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User Blog

NU Players Allowed to Form Union


The only problem is that four of the players fell to the floor with injury as they attempted to file the paperwork

Commemorate The Play


My wife found this and I figured others would be interested in it. An interesting and understated way to celebrate the most amazing, sensational, traumatic, heart rending, exciting, thrilling finishes in the history of college football!

Janet Napolitano to replace Mark Yubarf as UC President


Well ... anyone would be a step up from Yudof, but this is interesting. Perhaps a nice counterpoint to the furd and Rice

Cal Rugby 7s - Live Stream


Cal up on UVa 24-0 already ... game will probably be done by the time anyone clicks on this

Trying to save my dog - help me spread the word


I apologize in advance if this is inappropriate for this site, and I will take it down if asked, but I'm hoping to spread the word about my dog. She was very recently diagnosed with meningioma, which is lethal, but very treatable. Unfortunately, it's also very expensive. The vets are confident that with treatment Anabelle will be able to live out the rest of her natural life (about 5 years), but without they give her only a few months. I'm hoping that some of you can help me spread the word about this, and help me raise the money needed to get her the necessary medical care. I've started a page at Go Fund Me in the hopes that I can manage to defray some of the cost. The link is: Thanks in advance for all of your help on this. I really do appreciate it.

Shaka Smart to stay with VCU. Heads explode at bn


I know it's beneath me, but I simply cannot help but Pringle at their comments.

Disconcerting thought of the day


I first saw this idea floated on Conquest Chronicles after news of the trojies losing their OC, Polomalu. Now I see it on Yahoo sports. If so, it would really give me some agita.

DirecTV subscibers screwed in P12 Network deal


I won't go into too much here, because my disgust with how Larry Scott and his fellows at the conference handled this is pretty significant. Suffice to say, DirecTV subscribers get shafted, and in typical PR finger-pointing , the P12 blames the provider. What is lost here is how haphazard and high-handed the conference has been in this. And how silly it is for them to not have a streaming subscription option for fans who are willing to pay a bit if their provider doesn't carry the network. Nobody looks good in this, and fans are the ones left to twist in the wind. Larry Scott deserves a lot of props, but in this case he's involved in an epic FAIL.

Demariay Drew, S from Livermore Commits


Chalk another commit to the Bears. The best part of it is the the puppies and Esteban Sarkiziano wanted him. /toshfail Welcome to Cal, Demariay!

Matt Cochran, C Commits


Another one falls. Three star recruit as reported by Scout. #Dominoes, motherf***er Welcome to Cal, Matt!

Steven Moore, OT from Elk Grove Commits!


Scout has him as a three star guy. Welcome to Cal, Steven!


Academics vs Athletics

What makes UC Berkeley special, sports or academics?

Cal Fans going all furd for the Big Game?


According to this report, the Cal Athletic Dept had to return about 2,000 of the 15.000 tickets allotted for Cal because they couldn't sell them. Could this be the year that there are actually more furds in their stadium than Cal fans? Shudder.

I've got an odd request, but since there are so many ex-Band guys on this blog I figured this is...


I've got an odd request, but since there are so many ex-Band guys on this blog I figured this is the place, I'm taking up the ukulele, and I'd really like to learn Big C and Fight for California. I know it's possible (see vid), but can't find anything on the web to help me get started. The easiset thing would be a chord sheet, but tabs would work just as well. I'm not very adept at reading music, but if that is all that's out there, I suppose that would have to do. So, here is my plea to all you generous ex-Cal Band CGBers out there: help! Please point me to a chord/tab chart or send me one of your own making. Mahalo and all that.



I guess it's time for you to celebrate



A source very close to the NCAA has confirmed that USC will have their recruiting sanctions removed, essentially saying the bowl ban is sufficient. 

