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Born in Ohio. Living in Connecticut. Playing and watching hockey all my life.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Boston Red Sox
  • NFL New England Patriots
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[Humpday's LL] Eight Will be Great?

Links Panthers Win Draft Lottery Leafs to pick eighth. End of a Slow Bleed Leafs finish one of the worst defensive seasons in NHL history. Dave Nonis on Leafs Lunch Lots of not...

[Monday's LL] It's Playoff Time

Pick two teams, one from each Conference, who you'll either be cheering for, or wouldn't mind to see the win the Cup. For me it's San Jose and Boston. San Jose because that team deserves a win as...

[Fri LL] Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

Links to get you through the day

[Wednesday's LL] Disappointed but Not Surprised

Links Stick a Fork in Them They're done. Thoughts on Thoughts Please Leafs, get Evander Kane. How Coaches Emotionally Manipulate Their Players And how it changes in the playoffs.

[Monday's LL] Yes! Yes! Yes!

Links Toughness vs. Skill Looking at style of defensemen and how they're valued. Should they Stay or Should they Go? Good ones stay. Bad ones go. Open Response to Steve Simmons That's a...

[Friday's LL] It was 3-1

Links (click them) He Fight. He (seldom) Scores. He Fight. He's a Drain on the Salary Cap. Yup, it's Clarkson. On Corsi% Rel, TOI, and Benoit Pouliot Kind of a good player. Real good. ...

Leafs Lose Yet Ag...What? They Won? Wow.

Links Mythbusters: Kessel's Disappearance There isn't one. Steve Dangle on the Radio Steve gets belligerent. Does a Leafs Win Change Your Views on the Playoff Race? Nope.

Leafs Singled Out - Finding the Next Captain

Dion has had his chance and the Leafs keep collapsing in new and exciting ways. Who can replace him and provide the team the leadership that it needs?

[Monday's LL] Leafs Can't Lose Tonight

Links Heartless Where's all that supposed heart at? LFR7 - Game 76 I think Dangle is broken. Five Stages of TML Denial There aren't five stages of denial. Denial is one of the five...

Turn the Game Off!

Turn it Off Right Now!

[Friday's LL] Make it Seven?

Links David Clarkson vs the Worst Contracts Clarkson wins. A Brief Defense of Dion Phaneuf Oh my word are the Leafs bad. What Does a Six Game Losing Streak Tell Us About the Leafs? They...

What's Wrong with James Reimer?

The same thing that afflicts many goalies...

[Friday's FTB] Under Pressure

Links TML Under Pressure Vanilla Ice likely to rip them off. An Introduction to On-Ice Percentages Read this and get educated. LFR7 - Game 71 Dangle masturbates a Cartman doll or...

How Not to Execute a Set Play

Leafs ran what was maybe the worst faceoff in the whole NHL season last night. Find out why it sucked so much.

[Wednesday's LL] Humpday Links

Recaps Leafs Nation VLM Links Despite Forecasts of Doom, the Future is Very Bright for the Leafs This guy should be a comedian. ELO for Evaluating Players Pretty interesting first...

[Monday's FTB] Wear Green

Recaps MLHS Leafs Nation Links Zone Entry Tracking: Leafs at Caps Leafs did well because the Caps aren't very good. Bolland Absence has made the Leafs Grow Quickly I have no idea what...

[Friday's LL] Leafs Played Hockey Last Night

So how about that game huh? Wasn't awesome when (insert beneficial event here) happened because of (insert Leafs player)'s great play? Look, the game started at 10:30pm Eastern and I got work in...

Leafs 3 - Ducks 1: That Dog Ain't Laughing Now

It's a Duck Hunt reference.

[Monday's] Headed to the Best Coast

Links LFR7 - Game 64 Pretty Fly Call me the juice and you know Imma stunt. Crunching Numbers Leafs need to go .500 to make the playoffs. Depth Propels Leafs to Victory First W without a...

[Friday's FTB] Those Trades Panning Out?

Vancouver? No. Washington? God no. Tampa? No. Links Panago Pizza Presents Peve Pangle Podcast Prade Peadline P014 Part Pone LFR7 Lame L4 Langle Looks Lat Latest Lame 2014...

[Wednesday's LL] Trade Deadline Madness

Awwww shit it's about to go down! It's the mother f***ing trade deadline ya'll. Let's do this shit. My list of Leaf's potentially on their way out: Kulemin Holland Kadri Reimer Gardiner Y...

[Monday's FTB] So Blue Jackets Eh?

Links Jonathan Bernier and the Bumpy Road to the Promised Land Is there a parade planned along that road? LFR7 - Game 62 Dangle says it was off the wall. Leafs Prospect Update Kids...

[Friday's LL] Olympic Hangover, Obviously

Recaps The Leafs Nation Vintage Leaf Memories Links Which Players are Expected to Try Hard in Practice? Answer: Not the good ones. Remember when Phil Kessel was Sluggish? You mean...

[Weds LL] One More Day Until Hockey

Links Let's Talk About David Bolland Let's talk about how David Bolland's worth to the Leafs is greatly exaggerated. What Lies Around the Corner for the Leafs? The Islanders. Your...

[Monday's FTB] Back to Hockey that Matters

Links SDP Canada wins gold edition. Will Phil Kessel be a Clutch Performer for the Leafs? There is no such thing as clutch. Leafs in Sochi Final Report WHY NO MEDALS??

Canada Wins As Always

Are you really surprised?

[Wednesday's FTB] Going For the Gold

Today is Day 2 of the Olympic Men's Hockey medal round. Both Team Canada and Team USA play at the same time today in what is easily the largest foul-up yet at the problem plagued Sochi Olympics. If...

[Wednesday's FTB] Blah Blah Olympics Blah

Links Olympics and Team Canada and yada yada yada. Boring. Oh and Brennan made the AHL All-Star Game.

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