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Being a Vikings fan is in my blood, in fact, it is a dominant genetic tendency in my family passed down from my mother and grandmother. I spend the whole summer counting down the days until training camp starts. Then I spend my evenings shouting at the sports guys on the news who persist in talking about baseball when all I want to hear about is football. I'm not patient.

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Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 Track 11 Challenge Results


The 2011 regular season may be over, but for MN Vikings fans, the Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 goes on. The results are in for the Track 11 challenge, so sit back and enjoy some songs for drowning your...

"It's a Process," A Really Long Process


Rehashing yesterday's press conferences from Gov. Mark Dayton and Lester Bagley on the Minnesota Vikings' stadium situation.

The Peculiar Case of the Metrodome Site


The MN Vikings have a favorite proposed stadium site and it isn't the Metrodome, but that's the site that the Minneapolis mayor and city council support. Can it work with the Vikings' plans for fan...

Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 Track 10, Ode to a Record Breaker


The 2011 MN Vikings season is (thankfully) over, but the Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 isn't. We've just crowed the Track 10 winner, find out if you're going to be wearing the Burger King crown. And,...

Jim Kleinsasser Caption Contest Winner


Daily Norseman readers submitted their entertaining creations for the Jim Kleinsasser photo caption contest. Find out whose caption won.

The Jim Kleinsasser Infinite Playlist and Caption Contest


There were a lot of great songs submitted the Track 9 challenge of the Ultimate Misery Mix 2011--choosing a good song to describe the un-showy, but quietly remarkable career of Jim Kleinsasser....

Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 Multi-Track Challenge Results


The Daily Norseman fills in five tracks on the Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 in out first and, probably, last multi-track challenge. Did your song win you the honor of the Burger King crown?

Bulking Up the Ultimate Misery Mix 2011, A New Challenge


The Daily Norseman plays catch-up trying to fill out the Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 before the end of the season.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas


The Daily Norseman wishes its readers a very Merry Christmas.

Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 Track 4 Winner: Yes, Virginia, There is Music, It's Wins We Don't Have


The MN Vikings are on track for the worst record in franchise history, but the DN readers are on a different track--Track 4 of the Ultimate Misery Mix 2011. Find out who will be crowned with the...

A Caption Contest Winner and A Track 4 Challenge


MN Vikings fans continue to make their own fun with a caption contest winner and an Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 Track 4 challenge. With a season like 2011, Vikings fans need a little fun.

There's Something About Joe


Joe Webb rallied the MN Vikings on Sunday in Detroit and show-cased some impressive athletic ability. Now Vikings fans are wondering if the Vikings will find a way to use Webb in the remaining...

Fran Tarkenton Talks About Christian Ponder


This interesting tidbit was in St. Paul's Pioneer Press yesterday. Apparently, former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Fran Tarkenton likes what he sees from rookie quarterback Christian Ponder. In a season that hasn't given fans a lot of hope, hearing that Tarkenton thinks Ponder has what it takes to be a good NFL quarter back for years to come is a much-needed shot of hope that the franchise has a critical piece of the puzzle in place so it can build for the future. Vikings fans can use all the hope and cheer they can get this season. NOTE: Cobra312004 posted a FanShot about this yesterday. I'm late to the party.

Ultimate Misery Mix Track 3 Winner


MN Vikings fans know how to manufacture their own fun--they have to because the team sure isn't doing it. We crown the Track 3 challenge winner for Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 with our somewhat dented...

Narrowing Stadium Options in Minneapolis, Sort Of


Minneapolis announces that it has settled on Minneapolis as a site for a new MN Vikings stadium. But Minneapolis has pitched that location before, what makes them think the Vikings will like it any...

Hello & Goodbye: Track 2 Winner Announced, McNabb Bounced


Two incongruous things, a Track 2 winner for the Ultimate Misery Mix 2011, and a quick look at the MN Vikings break-up with Donovan McNabb.

Keeping Spirits Bright: Caption Contest Winners, Track 2 Topic


Things continue to look both bleak and annoying for MN Vikings fans, but don't fear--we have caption contest winners for you. Because, you know, that's almost as good as cheering for a winning team.

Another Wacky Mad Lib of a Loss


Formula for defeat, the Minnesota Vikings' losses are becoming interchangeable. Might as well have some fun with it.

Our First Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 Winner


Counting down to Thanksgiving, MN Vikings fans have some fun with music contest Ultimate Misery Mix 2011.

Keeping Hope and Humor Despite the Record


What can Minnesota Vikings fans hold onto during a 2-8 season?

Minnesota Media Law and the Scandal of the Map


Recent legal implications for media coverage of the Minnesota Vikings' stadium quest in Minnesota.

Lest We Forget, Governor Dayton Deserves Blame Too


Is Kurt Zellers the most disliked man in MN politics for his stand against a special session for a MN Vikings stadium? Not so fast, may I present Governor Mark Dayton.

Gotta Love a Good Rivalry


A peculiar and unexpected appreciation for the Minnesota Vikings longstanding rivalry with the Green Bay Packers.

The High Point of the Low Point? The Start of a New Era.


The MN Vikings' loss to the Chicago Bears on Sunday night prompted a changing of the guard. The Christian Ponder era with the Vikings will begin in earnest next Sunday against the Green Bay...

Ramsey County Residents Won't Vote on Stadium Sales Tax


Just as fears have been ramping up that the Minnesota Vikings were going to be L.A.-bound, the Vikings and their fans get some much-needed good news. Tuesday night the Ramsey County Charter Commission met to listen to public opinion regarding the proposed Vikings stadium in Arden Hills, then the panel rejected putting the proposed sales tax increase before voters on the 2012 ballot. This is good news to the Vikings and stadium supporters had voiced concern that putting the proposed sales tax increase to a voter referendum would delay the project and add significantly to its cost. But, lest the team and stadium advocates breathe too easily, the results of the Metropolitan Council's stadium site feasibility study commissioned by Governor Mark Dayton will be available Wednesday. *Note: After publishing this I saw that site member Premier Cherdenko also posted a FanShot about this. His FanShot links to a much more detailed article. Check it out.

Plagued by Penalties


Chronic penalty problems dog the 0-4 Minnesota Vikings.

Yet Another Community Meeting to Talk Stadium Stuff


According to our friend Cory Merrifield over at, tonight there is a meeting of the Ramsey County Charter Commission. The meeting is meant to gather public testimony about the proposed Minnesota Vikings stadium in Arden Hills. The Commission is trying to determine whether it should vote to put County contribution to the proposed stadium on the ballot via the benighted voter referendum. The anti-stadium folks will probably be there, it would be swell if some of the pro-stadium element in Ramsey County would show up too.

I Don't Like Mondays


The MN Vikings fall to the Detroit Lions and the 0-3 start is taking its toll on the fans as well as team.

Vikings Walked the Plank in Home Opener


Sharing the misery after the MN Vikings fall to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Vikings' home opener.

Feeling Superstitious about San Diego


Feeling superstitious after the Minnesota Vikings' loss to the San Diego Chargers.

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