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Bat Missers and Worm Killers


An article from SI about changeups.


Friday Morning Music Thread

A thread about music! My question for you: an album or song that it took you way too long to finally begin listening to. For instance maybe you had multiple friends suggest it to you and you just...

SI Compares Edgar and Big Papi


Guess who comes out as the best DH of all time?



Baseball has a magic number apparently. What do y'all think?

Vargas and Milone


Own the leagues best changeups. Worth it for the .gifs alone. Source is fangraphs, written by Carson Cistulli.

Fun With WAR


Really approachable article by Joe Posnanski that does a good job of explaining the basics of Wins Above Replacement. Also, a nice shout out to Adrian Beltre and the Mariners are better than people think... at least by some standards.


Thursday Morning(?) Book Thread

Over the last couple of years I have been a regular reader of most of the material that Lookout Landing has produced including one of my favorite segments, the friday morning music thread....

Another thing about Felix's Perfecto (this time from fangraphs)


It highlights Hernandez and Jaso's gameplan and how it evolved as the game wore on. Pretty good stuff.

You think we have problems at LT?


At least we aren't the Bears, amirite?

Maybe you have seen this


I just found this on Fangraphs about Dustin Ackley, I thought it was pretty funny.

Stress and Anxiety in Baseball


Fangraphs article that nicely frames the ongoing argument about how advanced statistics can depersonalize the sport. Short and I found it compelling.

Erik Bedard makes pivotal start for Sox


Eirk Bedard starts tonight for the Red Sox against the Orioles. How he performs will largely determine whether or not Boston or Tampa make the playoffs as a wild-card. I don't know about you all but I am torn between rooting for one of my favorite players and glee at seeing the Red Sox implode the way they have.

Andy Niehaus catches Ackely foulball


This was mentioned in the gamethread but I thought it worth repeating. Andy Niehaus, son of the beloved late Dave Niehaus catches a foul ball off the bat of Dustin Ackley on fathers day.

Michael Pineda in SI.com


SI's Todd Dybas describes Michael Pineda's Rookie year thus far and fangraphs.com makes an appearance!

How Much Impact do Managers really have?


Cliff Corcoran of SI writes about how much a manager can really impact a team. Jeff wrote something similar to this recently and I thought it was pretty relevant to our current situation.

Bad Baseball and the Long Season


JoePa article about sample sizes large and small. He also talks about Yuni, Pedro Feliz, and Matt Wieters

SI's luckiest and unluckiest pitchers of 2010


Using things like HR/FB rate, LOB%, and BABIP SI's Joe Sheehan shows the most and least lucky pitchers in baseball. Ubaldo Jiminez has been the most lucky and James Shields has been the least.

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