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Born in Ohio. Living in Connecticut. Playing and watching hockey all my life.

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  • MLB Boston Red Sox
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[Wednesday's LL] Dubas Got It Going On


Links Leafs Sign David Booth to 1-Year Deal Carlton put on endangered species list. Red Wings Take Nearly $300M from Bankrupt City of Detroit Fuck Mike Ilitch right in his stupid fucking...

[Monday's FTB] To Arb, or Not to Arb.


Links Leafs, Franson Ready for Arbitration War Neat. Why Nazem Kadri Deserves Respect Because he's the best center in the organization? Disproving the Improving Bozak isn't getting...

[Friday's FTB] 5, 5, 5 is Apparently a Strategy


Links Underlying Metrics are Stupid Stupid easy that is. The Bizarro-meter Returns Which NHL team have had the weirdest offseasons. Can You Afford Leafs Tickets? Are kids with...

[Weds LL] Not Too Many Gords Today


Links Toronto Marlies Promote Gord Dineen to Head Coach Now that's a Canadian name. No Really, How is Carlyle Still the Coach Because Leafs. 10 Midsummer Thoughts on the Maple Leafs W...

[Friday's LL] Captain Marlie Re-signs


Links Maple Leafs Re-sign Trevor Smith to 1-Year Deal Sure. Whatever. Nylander's Hair and Dev Camp He's so pretty. Lebron to Toronto? I'm on board. RNH, Crosby, and IPP mc79...

[Wednesday's LL] Humpday Links


Links Bargain Shopping: Remaining UFA Forwards I wouldn't mind Setoguchi. Watching Kessel's Prime Years Fade Away So is Kessel the new Mike Gartner? Seriously, Points aren't Offense A...

Tuesday's Leafs Links


Creative title huh?

[Monday's FTB] Upcoming Arbitrations Galore


Links Reimer, Franson File for Arbitration Going to be interesting to see if either settles beforehand. Is the Bar in Leafland Set High Enough? At the beginning of the season? Yes....

[Weds LL] Leafs Perform Clean Sweep at NHL Awards


The NHL Awards were held last night and the Maple Leafs, as a team, as an organization, didn't earn a single vote for any award or trophy. Not a single one. Even in a year with more than it's fair...

[Monday's LL] What's a Young Team?


Lots of talk surrounding the Leafs' poor performance last season has come with the explanation that "they're a young team. Lots of room to grow and develop." What I wanted to know is, is that true?...

Spend Money, Get Points. Unless You're the Leafs.


To kick off yesterday's Leafs Links, Bower Power posted a graph which showed how teams fared relative to their spending over the last five seasons. What I've done is expand on BP's work here. B...

[Friday's LL] Nothing Happened


And before you say it, no. Some idiot saying Jake Gardiner could be moved to forward is stupid and not link worthy. Therefore I have no links for you today. Make up your own links. Here's mine.

[Wednesday's FTB] More Buyouts Please


Links Speculation: Punchers and Picks There's no way this ends well right? Draft Profile: Robby Fabbri You gotta think his parents missed the boat on naming him Robbi. Evaluation Dman...

[Monday's LL] Silly Season


Links NHL Silly Season has Begun Mirtle's got the scoop. TML Powerplay Lots of room for improvement. Jeffler's Mailbag Answers and stuff. Maple Leafs Fans Need to See Something...

[Wednesday's FTB] The Cup is in the House


Links Boudreau on Ducks Corsi I think Boudreau might be falling into the percentage pitfall instead of looking at raw figures. USA Hockey Board Approves Stronger Rule to Curtail Fighting...

[Monday's LL] Just Say No to Joe


Links Mailbag: Lazy Sunday Jeffler answers your Leafs related mail. Should the Leafs Stand Pat at the Draft or Make a Move? Who cares, they'll fuck it up anyways. Steve Dangle Podcast ...

[Friday's FTB] The Untouchables


#Leafs remain aggressive in #NHL trade market. The only 4 players I hear they are not actively shopping are Bernier Kessel Bozak and Rielly — Nick Kypreos (@RealKyper) June 6, 2014 Why?...

Monday's Leafs Links


Links NHL Scouting Combine Continues to Evolve Sam Bennett didn't evolve to do pushups. Dave Bolland on TSN 1050 Please go away Dave Bolland. Are the Leafs Close or Far Away? Like...

[Wednesday's FTB] Nothing Happened


Links Maple Leafs Prospects Season Wrap Up None of them won anything of any regard. Playoff LFR Vista Cruiser Analytics Mailbag Brought to you by; use the offer code WTF. ...

NNN: Steve Simmons is Dumber Than You


A simple writer pens simple thoughts that demonstrate his simple intellect.

Humpday's Leafs Links


I'll get some links here soon enough.

Monday's Leafs Links


Links Sustainability and the Marlies Baby Buds are still undefeated in the playoffs. Do Maple Leafs Fan want Grit or Skill? Dumb ones want grit. Smart ones want skill.

Grabovski's Answers: He Doesn't Loathe Pineapples!


A long-running Grabovski mystery is finally solved!

[Friday's LL] Marlies Undefeated


Links Marlies Take 3-0 Series Lead Not too shabby. Habs Toughness and Discipline an Example for the Leafs? You mean getting drastically outplayed by saved by a good goalie? Tried that...

Ask Grabbo


Do you have question for former Leaf Mikhail Grabovski? Then ask away!

[Wednesday's LL] Captain For Captain?


Let it be known that I'm totally on board for a hypothetical captain swap with Pittsburgh. Links Optics A great line from the piece by Cam Charron: "the days where managers and...

[Monday's LL] Captain Doesn't Go Down w/ the Ship?


Links Leafs and Senators Shopping Their Captains? According to Kypreos they are. Captaincyyoulater? Jeffler weighs in on the rumors. Steve Dangle Podcast He's telling your mom. C...

[Friday's LL] Carlyle Delenda Est


Et tu, Brendan? Links Is This the Worst It's Every Been? DGB brings us part four. LFR: Carlyle Extended Dangle's liver destroyed. An Anecdote Involving an Umbrella I'm glad Cam...

The Reasons Behind the Reasons


Finding out why the reasons given for the Leafs' struggles were given.

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