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Braylon Edwards Cut !!!

Braylon Edwards on Twitter just said the 49ers cut him. Said his knee injury got in the way of being able to re-sync with the offense. That leaves Crabs healthy. And. . . .Brett Swain? THAT's it! T...


Do Great Teams Rest their Important Players When the Playoffs are Wrapped Up?

I'd like to officially propose we rest Gore and Smith more. Neither are used to playing more than 16 games in a season. Why take a risk of injury or fatiguing their bodies when we have a very good...


I Cry Uncle: Alex Smith is Okay by Me!

I have to say it! I have not been at all confident that Alex Smith could ever win a playoff game, until after the Giant game on Sunday. I have seen the light. Alex Smith helped win that game for...


I'm Looking for Legitimate Fairly Priced NFL Games Online

Hi Niners Fnas:   I am a dad with three kids and therefore, call me crazy, but my wife and I refuse to hook up the TV or cable for them to surf, or to get mesmerized in front of. We do have a...


Here's How We Go 10-6 and win the division

I am liking the moves we've made so far. But I think we need a FA FB. ANd I hope that happens soon since he'll have to learn the system. I also think if we're going to do more than win the division...


My Draft Theory / FA Fantasy

Maybe the Niners draft after round 2 was all about finding great special teamers, because they are looking to free agency once it starts to pick up some big time starters. Say YES!  Say Amen,...


I Need Help Picking the Best Internet TV Sports Site

There are only a few more slow days to go before all heck breaks loose discussing our new draft picks so I thought I'd ask this now before it's drowned out. I travel a lot and, forgive me, but I...


Peterson and the Wonderlik

We all know the value (or lack of value) of the Wonderlik, having had expereince with the incontrovertible genius of our own Alex Smith. Wonderlik smart, but when it comes to raw football...


Best article yet on the CBA, where things stand, and possible solutions This is a must read if you want to understand what's going on with both sides in the negotiations. There are specific needs, desires, and...


Don't Delete this Post: Vince Young, AGAIN!

We're all talking about who to draft the the first round in April. And how critical that pick will be. But let's face it, no one in this draft, even if we had the first pick, is going to turn this...


My Compromise for an 18 Game Schedule

SImply put, I think it's totally crazy to force NFL players into an 18 game schedule. There are enough injuries already in the NFL and this is bound to make things worse The final game of the two...


I Think We Will Kick Ourselves if We Don't Fight to Get Him Do NOT comment on this post please until you have read the article above. Vince Young's Titan's QB...


Jim Harbaugh Coaching Staff: Geep Chryst Hired As 49ers New quarterbacks coach

We take a look at Jim Harbaugh's decision to hire Geep Chryst to be quarterbacks coach, and what it might mean for Jim Harbaugh's own role in developing QBs in 2011.


Choose Your FA's. . . Step Right Up!

Here is a list of my favorite 2011 unrestricted free agents at this time. I didn't list any restricted free agents. See for a complete...


A Fierce Debate About Who the Niners Are

I've read a lot of fan comments about how all the Niners need to do is plug in a QB and they'll be all set, but I looked over their roster tonight, and sadly I disagree. I would love your opinion...


My Choice for GM

First a caveat: If in order to hire a truly great head coach we needed to let that coach in on the GM decision I would not hesitate to do that.  With that being said, if the GM is going to be...


Steve Young Said It All. And I hope Jed heard it. And us as well.

I just heard Steve Young, yes, OUR Steve Young, one of the greatest QBs in the history of NFL football, say exactly what I've been thinking and saying since I joined Ninersnation a few years ago. I...


How Would You Rank Baalke's 2010 Draft?

Since everyone is talking about how our GM has to be a great talent evaluator, let's see what Ninersnation thinks of last year's draft picks. After a full season I thinbk some things can be said...


OMG! Alex Smith AGAIN! Singletary is sooo Outta Here

Alex Smith has just been named Sunday's starter!!!!   AGAIN!  Can you believe this insanity? I don't give a F*** about the rest of this year now. I hope we whiff and move up in the draft. Watch...


Sign Troy Smith Now: Join the Troy Fan Club!

Sorry, part of this post actually taken from a response I wrote in another post just a little while ago. But I think it's THE crucial discussion we should be having at the moment. I'll get right to...


"Official NN QB Discussion FanPost" - Troy Smith: The answer has arrived

Fooch's Note: This will be our official QB discussion thread so we don't have a bunch of random FanPosts going up With very little help from the Niners O-line, Troy Smith played another gutty game....


Who Is Troy Smith? I Know Better Now

First of all, I want to thank LA49er for posting the Troy Smith Interview. I just listened to it and was so impressed by this young man. He's humble, confident, cool, smart, dedicated, and honest...


Singletary on A. Smith: Taking "Stubborn" to New Heights

This I find unbelievable. I just read a quote from Mike Singletary that said Alex Smith would start against the Rams if he were healthy, and that he is still the starting QB! This is being said to...


T Smith and the Coaching

OMG, I can't believe what I saw today. Something great. Something that finally makes me really happy!!!  It's been tough being on Niners Nation and being so negative all the time -- calling for the...


The Fate of a Stubborn Man

Mike Singletary is going to be fired. Probably soon. Yes, he's been a bad coach with x's and o's. Yes, he hired one of the worst OCs imaginable and anointed him king of smash-mouth. Yes, his game...


Who's on Dope? (Metaphorically Speaking. . . )

“My high hopes, they haven’t gone anywhere,” Singletary said. “We’re 0-4 but we have a lot of football games to play. The way our team’s playing, I’m very encouraged by what I see."  -- MIKE...


The 49ers have talent but are sinking under the coaching weaknesses of Mike Singletary and his staff.

This is a Yahoo Sports Headline -- the lead story at this very moment.  Does anyone want to admit that Alex Smith and Mike Singletary are now a part of the problem? It's amazing how many of you are...


Someone has to say it/ Who do you want as a new head coach?

Guys, I'm really sorry to have to be the one to start this conversation. I'm not trying to make this into a witch hunt. I'm trying to see who is available out there that would make sense as a head...


Jimmy Raye must go

Niner Fans. There are very dark days. Troubling days for the future of our football team. Fooch is right when he says someone will likely have to go after today. It's not THE answer, but it's one...


Ginn Out, Hill In

It was just reported that Ted Ginn will be out at least two weeks due to an injury suffered in the Seattle game. That's why we signed Hill.  Who will return kick offs and punts now? What a circus...

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