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Mal Moore Passes Away


Cecil Hurt is reporting Mal Moore passed away this morning in North Carolina at the age of 73.

Nick Saban Joins Elite Company


I ran across this Chris Low article today on It brings up some interesting points that could make for an interesting argument among fellow Alabama fans. This would be especially true if he picks up another ring or two. The difference in eras of football would be the big argument. Recruiting, scholarship caps, and more competitive balance make it harder to obtain the numbers of someone like Bryant in the modern system.

OTL- The Les You Know


Let me start off by saying I am a lifetime Alabama fan, and a current Alabama student. I follow college football very closely and have always respected LSU as one of the best run programs in the SEC. That being said, I've always had mixed feelings about Les Miles. That opinion shifted this morning when I went through and read this article about Les Miles. It goes into great length and detail about the struggle college coaches, in particular Miles, face in struggling to balance family and football. I never before realized how focused MIles is on family, nor on how loose he keeps himself and his team. I just wanted to take a few moments to drop in to congratulate LSU on having such a good person as well as a coach to lead ya'lls team. Sports have became so cut throat, and they need more men willing to take the time to focus on their family that so often get left behind. That is all I wanted to mention. Good luck Saturday. It should be a good one. Roll Tide. *Ed. Note from Billy: I wanted to post this, saw that Singlealt beat me to the punch, and thought his kind words deserved some acknowledgement.

Rocky Top Halftime Show Mocking Rivals


I have always enjoyed UT's circle drill. I know that is probably against some rule having been a lifetime Alabama fan, but I just always found it to be entertaining. I know they do it every year, and that is a large part of why it goes well. This video is of the 2011 halftime show that UT's band has done based on the Wizard of Oz. In it they mock SEC rivals Alabama, South Carolina and Kentucky. Granted it is mildly entertaining, but overall I find it to be a lack of class when your band stoops to mocking other schools. I guess if your team can't beat them, your band should take jabs at them.


RBR Question

I have been a fan of Roll 'Bama Roll for a longtime now. I check it daily, but sometimes I cruise around some of the other SB Nation SEC sites to see what the fans of other teams are discussing....

Auburn to Move to SEC East Sources Say

3 had an article up concerning the rumors of possible expansion with Missouri. This is something we've already seen, but there is also an interesting bit about possibly moving Auburn to the SEC East division. SEC scheduling will have to change if teams are added, but will Alabama be able to continue with both their Tennessee and Auburn rivalries if Auburn moves to the East?

How can you not love Penn State fans?


This article ran in the Crimson White on campus today. It is a letter to the paper from some Penn State fans welcoming UA fans to Happy Valley. From my experience last year, I would say that the Penn State fan base was one of the nicest fan bases I've ever seen. The ones I met were a joy to have on campus. They also mention in this article a drink that will be sold in memory of the Tuscaloosa tornado and proceeds will go to tornado relief.

Controversial Corn Themed Trophy Scrapped


"Organizers acknowledged it had too much to do with corn and not nearly enough to do with football."

Ohio State to Vacate all 2010 Wins


I really am not sure if anyone has posted this yet or not. I tried to look, but didn't see it. I figured I'd post it since it is an interesting development.

Joe Paterno Admits Breaking NCAA Rule


Even Joe Pa is not above reproach. He admitted that he recently broke a NCAA rule without realizing. Penn State has since self reported to the NCAA, but this just goes to show exactly how easy it is for coaches to break a rule without realizing.

Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton is resigning


Its seemed like this had to come at some point for Tennessee and the day has finally arrived.


How are Toomer's tree's doing?

I know a while back there was a post on RBR that basically said that the trees at Toomer's did not absorb as much poison as first thought. Do we have any kind of follow up to this, or was that just...

McElroy Helps Accident Victim


Is there anything McElroy can't do?

Joe Schad Reporting Broderick Green Tore ACL in Practice


"Arkansas running back Broderick Green sustained a torn ACL in his left knee during practice Wednesday"


Everyone's Reaction to HBO Special

What was everyone's reaction to the HBO Special? Do you feel anything of substance will come from it?

We are aware of some of the information to be aired during this evening’s HBO Real Sports. ...


We are aware of some of the information to be aired during this evening’s HBO Real Sports. Representatives from Auburn University, representatives from LSU and the SEC office have communicated with the NCAA Enforcement Staff. The involved institutions and the NCAA staff will pursue the allegations in a timely manner."

Anthony Grant building another Final Four team, but this time at Alabama


"Just remember one thing as VCU prepares to head to Houston as perhaps the most unlikely Final Four team in history. The Rams wouldn't be on this ride without the players Anthony Grant left behind."

Rocky Top Has a New Head Coach


The University of Tennessee has reportedly hired Cuonzo Martin as a replacement to Bruce Pearl. Martin is a former Purdue assistant coach, who has served as the head coach of basketball powerhouse Missouri State.

Ralph Nader Proposes the Elimination of Athletic Scholarships


"An entire industry has developed in the youth sports arena -- club teams, personal trainers, etc. -- to prey on families' dreams of an athletic scholarship," he said. "The lure of the elusive athletic scholarship is the primary -- sometimes the only -- marketing tool these youth sports entrepreneurs use."

Bruce Pearl is Fired


"A person with knowledge of the decision says Tennessee has fired Bruce Pearl after a season that saw the coach charged with unethical conduct for lying to NCAA investigators during a probe into recruiting."

Alabama Impresses Boise State Coaches


"It was an extremely classy place and yet not a ton of bling," Strausser said of the program that won the 2009 national title. "We’ve been to some places that are Top 10 programs that it’s a flat screen every time you turn around a corner. That wasn’t their deal — but it’s a classy, classy place."

Oregon Recruiting Investigated


This seems to be the follow-up story to the link posted a couple of days ago concerning a top 10-12 program that could be facing NCAA sanctions for recruiting violations.

Crimson Tide gains AP votes, but left out of top 25


The Crimson Tide men's team received 15 poll points in this week's AP poll, but was unable to crack the Top 25. They would rank 29th in an extended poll.

The Fall of Bobby Lowder, and the Fallout of Auburn


This is an interesting prospective from someone in Cleveland who is a big Buckeye fan, and "which requires that I hate all SEC teams equally." It gives a summary of the questionable history of Bobby Lowder and Auburn athletics.

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