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Born and raised in Southern California. My father is a true fan from the early 70's. I grew up watching the games and really got Black & Gold fever when he took me to the 05' Monday night game in San Diego. It was almost magical seeing 3/4 of Qualcomm, a sea of Terrible Towels and black and gold. I didn't have a towel at the time so I went to the souvenir stand and shelled out 20 bucks for an extra large yellow Chargers shirt that said something about winning a division...I don't recall. But when I ripped that shirt in half and started waving that thing it almost chemically induced a bond between me and this team. That year we went on to get one for the thumb. Since that Monday night I've been collecting the steel stuff. Never missing a game, and following religiously. I want to attend a Heinz Field game more than anything. Until that day I'll rep the Steelers out here in sunny SoCal. Where fair weathered teams with electric bolts on their helmets can never seem to get it done when the weather gets tough. Here we go Steelers. Here we go...

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers
  • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NCAAF USC Trojans
  • NHL Toronto Maple Leafs
  • MLB San Diego Padres
  • NASCAR Jeff Gordon
  • Fantasy Team Touch Down Syndrome
User Blog

"Oh, the tears of unfathomable sadness! My-ymmuy. Mm-yummy you guys!"


"Oh, the tears of unfathomable sadness! My-ymmuy. Mm-yummy you guys!"

NFL is selling photos of James Harrison's Illegal Hit


Thanks to WVPiratesFan for posting this earlier on a discussion board.

Hines Ward on Ed Reed


Ed Reed comes in as the #88 football player of all time. Hines Ward has respect for the second best safety in the league.

LaMarr Woodley, the Gentleman


With all the negativity around the NFL in the off season, it is nice to see that Woodley has his head in the right place, not worrying about paychecks and skipping drills. Woodley is a class act, and I hope the FO works hard at extending this man's contract.


Dennis Vs Byron Vs Charlie. Who ya got?

    Tomlin recently announced he will know who his number 1 QB will be going into training camp. He's seen all three prospects play. He's developed one of them, signed another, and was...


BTSC focus group question....

 Hey guys, I know that this question doesn't belong here. I would have made a FanShot poll but I couldn't so here goes:              If you could have your own preference, would you rather the...

"Everyone on this team has been through adversity at one period of time and that's what's so...


"Everyone on this team has been through adversity at one period of time and that's what's so special about football. This is the one place you can come and get away from your problems, kind of leave all of that baggage at home. We'll welcome him with open arms. He's still our quarterback and he doesn't have to win over anybody." - Hines Ward


Jonathan Dwyer: A steal

Dwyer was the 2008 Atlantic Coast Conference Player of the Year. He was a four star prospect and was wanted by many of the top football teams in the NCAA. He supposedly ran a 10.81 in the 100...

Round 1 Press Conference


In this Steelers website video, you can hear the thoughts of Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert on their 1st round pick, Maurkice Pouncey.


What to look for tomorrow

  Some are upset, some are content, and others are stoked. I'm pretty damn stoked. It's not sexy. It's not flashy. But, picking Maurkice Pouncey in the 1st was a smart move. We just shored up a...

Ben'd and Confused. Shopped by yours truly.


Ben'd and Confused. Shopped by yours truly.


The 'I know you're tired of Ben Posts but here's one anyway' Tribute Post.

  I'm tired of BB posts. I'm tired of BB posts. I'm tired of BB posts. I'm tired of BB posts. I'm tired of BB posts. I'm tired of BB posts. I'm tired of BB posts. I'm tired of BB posts. I'm tired...


Big Ben traded to Seattle Seahawks for Mr. Irrelevant pick in 2010 Draft

If you thought we got hosed on the Holmes deal you need to sit down. Fictional Football Talk is reporting, mere minutes after the Holmes trade, that the Seattle Seahawks have aquired Ben...


Holmes to Jets for 5th round pick in 2010 draft

I didn't think it would happen. This is nuts. Please someone explain to me how a former 1st rounder and super bowl MVP is worth a 5th round pick. We no longer have a number 1 receiver. We have to...


South Park and #7

If you don't watch South Park stop reading. Tonight the season premier of South Park featured the subject of young successful men struggling with sex addiction. Guess who appeared numerously on the...


State of the Steelers

With all the off season drama, increased free agent activity, and draft mysteries, the State of the Steelers may have some heads spinning. Listening to SCR broadcast this morning with Jim Wexell...



From The Official Pittsburgh Steelers Facebook Page: The Steelers have tendered four of their RFAs. Willie Colon at the first-round pick level, and William Gay, Daniel Sepulveda and Matt Spaeth...

Jerry Olsavsky hired as Steelers Defensive Quality Control Coach


Good to see some Black and Gold Alumni coming back to help the franchise out.


Throwbacks question.

Can someone tell me the record of the Steelers, when wearing the 60's throwback uniforms? I'm thinking like 2 total losses. All I do know is that we win in them more often than not. Thanks for any...



There's some pretty funny episodes where Comedian Danny Rouhier vents his frustration about the dismal that is the Washington Redskins. I enjoy them each week and if you have the time check them out. Redskins Anonymous is my favorite


Throw out your hatred of the Bengals until Sunday

Chris Henry is in the hospital battling for his life with head injuries. He was reported to be ejected from a moving pickup. This supposedly happened after a domestic dispute in Charlotte. There's...


Improving BTSC: Take 2

Since my last post went up in flames, I've decided to take another shot at this.  I don't want to quit BTSC. I believe it is still one of the best sources for anything Pittsburgh Steelers.   The...


Who gets cut tomorrow? Who gets replaced?

Halftime now and it looks sad sad sad. Someone is going to lose a job. If they don't then they're going to lose a fan. We can't even handle the browns on any side of the football. What the hell is...


I hope Santa's sleigh is fire retardant.

   Warren Sapp and myself just got goosebumps listening to Mike Tomlin's post game conference. He was clearly upset about the loss. He clearly didn't want to hear questions from reporters asking if...


Big Ben's post concussion performances

Hey guys. I would love to be the guy to break down Ben's performances after getting rattled. My dad said today that the last time he got concussed they pulled him out of the game cause we were...

Carter wins AFC devensive honors


Congrats to Tyrone Carter. He's a valid starter in waiting when we need him. He went above and beyond at Invesco Field. I'm glad we have such a neat guy like Carter on our team.

Thought you guys might enjoy this shot of Mason. Haha. Gotta love it Malor.


Thought you guys might enjoy this shot of Mason. Haha. Gotta love it Malor.

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