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An original Sharks fan, from before they were a team. Carried the first Sharks poster at an NHL exhibition game, between periods, North Stars vs Penguins, in the Bay Area. Were given tickets to the Islanders vs Penguins game after returning to our seats. Carried better "Let's Go Sharks" and "Bring On The Sharks" posters at that second game. I wonder if there are any videos.
I'll post a photo of the 1st poster/sign if I can find it. I know it's here somewhere as I came across it while sorting recently.
(Update: The poster has been found and posted on Fear The Fin as a FanShot on 2011-04-14.)
The only other games I was able to attend were an AHL game in Norfolk in the late 1990's between Norfolk and Richmond, and an WHL game in Seattle in the mid 1990's between the Thunderbirds and Moose Jaw Warriors. Patrick Marleau was with the Thunderbirds at the time.
I admit I really didn't follow the Sharks very closely in the early years, usually because I didn't have a TV then. Best I could do was read the recaps and watch the standings in the newspaper.
Started following them a bit closer, as the internet grew.
Go Sharks!

I'm also an original OAKLAND A's fan. Reason that "Oakland" is in caps is because I've been a fan since the A's moved to Oakland, the same year our family moved to California. I was so young, that the A's are the only team I knew of, and thus became a fan. My Dad was a, cough cough, lifetime Cubs fan.

My username comes from my music background, as when one is singing alone, on a stage, without a band, a solo act.

And, finally, I'm just a disabled Veteran from the Persian Gulf era, with some time to spare, and hopefully share what little insight I might have with fellow Sharks fans.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Oakland Athletics
  • NHL San Jose Sharks
  • Winter Olympics Team U.S.A.
  • General San Francisco Bulls, Worcester Sharks, Seattle Thunderbirds
User Blog

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March OT Thread

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Sharkstistics - March & April 2012

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Sharkstistics - February 2012

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Sharkstistics - January 2012

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Sharkstistics - December 2011

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Sharkstistics - November 2011

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Glossaries: Sharkstistics and Potential Points Standings charts explained

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Sharkstistics - October 2011

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Sharks and HP Pavilion could use a school of these Sharks "swimming" around the arena during...

Air Swimmers - Awesome RC Flying Shark and Clownfish! (via xzylo)

Sharks and HP Pavilion could use a school of these Sharks "swimming" around the arena during pre-game and intermissions.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you, just in time for the playoffs, the First Sharks Poster Ever...


Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you, just in time for the playoffs, the First Sharks Poster Ever to be carried at an NHL game. By me. I found it in my keepsakes/souvenirs bin.The game was an exhibition game featuring Minnesota North Stars vs. Pittsburgh Penguins, 1990. My friends & I also carried posters in the 2nd exhibition that year, but we sold those posters.


NHL Magic Numbers - Running Charts

Final update: Regular Season ended, Sun. Apr. 10, 2011It was a lot of fun! Thank you Everyone! Like it or lump it, these charts indicate the true standings, based on how the teams are a...


Running Sharkstistics, Days Off and Team Performance, and More

Final Update: Postgame,  Apr. 09, 2011 - Following Sharks 0-day-off-game 3-1 Victory over Phx.   It's been a lot of fun! Thank you Everyone! See you all in the playoff threads!   Next Up: Regular...

This is why the Sharks lost to Chi last year, and why other teams with strong talent consistently...


This is why the Sharks lost to Chi last year, and why other teams with strong talent consistently tend to score a lot of goals. As I watch Sharks games, both in the past and the latest games, they seem to rarely put someone in the goalie's eyes. Why don't the Sharks do this? Add this to the amount of shots they pepper opponents goalies with, and we'll see an end to a lot of those "frustrating close games."

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