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User Blog

Mock Draft (because why not) P.S.: Johnny Manziel

I used the site first-pick for this draft. Now obviously these simulators are not even close to perfect, but I like it better then just picking players if you think they are there or not, this at...


Offseason Plan V1.0


Thank You

One of our members has some thanks for the community for helping him get on his future career path. Best of luck to him!


Happy B'day Shump

Today is June 26th, Iman Shumperts birthday. So, happy birthday to the player formerly known as Rook. If i knew how to post Gifs or some other fancy shit, I would post his put back dunk, but I...


Lets talk about how much we hate work. (Off topic, but Oh well)

Yeah, I went ahead and started a thread about everyones favorite pastime, complaining about work, because, why not? I need to vent, while I dont have work as in an actual job, I have school which...


Player I want and/or would accept in each round

These are the players by position that I would be atleast okay with us taking in that round. In order from, "I want the most", to, "I would be fine with". (Players are ranked in each position...


Not my carefully researched mock, but the next best thing.

I just found out about first and went to go try it out myself. I made two trades, trading down a couple picks for a mid round pick with both the packers, who dont deserve to be...


Carefully Researhed Mock

Ok, I actually put thought into this mock intstead of the usual mock where people just throw names out there. I also made it somewhat realistic as to where players would be drafted. However, with...


Gopher BBall Recruiting & Next Year in General

Hi, this is my first post here, although I have made acouple at both the Daily Norseman and Twinkie Town, which, for those of you who dont know, are the SB Nation sites for the Vikings and the...


Question about Vikings defensive scheme.

Like my title states, i have a question about the Vikings defensive scheme. What kind of defense do the vikings run and how does it relate to the cornerbacks. I know we run a Tampa 2 but thats...


Salary cap/Next move?

Now that the Greg Jennings signing has passed, what do you think should be the next move made by the vikings in free agency( if any)? Also, does anyone have a guess to how much money we have left...


Would you rather?- WR group

Ok, so which recieving group would you rather have? Pretty self explanatory: Tavon Austin-Greg Jennings-Connor Vernon- Vikings already signed WR's OR Keenan Allen/Justin Hunter( only one,...


Just a question

I was watching NFL32 and bill polians team needs for us included a RB..... WTF? All the rest of the needs were the usual though, so he isnt completley batshit crazy.Ugh.... I only have 31 words and...


Offseason Plan #1

As a followup to my 1st Mock Draft i decided to do a full offseason plan, with a whole new draft and the whole kit & kaboodle. Here are a couple of warnings before i start, 1st my spelling and...


1st Mock Draft

With everyone else doing a Mock Draft, i decided to try my hand at it too. I usually read fanposts and other stuff on this sight, but have never made one, so this will probably turn out like crap,...

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