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"I'm just shocked they tried to get Swaggy"- Nick Young


Nick Young's house was robbed during the Lakers game Sunday.


Unbelievable. This leads ESPN

This is slink to's ;eading article this morning: I know I shouldn't get worked up...


Fire Burns…. Now

I would honestly fire Keith Burns at halftime, he can pack up his stuff in the second half. His unit has been god-awful all season, but today's first half debacle is beyond an embarrassment. I...


Deal Porter?

There has been a lot of discussion of late on the site about dealing Ariza. Obviously Ariza is in a contract year, playing some of the best ball of his career, so the time is now to sell right....


My Favorite Redskin

My favorite player on the Washington Redskins is not the typical RG3 or Alfred Morris-like revered superhero in DC. In ten years watching the ‘Skins every game, the player I have grown most...


Future Power Rankings

anybody with insider see espn's future power rankings? I don't have it and I was just curious as to who they thought have the best and worst futures. Have to believe the Nats would be up there in...


Did Mike Rizzo screw up a potential dynasty?

Last season the Nationals won 98 games, the most in the major leagues. In the postseason, however, they fell in the first round to the Cardinals, losing a deciding game 5 at home in brutal fashion....


Ersan Ilyasova

There have been rumors circulating the last few days that the Wiz might trade the three pick for Ersan Ilyasova. Obviously this would be a horrible trade for us if all we get out of the 3rd overall...


What if Cleveland takes Porter

In discussing the draft, most people have assumed we will take Otto Porter- and for good reason. He is the third best player on the board and a perfect fit for us. Unfortunately, he is also a...


Trade the pick? At least consider it.

I know I am going to get skewered for this and I understand why to some degree, but in a weak draft like this the three pick is really more like a 5-7 in an average year. Ernie is not a great...


Why doesn't Ernie have a plan?

The key to rebuilding an NBA team is having a defined plan and sticking with it no matter how much criticism or abuse you take for it. Right now it seems that even though the Wizards are improving...


Ryan Anderson trade?

I know New Orleans really likes him and doesn't want to give him up, but Anderson is such a good fit. He would be perfect as a stretch 4 here n Washington. What if we overwhelmed them with our...


Where does John Wall fit into the point guard rankings?

Yesterday morning, an article on this site said John Wall had basically listed eight point guards in the NBA better than him. Those players were: Derrick Rose, Kyrie Irving, Ty Lawson, Russell...


Washington Wizards: Offseason Blueprint

The Wizards are 21 and 17 with John Wall this year, which is on pace for a playoff spot. there is no reason to believe they cannot make the playoffs next year, with the same core group of guys,...


2013 Draft: Trade Down?

As the Wizards continue their ascent up the ECF ranks, they inch farther and farther from a top 5 pick with every win. They are currently at tenth place in the conference and (lottery aside) headed...

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