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Being a Vikings fan is in my blood, in fact, it is a dominant genetic tendency in my family passed down from my mother and grandmother. I spend the whole summer counting down the days until training camp starts. Then I spend my evenings shouting at the sports guys on the news who persist in talking about baseball when all I want to hear about is football. I'm not patient.

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Perception vs. Reality in the Vikings Stadium Debate


Challenging the negative perceptions surrounding the Minnesota Vikings' bid for a new stadium.

Viking Fans Needed for Minnesota State Fair


Volunteer opportunity for MN Vikings fans at the MN State Fair.

Comeback Kids in Seattle


A little resilience can go a long way. Here's a quick look at who bounced back during the Minnesota Vikings' win over the Seattle Seahawks.

What's the Going Rate for a Running Back?


What does the Tennessee Titans' bid to make Chris Johnson the highest-paid running back in the NFL mean for the Minnesota Vikings and Adrian Peterson.

Awkward Glory: The Daily Norseman in Mankato


An exhaustive account of two DN writers feeling like they've hit the big time at the MN Vikings training camp in Mankato.

Catching Up with Erin Henderson


Talking with the linebacker about preparing for this season.

The Boys are Back in Town, And I'm Here to See It


Training camp Friday morning and the spooky realization that I'm press--it has been a busy day.

McNabb's Here, His Thoughts on Minnesota


After speculation and negotiation, Donovan McNabb is in Minnesota.

Free-Agency, Chaotic and Emotional


Monitoring NFL free-agency isn't for the faint of heart this season. Months of craziness crammed into a few days.

NFL Lockout Finally Lifted, Brace for the Chaos


Finally, football is back. Now, with a ridiculously short time for teams to sign rookies and free-agents before training camp, let the roster insanity begin.

Stadium Likely, Now Settle Down


It seems that every other day Minnesota Vikings fans have a new reason to wonder and doubt whether it is possible for the Vikings to get a new stadium built in Minnesota. For every hurdle the team clears there seems to be a new one just waiting for them. That sort of thing has a tendency to make me despondent, but, according to my favorite writer at the St. Paul Pioneer Press, we all need to settle down and take a deep breath. Tom Powers believes that the Vikings are very close to getting a new stadium and that getting huffy and obnoxious at each delay is not going to endear the team to Minnesota legislators. It's an interesting read because this is one of the first things I've read that suggests a Vikings stadium is highly likely. It makes for a nice change from the doom and gloom we usually hear.

Finally, an End In Sight: CBA Deal is Close


The NFL players and owners seem to be getting tantalizingly close to a new CBA. It gives a fan hope that we won't have to face a fall without football.

Ramsey County Resident Meeting--Stadium Proposal to be Discussed


Ramsey County residents can weigh in on the Arden Hills stadium proposal at a listening session with Rep. Kate Knuth (DFL-New Brighton).

Songbook: Breaking the Boredom, Well, Trying To


Trying to have some fun while waiting out the NFL lockout.

Vikings Stadium Could Help Minnesota's Sagging Construction Industry


Construction projects in MN have been a casualty of the current economic recession, but a 3-year construction project like a Vikings stadium could create much-needed jobs in a hard-hit industry.

MoneyGrabber: Looking at the Vikings' Value to Minnesota


The State of Minnesota is balking at the cost of a new Vikings stadium, but what would it cost Minnesota if the state lost the Vikings?

Plight of a Tailgating Rookie


The Vikings' stadium plans in Arden Hills call for lots of tailgating space. Looks like I'll need a crash course in the fine art of tailgating.

Extreme Vikings Fans Star in Documentary


University of Minnesota graduate student Elizabeth Giorgi will premiere her documentary "SKOL" 8pm this evening at the Heights Theatre in Colombia Heights, MN. This documentary delves into the lives of some very extreme Vikings fans.

Minnesota Politics, the Vikings Stadium Quest, and the Art of the Deal


Looking at the politics behind getting a Vikings stadium built.

Rally the Troops: Operation Paint it Purple


Time for Vikings fans to act.

Ramsey County and Vikings Unveil Stadium Proposal


Arden Hills, once considered a long-shot as a potential stadium site, is where the Vikings want to build their new home.

Twin Cities Tug-of-War in the Stadium Scramble


First the fight was whether the state of Minnesota would help the Vikings efforts to get a new stadium. Now the fight is about where it will be. Progress? Maybe, maybe not.

Ponder Me This...


The Vikings select Christain Ponder #12 overall. Vikings fans scratch their heads.

Let the Draft Celebrations Begin


Thursday night the speculation will end and the drafting will begin, creating a moment NFL players will remember for the rest of their lives.

Location, Location, Location: Where Can the Vikings Find a Home?


With three metro locations under consideration as possible stadium sites, the Vikings need to make a decision to breathe life into their stadium bill.

Viking Quest: Stadium Debacle 2011


With an expiring lease and an aging facility, the Vikings hope the stadium bill introduced to the Minnesota legislature will pass. However, the only agreement is that the bill sucks.

Law of Unintended Consequences


Interesting take on Adrian Peterson's "slavery" comment.

Lockout Could Jeopardize the Cash Players and Owners Are Fighting Over


Fighting over $9 billion in NFL revenues, owners and players stand to lose a lot more.

Vikings Stadium Proposal in Arden Hills


The season is long over, but action is heating up in the Minnesota political scene as the Minnesota Vikings organization discusses proposals for a new stadium in Minnesota. For those of you outside of Minnesota trying to keep up with the stadium debate, here's a link to an article that appeared today in the St. Paul Pioneer Press about the potential for a new Vikings stadium in Arden Hills, a suburb in Ramsey County. This is one of three sites that the Vikings are looking into and seems to be a positive sign that the Vikings will get a stadium deal done so the team will stay in Minnesota.

Let's Hear It For The Fans


If we've learned anything from the MN Vikings' disappointing 2010 season, it is that the Vikings' intrepid fans deserve some credit for standing by their team.

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