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Being a Vikings fan is in my blood, in fact, it is a dominant genetic tendency in my family passed down from my mother and grandmother. I spend the whole summer counting down the days until training camp starts. Then I spend my evenings shouting at the sports guys on the news who persist in talking about baseball when all I want to hear about is football. I'm not patient.

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Arctic Blast


Join Vikings past and present at an event designed to take the chill out of winter and some of the boredom out of a long off season. It's the Vikings' 19th annual Arctic Blast Snowmobile Rally.

Center of Attention


MN Vikings center John Sullivan finds himself the center of attention, receiving an award Tuesday night in Minneapolis.

Alive and Kicking


A sequel to the story I wrote back in June about my baby niece, and the challenges she has faced in her first year of life.

A Matter of Perspective


As disappointing as it is that the MN Vikings are 0-3, there's a lot of football left in 2013. Tales of the season's demise could be, ever so slightly, overstated.

Predictably Unpredictable


The season of wild and crazy predictions passed off as fact is upon us. During a time when a bad game is a portent of doom we explore why one writer doesn't take statistically based predictions too...

Mastering Mankato, Training Camp Tips


Stats are great, but they don't help you get a cup of coffee or a good ice cream cone (with sprinkles) when you're visiting the Minnesota Vikings Training Camp. Courtesy of the DN Facebook readers,...

Healing and Play at U of M Amplatz


When is a playground more than just a playground? When it is the Sullivan Playground at the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital. One family shares their story.

Nuptials, Part Two


Christian Ponder and Samantha Steele say "I do" all over again.

Let's Go


The Minnesota Vikings prepare to take on their biggest divisional rival with the playoffs on the line. It's time for Vikings fans to give in to the optimism and drink the Kool-Aid that only an...

We've Got Your Winning AP Joke


The response was great and the competition was tough, but we have a winning joke for you from our Chuck Norris-inspired Adrian Peterson joke contest. And, since you were so great, we have another...

How tough is Adrian Peterson? Chuck Norris tough.


It's contest time at DN and we need you to flex your imagination for our latest contest challenge. This time we're looking to build the myth and legend of Adrian Peterson. Considering AP, that...

Contest time again with the Track 7 challenge.


Somehow, despite the predictions to the contrary, the Minnesota Vikings hold a 5-2 record at nearly the half-way point of the season. Seemed like there should be a track on the 2012 Season...

Winner of the Track 6 Challenge


Cheating and back-biting. Nope, not the Tour de France, it's the 2012 Season Soundtrack. Who knew the Track 6 challenge would prompt all that from the DN staff?

Too early for an MVP? Maybe not.


Just five weeks into the 2012 season, Percy Harvin can ignite the Vikings offense and create a scoring opportunity every time he touches the ball. All in a day's work for a player who has been...

Upset Victory Over the 49ers, Fluke or Future?


Was the Vikings' win over the 49ers on Sunday a freak happening or the sign of good things to come for the Vikings in 2012?

Fan-Connect Open-Thread: Vikings vs. 49ers


The Viking and the 49ers are facing off Sunday in Minneapolis. Enjoy the game whether you're attending, watching, or listening. This week's random discussion topic--game-day food for fall.

Multi-Track Challenge Results and Track 6 Challenge, Redemption Songs 2012


The Vikings lost to the Colts on Sunday and the Monday postmortem is over, time for something different--the 2012 Season Soundtrack: Redemption Songs. Find out what songs won on our multi-track...

One to Grow On


The same mistakes plague the Minnesota Vikings against the Indianapolis Colts. Hopefully they can learn from it before they face the San Francisco 49ers.

Confidence in the Comeback


The Minnesota Vikings' overtime win over the Jacksonville Jaguars might have been ugly, but it gave the youthful Vikings a boost of confidence as they found ways to fight past mistakes and come...

2012 Season Soundtrack: Redemption Songs--Multi-Track Contest


The MN Vikings kick off the regular season on Sunday at the Metrodome against the Jacksonville Jaguars, but before that happens we just have time for a 2012 Season Soundtrack song contest. Brace...

Fan-Connect Open-Thread: Vikings vs. Texans


The MN Vikings face off with the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium in a rematch of 2011's final preseason game between these teams. Chat about the impending roster cuts, Texas barbecue, "fan...

Fan-Connect Open-Thread: Vikings vs. Chargers


The San Diego Chargers are coming to town to square-off with the Minnesota Vikings at Mall of America Field. Connect here to share info with your fellow Vikings fans about the game, or just to...

Minnesota Momentum Stadium Supporter Appreciation in Mankato


The Minnesota Vikings take time during the 2012 Training Camp in Mankato to show appreciation to some of their most active stadium supporters. This event featured a stadium status update, a...

Fan-Connect Open-Thread: Vikings vs. Bills


The Minnesota Vikings are facing off with the Buffalo Bills for their second preseason game on Friday evening. Here are reasons to go to the game, info about watching or listening to it, and a...

San Francisco Game Fan-Connect Open-Thread


A new open-thread dedicated to helping Minnesota Vikings fans connect so they can share their game-day experience.

Very Belated Friday Training Camp Recap


A couple days late, here's my Friday afternoon report from the Minnesota Vikings training camp in Mankato, Minnesota.

Friday Morning, A Couple Highlights


A couple things from the Minnesota Vikings' Friday morning walk-thru.

Thursday Afternoon Misadventures, Friday Open Thread


Thursday afternoon at the Minnesota Vikings training camp in Mankato, Minnesota was just as hot and humid as the morning was, but there were interviews and a couple insights. Oh, and Tripping Icarus.

The Hot, Hot, Hot Thursday Morning Walk-Thru


Thursday morning walk-thru done. Not too exciting, but if it were it wouldn't be a walk-thru.

Thursday Open Thread: Something Different


The Thursday Training Camp open thread is up. Eric and Arif are out the door, SG is in. Sorry.

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