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ESPN one upping NFL network


Not that its that difficult but still, ESPN is putting out its top 100 offensive AND defensive players list over the next 10 days (not 10 years like NFL). Its also a polling of 63 analysts that actually watch the games (OTs outnumber QBs!!). Miles Austin checks in a number 99 and Mo Claiborne is at 94. Keep an eye out for where the rest of the Cowboys are ranked.

Chuckle at the Eagles expense


A good read if you, like me, want to laugh at the Eagles. "the Eagles cavernous, though to this point unused, Trophy Room."

So turns out the 2009 draft was just plain bad


Not just for the Cowboys (we've been over that) but for most of the league. 5 years after the fact, the Boys and Raiders have no one left, only 60 players remain with their original teams (out of 256, or 23%), and 3 of the top 11 picks are making the minimum on new teams. Only 12 players from the entire class have made the Pro Bowl.

I called it!!!


In the round 5 open thread, after learning that all the picks we had made had a 70 or better grade on NFL, I penned the following statement: watch them grade us as a C+ draft by Sir Robin on Apr 27, 2013 | 3:37 PM up reply flag I would like everyone to know that I CALLED IT!!! Kiper has graded the Cowboys as a C+ draft (B on needs C- on Value), I know that it is behind the paywall, but this was too good to pass up. Take from it what you will. Am I psychic? Is Kiper an idiot? I am just good at predicting idiot's opinions?

NFP compares top 2 centers


Interesting comparison between Frederick and Jones at the center position. Frederick is the overpowering one, while Jones can be the scrappy overachiever.


Anthology of Interest: Mocking the Mockers

The NFL off-season is in full swing for both teams and fans. For teams, this means internal evaluation, college player evaluation, and the draft. For fans, this time means deep clinical...

Tim responds to Smith and Bayless


Just saying, when the other writers on the same site call you out for being a douche, Skip, maybe tune it down a little.

Lotulelei won't work out at combine


Tests showed abnormal readings in the heart. He will visit a specialist later this week to confirm the condition.

This poor child


Having to go through life knowing he could have been Austin Miles, but won't and was instead named by a Redskins fan

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