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Jesse Crain To Close For Sox?

This is not necessarily a suggestion for the Red Sox, but rather a question. The White Sox are close to out of contention in one of the weaker divisions in baseball, and have some valuable pieces...


Who to Draft? Throwing Up Scenarios

I'm very excited for the draft coming up, but I want to pose to you with the 7th pick and faced with these four players, which pick the Red Sox should make. Jon Denney Clint Frazier Ryan Stanek ...


Brandon Webb Worth The Risk

I read today that the former cy-young award winner is throwing painlessly off the mound. He landed 3 million last year to take a chance in the Rangers rotation, could an incentive laden deal be...


What To Do in Right Field?

Watching J.D. Drew swing a bat last night in Camden Yards was painful. His lack of pitch recognition is becoming more evident. Although, he was once sought after for having a great eye those times...


Why The Cardinals NEED Ubaldo Jimenez

Colorado Rockies GM Dan O'Dowd has made his price for Ubaldo Jimenez clear saying he wants a Hershal Walker type offering. For those of you unaware of what that means,  the Vikings acquired Walker...


Should The Sox Extend Ellsbury.

A freak injury resulted in a lost 2010 season for Jacoby Ellsbury. To go along with the injury he left the team to rehab in Arizona which only ruined his image even more in the eyes of Red Sox...


Is Hideki Okajima a Mistake?

Okajima is getting 1.75 million from the Red Sox and that seems a little high. I see little promise in a man who suffered a major back injury last season and has had a depleting velocity every year...


Jed Lowrie's Surprise Tear Has Created an Interesting Perdicament

Before Jed Lowrie tore it up for the Sox at the end of last year, Jose Iglesias, was supposed to be the future Red Sox shortstop. With outstanding defense, and a quick bat I still believe he is a...


Anyone Else Frightened By Red Sox Catching Situation

I look at this Red Sox offense and I don't really see the need for an overly offensive catcher, The Sox need a catcher who's priority is defense.

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