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IND 54 pts (Dunleavy 25??) in 3rd Q v. DEN


Yikes. I'm glad our team plays a little defense...

Knicks in hot pursuit of 'Melo? [ESPN New York]


Hm, any guesses as to the identity of the mystery "player from a third team"? Iguodala, perchance...?


Preseason Game Thread #6: Warriors @ Phoenix: Are the Suns Setting?

Are the 2010 WC finalist Suns done? Is their horrible preseason showing (worst point differential in the NBA) for real? Is this the year Steve Nash and Grant Hill fall off a cliff? Is their playoff...


Preseason Game Thread #5: Portland Trailblazers @ Golden State Warriors: ¡Olé!

Warriors: 2–2 Blazers: 2–3 Tip-Off: 7:30 PM PST TV: None Radio: KNBR 680 Blog Buddy: Blazers Edge   This is it, amigos y amigas. Juego Numero Cinco. Our day of reckoning. The moment...

Noah 5/$60M


A little quick and dirty comparison for Warriors fans... Biedrins / Noah career per 36 12.1 / 11.4 pts .603 / .563 ts 12.2 / 11.5 reb 1.6 / 2.1 ast 1.9 / 1.8 blk 1.7 / 1.9 tov (24.1 / 24.8 minutes per game) It should also be noted that Biedrins' career numbers are depressed slightly by the fact that he came into the league at age 18, where Noah was 22 as a rook. Biedrins is also over a year younger, and (for people who care about such things) about 10-15 lbs bulkier. Noah's probably a better defender, but at what point can we dispense with the silly notion that Biedrins, at 4/$36M, is overpaid?

Don Nelson to Resign as Golden State Warriors Head Coach


Don Nelson to resign as head coach of the Golden State Warriors. Keith Smart will replace him.

2010-2011 Minnesota Timberwolves Preview: All You Need Is...? :: Around the Association


  A search through my ever-burgeoning iTunes library turns up over 2,500 songs with the word "love" in the song, artist or album title.   By contrast, a search through the roster of the 2010-11 M...

2010-2011 Philadelphia 76ers Preview: Spoiler Alert! :: Around the Association


(Click to enlarge). We interrupt your regularly scheduled Sixers 2010-11 preview for an open question: what’s the point? Not "what’s the point of religiously following the trials and...

Golden State, they'd really like to get [Monroe]. They're saying he had a bad workout because they...


Golden State, they'd really like to get [Monroe]. They're saying he had a bad workout because they really want him to be there at six.


3 of 4 Hoopsworld Experts Predict...


DeMarcus Cousins to Warriors at #6. "Final Consensus." Needless to say, I'm suitably dubious.

DX updated mock


Not the be-all, obviously, but somewhat more reality-based (i.e. based on actual interviews, combine results, workouts, etc.) than some of the other mocks floating around the internet. Nice to see Old Man Johnson still falling to us at 6... 1. Wall, WAS 2. Turner, PHI 3. Favors, NJN 4. Cousins, MIN 5. Monroe, SAC 6. Johnson, GSW 7. Aminu, DET 8. Udoh, LAC 9. Aldrich, UTA 10. Davis, IND 11. Patterson, NOH 12. Babbitt, MEM

Wesley Johnson seems like a nice young man


Pretty well-written puff piece, for those of us who can't get enough pre-draft buzz. I think I'd be pretty OK with sitting #5 and snagging this guy. Superathletic SFs with 7 foot wingspans who play tough D, crash the boards like beasts, and nail the 3 to the tune of a.600 TS% are not all that common. Plus, at age 22, he's NBA ready, so we'd be getting the most out of his 5 cheap years (unlike the Wright and Rudolph picks, e.g.) Plus, as the piece suggests, he seems like a nice young man. (Obviously, I'm still doing all the requisite Hail Marys for pick #1, in large part because it would hugely expand our range of trade possibilities).


2010 NBA Draft Lottery Odds Redux: Pies for Everyone!

Also see: TODAY'S 2010 NBA Draft Lottery = 2010 NBA Playoffs for Golden State Warriors ======================= Still two weeks before the draft lottery, aka "Our Playoffs" — May 18, mark your...

Bullets Forever Kisses Cousins


Article includes links to earlier breakdowns on Wall, Turner, Favors and Wes Johnson. Probably no more insightful than the stuff you get on Draftexpress, etc., but highly entertaining reads nonetheless. Author seems to err a bit on the side of praise, but that's what makes him entertaining. The fact that we're highly likely to get one of these five dudes is pretty freaking exciting...

Off with Jackson's head ... and Nellie's too?


Little YahooSports blurb suggests they both might not be long for the Warriors. I appreciate a lot of what Nellie has done for this team, just as I appreciate a lot of what Jackson has done. Yet somehow this feels like an idea whose time has come. Heck, while Cohan's at it: off with Robert Rowell's head, too. (I'd say off with his own head, but that's overly wishful thinking). Let's see what Riley and Keith Smart can do with the reins to the team, and let's see Monta, Biedrins, and Turiaf step into the roles of team leaders.


Monta Ellis- Back in the Saddle :: 2009-2010 Golden State Warriors Player Recap and Previews

Previewing the upcoming NBA season for Golden State Warriors guard Monta Ellis



Power Forward [As] the name suggests, these players usually excel at the more physical elements of the game: rebounding and defense. They are normally among the physically strongest players on a...



  via membres.lycos.fr Hmmm .... does no one post diaries on this site anymore? What, are people worried that if they post a diary about basketball, some semi-literate freakshow will hijack it...


Happy 20th Birthday Anthony Randolph (a Hagiography)

  So, like ... have you guys heard about this Anthony Randolph kid? ;-) In honor of his 20th birthday (yup, a teenager no longer -- in another year he can legally drink) I thought it might be...


Amare & Sharing

Adam Lauridsen's great piece on the rather disturbing parallels between Amar'e and Maggette got me thinking about sharing. via noimpactman.typepad.com Specifically: has there ever been a great...

Yao to miss entire season ... or rest of career?


Man, horrible news if true. Godspeed, Yao.

Andrew Bynum hurt, possibly seriously


Wow. Could knock LAL off the list of serious contenders -- which right now is basically BOS, CLE, ORL, LAL. I have no love for the Lakers, obviously, but it's hard not to be a bit bummed about a potentially career-threatening injury to a player so young and full of promise. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery (and, down the road, a trade to the Warriors...?)


The GSoM Political Thread, Part II

OK, the now legendary "Marbury diary" was getting impossible to navigate. 505 posts: that has to be a record for this site. Feel free to use this thread to discuss anything sociopolitical. The...

RIP Gene Upshaw


This came as a total shock to me — I didn't even know he was sick. I guess I've been away from the Bay for too long. Age 63 may seem old to a lot of the kids on here, but it's way too soon. I remember rooting for him as a kid during his mid-late-'70s Raiders heyday. He always seemed like a very cool, charismatic dude, and a born leader. No surprise he became head of the players' union. Anyway, thoughts, prayers, condolences to the family, etc.

Alien Sam Cassell Game


Not sure if this quite as exciting as NBA 2K8 or whatnot, but there are less amusing ways to pass the work day...

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