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Predicting 2012 Total Wins, Runs Scored, Runs Allowed, Two More

Hey All, I attended spring training this year for the first time, which was a blast. I discovered that my group of friends who go each year apparently set a wager on certain questions concerning...

Interesting BP Article About GMs


Idea is, GMs are getting smarter, across the board, and that front office analysis that used to be innovative has now gotten standard. Not sure what this has to say about Sabey Sabes, who has been on the job fourteen years and has never seemed like much of an innovator, but who did win it all recently ...


Taking It Easy On The Goal Of Repeating

The 2011 Giants remind me of a hypothetical guy whose father was a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, and so the guy keeps trying to be a big-shot, keeping trying to make a big splash and...

Zito Injured (For Real This Time)


I did not predict that I would miss the days of 190 IP of 4.50 ERA/~40% return-on-investment


A Visit To Cooperstown (And Some HoF Choices)

[shanghaijim posted his meditation on the meaning of Cooperstown a couple days ago that got people talking.  I wrote the post below a couple weeks ago but have been sitting on it as a draft, and...

Kurkjian October Innings Article


This article contains interviews with Rangers folks, none with any Giants. I am curious what well-informed McCovens have to say about the total number of innings our guys pitches last season.

Fanhouse Article About NL West


Kinda dumb, kinda interesting article about NL West. I disagree with the basic premise that a team couldn't win the NL West, just like any other division, with average/sub-par pitching and a monster lineup The stats about ERA+ leaders are interesting to me, as is the statement, "The NL West led the majors in average attendance last year." Did not know that.


One By One, They Fall

Now the truth can finally be told.  If you've seen the movie "Munich", then you have an idea of how it's gone down.  It all started last year, during the 2009 season ...We let Hunter Pence hit some...


Farmville (Giants Farm Products All-Stars)

A game I used to see on McC (and, before that, the Giants Usenet group) was to construct a roster based on only dudes that came out of  the Giants' farm system.  The lineups a few years ago used of...


OT : Cricket In India

I have been traveling in India for the past three months. People here are crazy about cricket yes cricket. In fact, I would not be surprised if India has more cricket fans than there are baseball...


Turning Point

Hey Friends,I am travelling in India right now, so have not been reading game threads or watching games.  But, from a distance, it sure looks like something changed in the team after Rowand went...

Attention Number Crunchers


I want to share with you a spreadsheet I have maintained for a few years now. It contains game logs for Giants starting pitchers, 1996-2009. I trust it is pretty self-explanatory, but let me know if you have questions (although I will be in Buddhist monasteries in Thailand, off of the web, for most of the next three weeks).

That's A Lot Of Money


"Jamie McCourt's filing states she is seeking reinstatement as well as access to perks including travel by private jet, stays at five-star resorts and use of the Dodgers owners' suite. She wants $321,000 a month in spousal support if reinstated to her former position. If not, she believes she should be paid nearly $488,000 per month." I for one hope that the li'l fifty-five-year-old bundle of hormones gets her pot of gold, so that the bums have less money to spend on payroll ...


Bowker Walks To The Bench

Last week I went to Fenway for the first time, for a cousin's bachelor party. I now see what y'all mean about Sox fans (although the Sox do remain my third favorite team, after the Giants and A's,...

Don't Look Now, But ...


Francisco Liriano spent most of 2008 on a rehab assignment at Rochester AAA (where he mowed 'em down). However, in seven starts since being recalled to The Show last month, he has been: 5-0 1.44 ERA .191 BAA 1.01 WHIP 7.83 K/9 And he's still only 24 yo. :(

Jeff Kent - Career over?


Mister Ponstache O'Truckwasher seems to have badly ripped the cartilage in his left knee. He was already apparently planning for this to be his last season anyway. The timing though of course doesn't help the Bums already sinking playoff chances ...


Rajai Davis to Athletics

Rajai for Dan Johnson two weeks ago? Made too much sense. Sabean's not nearly the genius his trade a couple years back with the Twins and his failure to develop any hitting talent to would have...


Mets Close to Signing Yorvit

NYN close to signing Yorvit Torreabla. The plan is to pair him up with Ramon Castro, to replace the previously unreplacable Paul "Heart, Soul, and Godamned Guts of a Hero" Lo Duca. I take a...


First Base

[This is my first Diary post, so please forgive if I don't post it totally right]El Senor Sabean has always seemed to me to be muy bueno at certain things : scouting and drafting pitchers, finding...

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