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Fulltime college student/server. Ever come into Southern California go ahead and give me a shout. I work at BJs Restaraunt and Brewhouse- a great place to go watch the game on sunday. I love my Kansas City Chiefs, even if I'm out in Chargerville. I try to make it out to SD every year to see the Chiefs take them on, and hopefully next season I'll be lucky enough to head out to Arrowhead. All for now.

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I've come to the conclusion that if I'm in attendance for the Chiefs @ Chargers game, it's bad luck

 Unlike many of you guys, I don't get to see our beloved Chiefs play in Arrowhead. Instead I'm forced to go to one game a year in Southern California against the Chargers. I'm only twenty years...

Schedule coming tuesday??

I'm stoked. I need KC/SD to be after November 14th. Tired of being the only one in my group of friends unable to have a beer in the parking lot. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say we get 2 primetime games this season. Maybe againt the Lions on Thanksgiving??


2011 Home Opponents

I remember reading that a few of our home opponents were teams that should be away and vice versa, specifically the Packers. We played the Pack in KC last time, anyone know why we're hosting them...

Chiefs in prime position for trade

Slides happen every year in the NFL and were pretty much in a decent spot to go either up or down. Recent history can definitely suggest this.


Hey guys I'm finally making a trip out to KC!

I'm actually flying to Nebraska and then making the drive down with my cousin on the way back to California. She looked into it and there's a tour at Arrowhead at like 10 AM on Saturday May 7th....

Shaun Rogers, Browns NT, released

Definitely a good size for a NT standing at 6'4", 350. He's turning 32, and has had some injury problems, so I don't think he'd hold up as a full time starter, though he could be thrown nicely into our rotation.


Jeff fisher out as Titans HC

Wow, suprising to say the least. Just a while ago we had heard that Bud Adams was going with Fisher, not VY. Change of heart....


The five turnovers didn't really kill us

I mean, yeah, the two fumbles from JC25 and RunDMC22 were both costly, as were one of Cassels picks. But the other pick was recovered off of a fumble, and the last was when the game was completely...


Hali may end season as sack leader...

As long as DeMarcus Ware and Clay Matthews don't get 2, he should end with 14.5.

I love my family, they always know what to get. I'm in love with the shoes. Have a merry Christmas...


I love my family, they always know what to get. I'm in love with the shoes. Have a merry Christmas AP, and like I say, a Chiefs christmas is a good Christmas.


Charles not in top ten for Probowl Voting

Just heard it on the radio...can anyone confirm or deny it? If so I'm appalled. They're gonna rob one of the best runningbacks this season. You don't put up Jim Brown/Barry Sanders numbers and...


I get to see my Chiefs play one time a year. In the last 5 years, I've seen them win 0 times.

 Okay, so I was in England during the 2007 season, week 4, where we actually won in San Diego. But none the less. I've been to 4/5 of the games in San Diego in the last 5 years, and Kansas City...


Greetings from Arrowhead Pride!

Hey guys,   My name is SoCalChief17, and I'm a Chiefs fan living in SoCal, like many of you! Now I know there are a lot of different emotions running through both of us right about now, and I'd...

Caption this. Lol.


Caption this. Lol.

Hey guys, I'm trying to buy tickets to the Chiefs/Charger game off of craigslist, but I want to...


Hey guys, I'm trying to buy tickets to the Chiefs/Charger game off of craigslist, but I want to make sure these tickets are real. Can anyone verify for me off the pic? The guy has a hundred percent feedback off of ebay...

Hey guys I'm trying to buy tickets to the Chiefs/Charger game, only thing is I'm buying them off of...


Hey guys I'm trying to buy tickets to the Chiefs/Charger game, only thing is I'm buying them off of Craigslist. The guy sent me a picture but I want to make sure that they're legit. Can someone verify for me? He has a hundred percent positive feedback off of ebay also with 138 different feedbacks....


Few interesting stats...

Jamaal Charles is second in the league in yards (1,021), despite having 63 carries less than Arian Foster(1,147). Dwayne Bowe is fifth in recieving yards despite being on a run first team, and...

