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Many people… think of success and excellence as though they are the same. They are not.

Success is perishable and often outside our control. In contrast, excellence is something that’s lasting, dependable and largely within a person’s control…

People who truly excel don’t fear or resent excellence in others. People who shoot only for success, however, always feel threatened by other people’s success.

Success is measured by what others think... Excellence is best measured by the achiever.


User Blog

O'Bannon case decided -- NCAA loses


This link is FoxSports take on the decision.

Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Buy A House


Scroll down to "Patton Township" to find: Chad D. Horne and Barbara J. Horne to James G. Franklin and Funmilayo J. Franklin, 157 Manhasset Court, $1. If these links don't embed just copy and paste them... For a google map:,+Port+Matilda,+PA+16870/@40.8264158,-77.9269676,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x89cea78ab28a7a0d:0x134872c4f1cc299c?hl=en Nice neighborhood but not palatial. Zillow says it sold for $1.475 mil.:


BSD - The Demographic Poll

Because it's the off-season for PSU-related athletics, I pondered the demographics of this staid and glorious website. Specifically, gender, age, and household income. Unfortunately the Overlord...


Are Lice Bad For Business?

Executive Summary: Using "Nits" may be a bad financial decision for BSD editors and writers. The Rest Of The Story... The democratic beauty of the internet is that the only costs to access it are...


We Are… The Lice-Free Poll

Now that the Kickstarter is funded and we have assured gainful employment through the early summer for the editors and minions (Congratulations – there was never any doubt!!), the time is right...

Emmert Agrees To Do Twitter Chat; Bad Decision #3,679


The Imperial Slimeball apparently agreed to do a twitter chat as part of an appearance on the WWL - #AskEmmert. If you just want to go directly to the twitter feed:


A Minor Shortcoming: THE POLL

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary offers the following definition for the word "nit." 1 : the egg of a louse or other parasitic insect; also : the insect itself when young 2 : a minor...

Coaches Caravan Stops Are Announced


The link above is the Alumni Association website. The Athletic Department press release is here:

National Wrestling Hall of Fame to induct another Penn Stater


The National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum announced its 2014 class that will be inducted into the Hall of Fame on June 20-21, 2014 in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The Class includes Penn Stater and two-time NCAA Champ Kerry McCoy (yes, he's now Maryland's Head Coach, but at least we'll start seeing more of him next year when they join the B1G). Congrats big guy!

Joe Battista leaving Penn State Athletic Department


After almost three decades with PSU, Joe is taking his retirement and starting on a new venture. Any thoughts on whether he ends up back as AD in the future?!...

Matt McGloin Interview with Mike Poorman


Part 1 of a 2-part series. More Moxie is a good thing.

"And the survey says..." players opinions from B1G Media Days


Admittedly a small sample size, but "Toughest Stadium" and "Favorite Uniform" got Penn State twice as many votes as the next closest choice.

And heeeeeeeere's your softball coach.


Head coach at Jacksonville University, UT-San Antonio, and now dear ol' State.

Penn State vs. UCF in Ireland now official!


Croke Park in central Dublin is the venue, the 2014 "Croke Park Classic," is the title, and Saturday, August 30, 2014 is the date.

300 Lettermen support suit against NCAA


Names are listed at the bottom - alphabetically by decade.

Men's Hockey Adds an NHL draft pick


All good things happening as hockey gets prepped for opening in the Peg!

Mr. Awesome talks more wrestling


Cael talks about PSU trying to set the NCAA attendance record (full BJC), National Duals are back out (No Iowa or Okie State), and Taylor is getting better (ouch).

The 2013-14 B1G Hockey Schedule is out!


20 league games for everybody -- 10 at home and 10 away. PSU's schedule is back-loaded with home games.

Billy B goes to the mat for wrestling


The PSU connection is the Chris Bevilacqua mentioned in the article. That's two-time All-American and NWHOF Outstanding American Award-winner Chris Bevilacqua. See: HERE


The UnOfficial Spring/Summer BSD Scotch List

As a companion to Dan’s BSD Beer List, I am offering a FanPost for those who drink that more sublime of malted beverages – Scotch. Consumed neat or on the rocks (please let’s not involve mixing...

Katie Couric to Interview Sue Paterno. Is the Tide Turning?


According to the reports..."Couric reportedly met with Paterno recently at her home on McKee Street. Paterno is also scheduled to appear in Couric's New York studio on Feb. 11, when the interview is scheduled to air."

Alton Brothers Cited -- Lock Haven gets revenge...


"Penn State wrestlers Andrew and Dylan Alton were issued multiple citations following an altercation in Lock Haven early Friday morning, Lock Haven City Police said in a release." -reads the CDT...

Maxwell Club honors Penn State Seniors


The 31 seniors will receive the Thomas Brookshier Spirit Award after the Nittany Lions finished 8-4 following IT. Ron Jaworski says nice things.

Tim Curley only has a job thru next June.


According to everyone's favorite printed rag, Tim's out after next June. Thank gosh nobody reads the Fanshots.

Mongo just pawn in game of life


Our thoughts go out to our Iowa brethren. Maybe they'll do something at the game next week.

Nittany Lion Club -- New and exciting ways to give...


Just received an email from the NLC with this new way to pile up more NLC points. Coupled with the new STEP seating prices HERE (dropping the $800 per-seat section for one) shows the NLC is enjoying this brave new world.

Trustee Joel Myers says Up Yours Emmert


Somebody sounds like they are getting a voice. Election tactic for next spring or real passion - you decide.

The BoT will watch football practice this coming Friday afternoon...


The fifth paragraph in. Perhaps they should just sh-tcan the consultants they have for their "team-building" and "governance" meetings and let BOB give them a nice lecture.

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