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Joyner's Story


Be prepared to love Joyner even more then you already do...

ND Rejects ACC


The new contract with NBC goes through 2025. It's clear that ND has been playing the ACC hard core with no intention of ever giving up football broadcast rights.

Bryant Young Resigns From UF


Possible scandal? Very odd timing to say the least.

UM Fills High School Stadium


Naples High hosted UM's last scrimmage before their Spring Game. They plan on filling an even bigger High School stadium for that game (no word on whether or not Mr. and Mrs. Empty Orange-Chair have purchased their tickets yet).

FSU Loses $ Half Mil on ACC Championship


Just when you thought the ACC was turning things around, this news hits. Someone within the FSU administration has got to be against staying in the ACC. Every time the realignment talk dies down, news gets leaked as to how bleak the current financial situation is under Swofford's brilliant financial agreements.


Does FSU Need Extra Time To Prep For GT?

FSU faces Paul Johnson's dreaded triple option for the chance to be 2012 ACC Champs. The going theory seems to be that an extra week of preparation for Georgia Tech's triple option offense makes a...

Does FSU Need Extra Time For GT?


The going theory has been that an extra week of preparation for Georgia Tech's triple option offense makes a big difference on the field. If you click on the link you will see GT's full schedule this year. Four teams this season had more then one week to prepare, and those teams are: Virginia Tech, Middle Tennessee, North Carolina, and Duke. GT went 2-2 in these games, and scored 17, 28, 68, and 42 points respectively. The first two games were early in the year and the other two were played at the end of the season. This is interesting in that there would be a lot more film for teams to study. My takeaway is that the GT offense is rolling of late (the Georgia loss does not define them any more then the UF loss defines FSU). I expect this offense to move the ball on us, and I expect that the game will be much more of a fight then many here believe. However, I do not believe that an extra week of preparation would make a huge difference in the outcome of the game. Remember, these guys have all been familiar with the option offense since their earliest football days.

Bama Loses WR & Backup RB For The Season


I'll leave it to others more familiar with the team to speculate how this effects the receivers, but Bama is now dangerously thin at RB. They now only have Eddie Lacey and 2 true freshmen at RB. Being that they are a run-heavy team, the loss at RB could have a much more serious impact as the season wears on.

Penn State Loses Silas Redd


The hits just keep coming for PSU. Hard to feel bad for them, especially with the comments from PSU fans. Couldn't happen to a better group.

ACC Has A "Great Deal" With ESPN


ESPN talking heads debate if it's ok for FSU and CU to even look at other conferences. The situation is compared to a marriage, a building fire, and a shopping mall (could ESPN hire less intelligent people?). Of course FSU is portrayed as evil because they're only thinking about "keeping up with the Jones's" lol.

Athlon Ranks Fisher Two Spots Lower Than Al Golden In The ACC


I'm not sure what alternate universe they live in, but in this universe they also rank Mike London as a better coach. They refer to Fisher's record over the last two seasons, but of course, do not compare it to the record over the two previous seasons. Great job of analysis by Athlon! :P

Ryan Broyles Done For The Season?


He was crying and very emotional as the trainers mentioned ACL and MCL. *edit* Initial reports confirm he is done with at least a ruptured ACL

Miami Loses Forston For Season


With recent recruiting classes and NCAA infractions hanging over their head, Miami is beginning to fall into an abyss they may never emerge from.

Press Conference w/ EJ & JF


This was a terrific press conference as it was very informative. I'm sure Bud and some of the other Mods will "translate" some of Coach Fisher's measurements. Here's the bottom line. *There is a lot to be excited about if you're a Nole fan.*

EJ Manuel Finds Mentor In Charlie Ward


Things just keep getting better. EJ could not hope for a better person to mentor him. There will be many ups and downs in his first year as a starter, and Ward should be a huge help in keeping EJ grounded and confident.

The Klown is NOT a Tiger!


I'm sure your all just as shocked as I am. Maybe now we can put all of the clown pics to rest now :)

Gruden Staying Put


As usual UM fans are just full of pipe dreams.

"Seems Like Old Times"


ESPN is definitely taking note of the fact that FSU is on fire on the recruiting trail. I have no idea how they conclude that leading the nation in top 150 players gives them the #3 class, but at this point I'll just take the fact that we're in the headlines for the right reason.


Is It Time For EJ?

Please, let me preface this by saying I already know what your initial reaction will be. "You are putting way to much stock into a few plays, without properly diagnosing the entire body of work."...

Miami's 2009 Recruiting Class Takes Another Hit


Miami fans have relentlessly defended their latest recruiting class by pointing to two late additions: Latwan Anderson and Seatrell Henderson. It appears that argument is now 50% weaker.

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