More USNWR rankings - Grad School


Yet more USNWR rankings are out - this time for graduate programs. Way too much stuff to list here, but the take home message is there is clearly only one public university consistently in the top-10 (almost always top-5), and it is in Berkeley. Of the Pac-12, furd is well represented (as you'd expect), Ucla is a consistent lower-half finisher, Colorado performs very well, and USC shows up a bit more often than expected. Again, this is a USNWR list, so these results could be skewed by some pretty irrelevant criteria, but it just goes to show that although some folks like to crow about their standards and excellence, their talk is a lot of hot air. Go Bears!

Boalt ranked in the Top-10 for Law Schools by recruiters


Disclaimer: This is reported by USNWR, so who knows what criteria were used, but according to the report, this is a list based on recruiters for law firms, so it may have some substance. The good news: Boalt comes in at #8, tied with Cornell, Dook, Northwestern, and Chicago. The bad news? Furd is 2nd, tied with Yale. The gloating news? Ucla is way down at 18th, tied with SC No other Pac-12 universities made the list.

Furd athletes given list of "Easy A" classes


I'm shocked! Furd "student" athletes were given a list of skater classes like Beginning Improvising (Drama dept) and Social Dances of North America in order to help maintain their already guaranteed GPA. Wait, I'm not shocked at all, actually. More surprised they felt the needed to resort to something like a list. Just showing up to classes there earns you a B, right?

Cal Junior Day impresses top prospects


Some really good stuff here coming out of the mouths of some players. Including this quote from SC WR commit Jordan Payton: "you can tell Cal is really building something special. This was the first time I ever visited Cal but I felt like I fit in really well. I talked a lot with Zach Kline and he's a real cool kid. Me and Bryce [Treggs] are real tight and play on the same seven-on-seven team and I think Zach is going to be playing with us this year so it was cool to connect with him a little more. "I loved the coaching staff, the campus the city, all of it [...]Coach [Erik] Kiesau is the man and we're real close [...] I'm still committed to USC, of course, but I'm definitely going to give Cal a look as well."

The Prophet gets good press from the combine


A Rams beat reporter looks over possible LB picks for the Rams and has nice things to say about Mohamed. The thing that struck me, however, was when going over Mohamed's strengths and body-type, he commented how he seemed more like a safety noting in particular his smoothness at being able to change direction and his impact as a coverage guy. It made me wonder whether teams may be interested in him as a possible convert to safety.

"It's like reassembling the band"


Uncle Ted's take on Cal's LOI-day enthusiasm. I know it's been covered before, but the quote that stands out is this one from Coach Tedford: "I'm going to be more involved with the quarterbacks this year." It might be wise to buy stock in checkerboard manufacturers.

Conte and the Prophet in post-season play


It's nice to see that these two are getting some much-deserved recognition. Particularly Conte who's career at Cal didn't live up to expectations (at least until this last year). Hopefully the NFL scouts will like what they see. Go Bears!

Luck to return to the farm


Seems as if Luck is having too much fun at the Furd. I wonder if his deep, brown, dreamy eyes will keep Harblow there, too?

Uncle Ted's Pac-10 Chat


"Will (Alameda): Hey Ted - which PAC-10 fanbase do you find the most entertaining and why? You seem to delight in the CGB's witty (and long) analysis on Cal related matters. Ted Miller (3:26 PM): I love all fan bases. The California Golden Blogs is just a well-done, intelligent and amusing effort. Other "fan" sights aren't like that. Most are completely humorless." Gee ... now who on earth could he be referring to???

From Pac-10 Day @ ESPN ... Question: "... who has the best uniforms in the conference?" Ted Miller...


From Pac-10 Day @ ESPN ... Question: "... who has the best uniforms in the conference?" Ted Miller (3:36 PM): ". I like Cal's uniforms... the blue and yellow combo is sharp."

Waaaaay OT


Okay, I know this has absolutely nothing to do with our Golden Bears or college sports, but I saw this and it tickled my funny bone: What Would Nixon Do? What can I say. I'm easily amused. And bit of a Nixon fetishist, too.



Not sure if this has been posted here yet, or even if this is even topical any more (or, for that matter, if it is a major faux pas for me to be putting this up seeing as how I am an outsider and...

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