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Sarcastic Bastard. Foodie. Co-host of the acclaimed podcast The Rust Pit. Nole.

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  • MLB Atlanta Braves
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  • NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • NCAAF Florida St. Seminoles
  • NCAAB Florida St. Seminoles
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  • Serie A Juventus
User Blog

The 2012 Season: Set to Music

It’s no big stretch to say that Bud and staff have given us an intrepid and remarkably in-depth preview to the season so far. While I think we could all agree on the quality of information...

Feldman Lists Pender In Top 10 Most Intriguing EEs


"Last year at about this time another early enrollee RB at FSU, Devonta Freeman was turning some heads. Freeman had a good season in 2011, but watch out for Pender. The guy is a blur, who is both quick and fast. In fact, sources at FSU say he's the fastest back the Noles have. In high school, he averaged 12 yards per carry. " Other players of interest: #3: Travis Blanks, Clemson DB #4: D.J. Humphries, Florida OT #9: Raphael Kirby, Miami LB

The Truth About Otis Smith


Get your panic buttons out, Magic fans, because Otis' trades are only the beginning to his dastardly deeds.

CP3 Wants Out, Start the Rabid Speculating


I'm not going to lie, I was a bit reluctant to post this, because 9,857 posts about Chris Paul when we had no shot at landing him was too much. But it's happening so I figured we may as well get the wheels turning and let everyone pump out their trade scenarios. Happy discussion/ESPN Trade Machining, folks. And we're off...


Michael Smith Finally Says What We've All Been Thinking

I don't want to take the spotlight off the Magic too much, but this had to be mentioned. During the first segment of today's Around The Horn, Reali asked the panel if yesterday's Celtic's win was...

Dwight Howard: Foul Magnet or Mastermind?


Dwight's constant foul trouble in Round 1 can be used as proof that he is just human. But maybe it wasn't even trouble at all; maybe Dwight meant for it to pan out like that. This is all made clear in my first post for

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