couple of years ago some friends and I noticed that Bengie Molina always seemed to...


2002 DVD?

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the full game 6 and full game 7 from 2002. Not the stupid MLB authorized DVD. The full game... I would definetely pay for a dvd or vhs copy if anyone has...


So i'm gettign my taxes done....

And its at Liberty Tax. So of course there are stupid unemployable 20 somethings dressed as Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty with a sign out front. As I am waiting in the lobby in my Angels hat...


walk out

i've heard some say that Bill Stoneman isn't a bad GM I've also heard people say that there wasn't a holocaust, both of these people are idiots. i understand the need to preserve our farm system...

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