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Witness the Gambling Community Valuing RGIII

This week's NFL Vegas Lines are out--conspicuously absent are picks for our game against Cleveland on Sunday. So far as I can tell, only has opened, with Cleveland a 7 point favorite. ...


Will NFL Defenses figure out RGIII like they "figured out" Cam Newton?

There is an article on today by Steve Young, opining that an option-led offense is unsustainable in the NFL. His point, which I don't agree with, is that with history as a guide nobody has...

Texas Tech: Belt Champion


The current Universe Champion of College Football, Texas Tech, defends its Belt.

Texas Tech is going places


Or: timely but wild, irrational optimism. Texas Tech is really good, this week.


Need help from London Raider

Or any other able-bodied Texas Tech fan in the London area. I've got an amiga heading to London for an extended work vacation, and she needs to know where to catch some football. I was going to...


Longest tenured Redskin?

Who has been here the longest?

Hogs Haven Podcast



There is a board and more points need to be on it.

This is therapy, but it is not a "What if" exercise, because the plural of anecdote is not data, and, frankly, I don't want to dwell on the result.  I listened to this entire game intently because G...


Texas Tech's problems are our responsibility.

Let's do something right.  


Redskins University

Timmy Smith was a great Redskin, if only for a moment. Recall that Smith set a rushing record in Super bowl XXII (204 yards and a pair of scores) and would surely have been named the game's MVP but...


What has Bill Walsh done for you lately? He gave us a workaholic.

Kevin already touched on Coach Shanahan's Bill Walsh Coaching Tree roots (pictured). Recap: George Seifert coached under Bill Walsh in the 80s before taking the reigns in 1989. Although Seifert...

Redskins 2010 Preview Magazine


Maple Street Press Redskins AnnualComing out now and available for order. 8x10, 128 pages, full-color, filled with photos.Edited by Kevin Ewoldt & Ken Meringolo with feature articles from Doug...

Contact / Media Requests


Email - (at)


There's never too many cooks?

Coach-speak is a difficult language to process, particularly because it is usually coded and frequently presented in sound bites that lack context and do inadequate justice to the nuances involved....

Mike Leach transcripts, unedited.


How dare you beat Baylor by less than a million points. Prepare to be eaten for your indiscretions. Below the jump, please enjoy the NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW transcript from the Mike Leach...

Rest in Peace, Sports


Obituary of Sports

Mike Leach was not only my head coach, but he was my position coach all five of my years at Texas...


Mike Leach was not only my head coach, but he was my position coach all five of my years at Texas Tech. I spent more time with him than any other player during my five years and had meetings with him every day. He was very hard on me and every other player in program and he held very high expectations for every player. He would push us all every day during the season and during the off-season. He felt that hard work, dedication and doing things right was the only way we could be successful and compete in the Big XII conference. He worked harder and longer than anyone else in program and was committed to winning at all cost. He would never have been unfair to a player or not played the best players he had because he wanted to win more than anything else. Coach Leach also expected us to be tough but smart at the same time. He would not pressure a kid to play with a serious injury or play when he did not feel ready to play. Coach Leach is a man that cares about his player and puts his players, coaches and the well being of the Texas Tech football program above all else.

Graham Harrell

Lavar Arrington: Redskins are losing because we aren't CHOO CHOO enough


Watching the DeAngelo Hall scrum during the Falcons game with (what appears in retrospect as) their entire sideline, it did not cross my mind that the thing wrong here was a lack of Redskins...

Double T Nation Bid 12 Roundtable: Early Edition


Double T Nation Big 12 Roundtable

Don't Be Mean


One of the many strengths of DTN is that it is a place where people with divergent views about a team they love can meet to discuss the same. This is not, however, Vietnam. There are rules. More precisely, there is rule: Don't be mean. We are all in a distressed place right now. No one here is accustomed to losing to Texas A&M in the manner we did last night. We're all pissed off. We all have wildly outrageous views about the direction of this team, where it should be, where it is going, whether the coaching staff in place is the correct group, etc. This is as fine a place to discuss those views as anywhere. However, if you feel that the piece of writing that you are about to plaster on the website, for the world to see, is even remotely likely to violate the Rule -- Don't be mean -- then it probably violates the rule. In times of merry, like when we beat Nebraska on the road last week, there's no need to enforce the rule because we're all in joyful agreement. Now, more then ever, we have to respect each others' dissenting views, because failure to do so will lead us down the (typically unfamiliar for this website) path of name-calling, random cursing, and vindictive hyperbole. We are all on the same team here. Ok? We should be consoling each other and finding ways to move on, not cannibalizing ourselves. Let's be friends and sing kumbaya and make chocolate covered smores together. Or at least let's not call each other naughty names.

Double T Nation Big 12 Roundtable


Double T Nation Big 12 Roudntable

Double T Nation Big 12 Roundtable, Week 7


Double T Nation's Big 12 Roundtable Q&A Response

Double T Nation Big 12 Roundtable


Double T Nation's Responses to the Week Two of the Sports Blog Nation's Big 12 Roundtable



Double T Nation Big 12 Roundtable


Double T Nation responds to the SB Nation Big 12 Roundtable.


So how is everyone doing?

Not particularly Redskins related, I guess, but I thought I would stop by and drop a line to see how everyone is doing. Not sure if anyone even remembers me at this point. We're something like 22...

Mission Statement


Global domination.

John Riggins: Clinton Portis has team "over a barrel."


From various sources comes an emerging and troubling potential Clinton Portis vs. John Riggins duel the likes of which have not been seen since, well, the last time Clinton Portis got into it with...

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