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Joe Posnanski Responds to Bruce Jenkins's Dreck


Favorite quote: "More than anything, though, I have to ask: How could Bruce really think that one of the biggest cliches of our time -- the blogger in the mother's basement cliche -- was invented by Chipper Jones? This is like suggesting that the knock-knock joke was originated by Dermonti Dawson."

Jason Tarver Rumored to be Stanford's Top Choice for DC


Longtime Niners assistant coach, Jason Tarver, is being touted by several sources as the top potential replacement for Vic Fangio at Stanford. And before you ask, "Who?" consider: Tarver has been a Niners assistant for 10 years. That means two things: 1) Lots of NFL experience, a definite plus, and 2) He managed to survive LOTS of turnover in Santa Clara. That's right, Tarver survived and stuck around (and was even promoted at times) when Steve Mariucci became Dennis Erickson who became Mike Nolan who became Mike Singletary. Three head coaching changes during his run with SF and Tarver survived them all. So either he has some incriminating photos of the Yorks, or he's probably a pretty impressive interview. Given his experiences with the Niners, it's likely he'd continue to run a 3-4 style defense on the Farm...

Joe Posnanski's "Willie Mays Hall of Fame"


Joe has a very fun take on how to cut all the riff raff out of the Hall.

Look out, Agent Ned!


They're on to you! "GM Ned Colletti has repeatedly told us his hands are not tied because of the McCourt mess. This makes Colletti a liar. Or, the worst judge of talent in baseball history. Or, a former Giants executive still doing what he can to help the Bay Area team by mucking up the Dodgers." (emphasis mine)

Pablo celebrating... with a mountain of brownies and ice cream


This is a good sign for the future... /sigh. Count me in with the folks who think Pablo's swing and approach were his biggest problems this year, not his weight. That said, the weight certainly isn't helping, and pictures like this are only going to lead to more fans griping about it. No one's going to include the qualifier that "he was with his family" and, presumably, didn't tackle that beast all by himself.

Joe Posnanski on Jeremy Affeldt and the Giants NL Championship


More great stuff from Posnanski. Indeed, if there's one thing these Giants do really well, it's win battles of attrition.

An Early Look at Madden 11 Player Rankings


Willis, Vernon, Frank, Aubrayo Franklin, and Andy Lee get some love as being among the top players at their positions. Justin Smith gets snubbed.


Outside the box draft thought...

So by now, we've all heard most of the names who are widely considered to be possibilities to go to the Giants at No. 6 in the draft.  Some of us are still holding out for a miracle (Dustin...

Khalil Greene to St. Louis


Who's the new most despised single player in the division? I feel like Greene took that baton from Gagne... Manny wasn't really around long enough, but I'm sure he was well on his way. My vote goes to Andre Ethier-- I hate how much he kills Cain. Also, just a gut feeling, but I'm betting Peavy is still on his way out too, contrary to the link's speculation.

Jayson Stark backs Lincecum for NL Cy Young


It's about freaking time somebody over at espn brought this up.


OT: Manny on the outs in Boston

I just noticed in Buster Olney's blog that there's apparently been yet another incident of "Manny being Manny" with the Red Sox, and if Boston sports columnists are to be believed, he could be gone...

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