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Ah . . . its good to be hated


The Tide is singlehandedly ruining college football for these guys and they JUST CAN'T STAND IT!

Enough with the silly second guessing, give the Man his due . . .


Just a plug to say the greatness of C.J.'s tip of Murray's pass is not receiving enough attention amongst all the scapegoating by the dawgs. CJ's play was incredible in its own right and all the dawg whining is keeping CJ from getting his due even on this side of the line. IMO, "The Tip" should be added to the lexicon along with the "The Sack" and "The Kick" etc. Long live "The Tip."

Nominee for the most intellectually dishonest, cowardly column of the year . . .,


That is saying something of course in this internet age but for someone with a "national" column this one is a doozie in terms of pandering, laziness, cheapshot artistry, and outright cowardice. She really distinguishes herself in not taking time to research such things as graduation rates, rate of criminal activity by players, seeing how administrators and players really think of him, the number of "good" people who come out of the program, etc. Nicely done.


NFL Playoff System is a JOKE

We just sat through the travesty of the Packers -- a team that had a historic run in the regular season -- being forced to re-play a team it had already BEATEN on the opponent's HOME FIELD. It... blogger names his top six Tide Pro players


Shaun Alexander (NFL MVP), Lee Roy Jordan, Derrick Thomas (HOF), Cornelius Bennett, Dwight Stephenson (HOF), among others got left off the list. But he got No. 1 right.

Grant complimented by opposing media . . .


This writer is seeing the same things Alabama fans are -- Grant is clearly making an impression and not just for the W/Ls. (And Pelphrey is suffering by comparison.)

The difference between Alabama and Kentucky


George Blanda, who I assume is probably the greatest UK football player ever and an NFL Hall of Famer, passed away today and I didn't see any reference to it on the UK blog. (I always thought it was illustrative of Bryant's charisma that even when Bryant was in his 30's that Blanda said "that must be what God looks like" after meeting him.)

Nice piece by Ivan Maisel on The Bear and JoePa


Maisel, being from Mobile, "gets" Coach Bryant.

JPW impressing at Falcons camp . . .


Peter King thinks he may be pushing for backup QB

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