NFL Head Coach Rankings

24. (tie) Josh McDaniels, Broncos and Todd Haley, Chiefs -- It's absolutely fitting that these two goofballs are mired in a feud, but that's only part of the reason I'm ranking them together. They deserve one another. Both of them clearly understand the Xs and Os part of the game, especially on offense, but their arrogance and general immaturity affects their decision making. We've now reached a point where a whole generation of young coaches wants to act like Bill Parcels, but they don't understand Parcels spent years building up credibility to go with his iron fist. You can't just assume players will respect your screaming tantrums. Schematically, Haley stubbornly refuses to give the ball to his best running back (Jamal Charles) for reasons no one can explain, other than Haley believes he's the smartest guy in the room. If he didn't want Chan Gailey to be his offensive coordinator two years ago, he shouldn't have hired him in the first place. McDaniels was probably right to get rid of Cutler when he did, but feuding with Brandon Marshall was pointless, especially in the middle of a season where the Bronocs were contending for a playoff spot, and betting his future on Tim Tebow hardly seems wise. Both can be good NFL coaches, but both need to grow up a bit before that happens. Hmmm. Can't say I agree with this. They say Haley hired Gailey, all he did was retain him, and then replaced him with a much better offensive coordinator, a superbowl winning staff, and a great philosophy. To put Haley in the same boat as McDaniels is offensive.

Anyone else think Haley was pissed about the hits on JC?

My grandmother was watching the game and told me she was upset about all of the cheapshots happening to JC. It was my bday and I was pretty much drunk by the time the game started (and if I wasnt...


Rushing average per year puts the Chiefs in second place

197.8 (1978) Patriots 190.4 (2010) Chiefs 183.7 (2006) Falcons 173.4 (2002) Steelers 172.3 (2009) Jets 168.5 (2010) Raiders 167.1 (2003) Ravens 167.0 (2004) Falcons 164.6 (2007)...

Glazer says Moss hasn't been waived, not informed

Wow. Must suck to have a head coach that can't keep his team in order.


Anyone else notice Vrabel lining up at corner?

Was that an audible on the defense and he just had to do it real quick, an actual play, or am I just trippin balls?

Apparently Nike has leaked a few of their concept artwork for their new Pro Combat jerseys for the...


Apparently Nike has leaked a few of their concept artwork for their new Pro Combat jerseys for the 2011 NFL season. Here's the Chiefs jersey. Thoughts? I kinda like it, but I'm still undecided. I'm sure it'll change before the final version comes out. EDIT: I do like the jerseys, I've realized that it was the under shirt that killed it for me. EDIT2: Some people think this is the Redskins jersey, not quite sure, it has 25 and someone else told me it was a Chiefs jersey. Someone else in this thread also found a link that some guy was just making these up so take it for what it's worth and have some fun looking anyways :)


Vids of the bad calls by the refs

Hey guys, I saw the game at a bar and was pretty pissed off about the bad calls, mainly the offsides and the blatant hold on Hali (and the PI but Ive already seen a youtube vid of it). If someone...


At this rate...

  Hey guys,   Been a while since I've thrown up a fanpost and I'm slightly bored watching this MNF game with a buncha packer fans, so I thought I'd throw one up. In this post we're gonna...

Texans starting LTDuane Brown suspended 4 games

He's allowed back the day after the Chiefs game....Looks like Tamba Hali is gonna have some fun this time around.

You really think Haley and Coach Mo don't like Charles?

They let him pick his own plays out for the Bronco game last season and pretty much let him establish his own gameplan. I don't think they would let him do that if they didn't think he was capable of handling it on his own. I think Wright is just blowing this out of proportion, we need to remember what Charles has done for us, and what he needs to do for us in the future. I'm sure there's an underlying plan there somewhere.


has anyone rewatched the game just to see how Cassel played?

I didn't record it, but I'd like to take a look at how many of his incompletions were actually his fault, or were thrown away or were dropped, etc. There might've been a fanpost or something that I...

So Jackson is eligible to play week 5 if he's traded soon

I'd rather him be traded before the Chargers cave and offer him money. Let's hope to an NFC team like the Rams or the Lions =)

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