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D.J. Newbill had a fun summer.


Nice article detailing Newbill's summer camp experiences. My summer camp experiences were a lot of mosquito bites and gimp bracelets. Newbill's included hanging out with Lebron James and Kevin Durant. Advantage Newbill.


Ohio State's band sucks too.

I saw this today. Evidently, Ohio State fired its band director, Jonathan Waters, because he fostered, or at least did nothing to prevent, a culture of sexual harassment and intimidation. Given...

Another interesting angle on Franklin's recruiting prowess


For the folks who value a recruit's offers more than their number of stars this is another way to confirm to quality of the current Penn State class that coach Franklin is putting together.

Franklin likely to get his new paint and carpets


Coach Franklin has been grousing a little to the media that Lasch building needed a little cosmetic work to get the "branding" where he wanted it. I am not sure how far 1.5 million goes in that regard but it sounds like a good start.


I'm confused, is the State of Pennsylvania going to sue Penn State too?

The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court ruled 6-1 in favor of State Senator Jake Corman in his battle with the NCAA over keeping the 60 million dollar fine in PA. But as is detailed here and here the...


Whatever Franklin is selling...

Whatever Franklin is selling, these kids are buying. I think we are all stunned at the pace with which Franklin and his staff have accelerated and energized recruiting at Penn State. Starting...

Former attorney general's take on Cynthia Baldwin


Just another opinion on one of the multitude of incredible acts of incompetence by all parties involved that led us to where we are now.

New university president hired


Seems to be a reasonable pick. Appears to have done a reasonable job running Florida State and has deep roots at Penn State.

Interesting football scheduling concept


I like this idea. Mostly because it would add an element of interest and excitement to the beginning of every football season. My only complaint is how he determines home teams. I think you would have to organize that a little better or a team could get stuck going on the road for their lottery game for many years in a row.

Penn State student section ranking


Well, if Bleacher Report feels this way it must be indisputable.


Prospects for reduction in sanctions update

Back in March of this year I penned this post documenting the shift in the media portrayal of the Sandusky scandal and how that could lead to pressure on the NCAA to reduce the sanctions imposed on...

I dare you to try and read this and not think about the Sandusky scandal.


This is an interesting article on the disconnect between how the public, manipulated by the media, thinks our judicial system should work and how it, thankfully, actually works. I couldn't help but think about the Penn State officials currently on trial while reading it. Luckily for them they will get their day in court rather than being tried exclusively in the court of public opinion. Unluckily, Penn State as an institution is beholden to the pseudo-court/dictatorship of the NCAA which is not regulated by any of the protections of our criminal or civil courts and can apparently do whatever the hell it wants with little or no justification and absolutely no due process.

State College: wicked smart


According to this study, State College is the second smartest city in the country. Their methods are highly questionable, but hell, I live here, so I'll just take the compliment and not ask too many questions. You will also notice a heavy dose of Big Ten towns in the top ten and Pennsylvania is well represented throughout the list.


Ahhh, and there it is, the classic blunder.

Mark Emmert is currently blowing up all over the internet. From this vicious piece in USA today, the OTL segment on ESPN, and various other media outlets blasting his press conference today. But...

The BOT opens up (a little)


Our trusty local paper got to sit down and chat with some of the current BOT members. Of particular interest is this quote from board member Silvis in regards to the possibility of a reduction in the sanctions: "We have enough people that know people that hopefully that can happen someday." Vague yes, but hopeful...


BJC: Basketball Cathedral or Basketball Tomb?

As the gleaming edifice of the sparkling new Pegula Ice Arena gets its final touches just a stone's throw from the Bryce Jordan Center, I can't help but think that the basketball team must be just...


Prospects for early reduction in sanctions

I think that more and more signs are pointing to the sanctions being reduced for PSU. There certainly seems to be a change in the media narrative. It has become especially apparent over at ESPN. I...

Local State Sen. has some choice words for NCAA


Sen. Jake Corman calls the NCAA "delusional" and suggests Emmert's ousting in a statement responding to the NCAA suit regarding disbursement of the 60 million dollar penalty. It may all be pandering to his base but I think we can all use a good pandering every once in a while.

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