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Born in Ohio. Living in Connecticut. Playing and watching hockey all my life.

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  • MLB Boston Red Sox
  • NFL New England Patriots
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User Blog

[Monday's LL] Olympics Don't Start Until Friday

Links Ten Reasons Why the Leafs Just Might be Contenders in the Eastern Conference All 10 are names of shitty Eastern Conference teams like Ottawa and Buffalo. The Steve Dangle Podcast He...

Department of Hoakey Analytics: USA Goalies

Looking at the latest from The Star's false flag operation

[Friday's LL] Martin St. Louis' Thighs

Recaps MLHS VLM Links Mike and Bridgette Smiths' Olympic Helmets These look great. Marlies Win Physical School Day Game Gotta love a game with multiple fights in front of thousands of...

How Many Minutes?

Care to take a guess how many minutes the worst line in hockey will play tonight?

[Friday's LL] Good Game, Bad Articles

Get yer swerve on...wait, no, reading swerve. Put yer pants back on

The New .500

What does that even mean in the NHL anymore?

[Wednesday's LL] Humpday Linkage

Get yer hot links

Leafs 3, Lightning 2 , Tim Gleason -3

The poor guy took a beating but the Leafs won so...

[Monday's LL] Better Late Than Never

There are links in here now

[Friday's LL] Turd Sandwich

*wet fart noise Links Cody Franson's Struggles Over For Now? Maybe? Leafs Weren't Going to Run the Table Anyways Right? Nope. TLN Prospect Rankings 10-6 Slim Pickins NHL...

[Wed's LL] Kessel, So Hot Right Now

Get yer morning hot links

Leafs 4, Coyotes 2: 5 in a ROW

The red-hot Leafs just keep rolling

[Monday's LL] Death of a Legend

No more TSNStatsGuy :(

[Friday's LL] Too Much of a Good Thing

Links and links and links and links

A Leaf Fan’s Plea to Team CEO Tim Leiweke

Chris Selley really really really wants Tim Leiweke to please stop talking about the Leafs.

[Wed's LL] Row Row ROW Your Burning Boat

Get your red hot morning links!

Leafs 4 - Bruins 3 IN REGULATION!

They did it with grit, determination, and a big night from the Inseparable Duo.

[Monday's LL] Unoriginal Title

Links Bruce Arthur Eviscerates Steve Simmons Click "On the Hot Seat" link on the right side. The Perils of Small Sample Size Where are Nonis' critics now? The Best of the Rest - Olympic...

[Friday's LL] Outside Looking In

Boy, that escalated quite quickly

Revisiting the Greatest Post and Comments Section

It was August in the year 2012 Anno Domini. The previous CBA was nearing its expiration date and many teams decided to get important contract extensions in under the wire before a new CBA took...

[Wed's LL] Is Colton Orr Better than a Goalie?

In last night's game thread, a comment by ThickSkinnedAlive about how Mike Palmateer has a better career ppg mark than Colton Orr got me thinking; just have many goalies have better career ppg...

The Suckiest Bunch of Sucks That Ever Sucked

It's been shown through various studies that teams are more likely to lose on the second half of a back-to-back. The Leafs apparently read those studies incorrectly. The Islanders were stuck on the...

[Monday's LL] 24/7 to 1

BP really dropped the ball by not using this title in yesterday's game recap.

[Friday's LL] Snowday Links

Links Leafs Acquire Tim Gleason as we Await the Carlyle Factor It gon' be bad. LFR7 Game 42 Winter Classic Dangle. Convergeance and Jack Johnson Some terrifying stuff in here about GMs...

Flip-Flopping with Steve Simmons

Back and forth, to and fro, someone can't keep his opinions in a row.

[Weds LL] All I Want For Christmas...

Are some awesome links

[Monday's LL] Hockey Hegemony

Morning links for you to digest

[Friday's LL] Badvent Keeps on Rolling

Links to get you through to the weekend

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