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Longstanding citizen of the Nation; ardently dedicated to our beloved Raiders.

Flagrum contra apostatas!

"George Blanda ... the greatest clutch player in the history of this game." Al Davis

"Let no thing possess you that you do not dictate." Raymond St. Martin

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2nd Half Thread: Raiders 7 Saints 21


Down 14-zip 12:30 into the 2nd Qtr with Oakland on the Saints' 2+yd line, Dennis Allen (who made a shrewd and successful challenge to a Brees deep "completion"), in Chip Kelly fashion, said, "Go...

Game Thread 1st two minutes of Raiders vs. Saints


Alright, Jon's in town and we're waiting for our Defense to appear.


Is anything as important as Raiders' winning? Yes, Raider style of play.

The Raiders, despite the last decade, have a huge fan base who, in the majority, vividly remember the "Raider style" of football as inspirational, awesome to witness, worthy to be associated with...


Enough with new-age experiments; Get back to Raider football

The current schemes of Dennis Allen and his lackeys - on both sides of the ball - are nothing but a failed experiment, an idea born in a vacuum without taking reasonable account of the realities- ...

Immediate action necessary to salvage Oakland Raiders' playoff hopes


Right now the concern should not be player performances so much as the systemic problem the Raiders are afflicted by - this affliction is in the corrosive form of the most unimaginative and...

Mean-streak present on Raiders' offense


I believe Oakland has four players who, not counting how they are off-field, have some Jack Bauer icy ruthlessness running through their hearts and veins when they're on a football field.

Do Oakland Raiders have weak link?


The Raiders' weakest link is OC, Greg Knapp and Special Teams Coordinator, Steve Hoffman.

1st Half editorial blurb


Alright. This was a shock to most of us. The Raiders were dominated throughout the first half in almost every phase of the game. The coaches won't have much difficulty coming up with the cut;...

How relevant are preseason stats?


Oakland has the 3rd best overall Defense - 4th best Rush Defense and 5th best Pass Defense. Coach Al., Dennis (has a familiar ring to it) stated that the Raiders would have "a top five Defense."...


Face of the Raiders?

One contemporary will emerge who epitomizes Oakland's character for the 2012 season. That player's face will show the strength or weakness, the intelligence or stupidity, the toughness or frailty...

LB D.J. Williams tweets out Broncos' new playbook


"Not exactly a banner offseason for Denver Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams. Facing a six-game suspension for failing a performance-enhancing drug test, Williams must now answer to Jack Del Rio & Co. for tweeting out a photo of the team's defensive playbook on his iPad, according to TheBigLead.com. After telling his 10,000 Twitter followers he's learning a "new position," Williams gave the general public a chance to learn along with him. By Marc Sessler Writer Published: June 8, 2012 at 03:20 p.m.

Raiders perfect their 2012 Draft by selecting LB Nathan Stupar


The Raiders decided to use two of their six draft picks on LBs - which makes perfect sense when your team is one of the worst in the league against the rush (#29) - and so Oakland chose S.D....

Broncos and Manning choose each other...Tebow prepares resume


ESPN is reporting that it's almost a done deal "barring snag" that Manning will be Denver's QB. The deal will be for 5 years. The Raiders must improve fast on D - vastly improve getting to the QB. L...


Raiders' roster at 63 is now comprised of 30 Winners, 18 Marginals, 15 Unproven

There, 18 more roster-hogs for immolation to the greater glory of the Raiders.

Raider Captain and double winner of Committment to Excellence Award is gone


Rock Cartwright, a splendid STs player for the Raiders and one of Oakland's four Captains was, apparently, not extended a satisfactory contract offer by the Raiders. The Rock will walk ... across...

Raiders' longtime majordomo, John Herrera, finally...


Raiders' longtime majordomo, John Herrera, finally leaves. http://www.mercurynews.com/other-sports/ci_19984402

Raider's GM begins the purge ...


I'd expected Reggie to first start shaping the roster by cutting the gross underachievers - the slothful players, e.g. McClain, or the undisciplined ones, e.g. Groves, and the timid ones, e.g....


First moves of Raiders' GM?

This suggests changes at key leadership positions - both at coaching and with personnel - may well be where Oakland's GM initially focuses ... as clearly, it was a lack of leadership that cost...


Who would make greatest impact on Raider Defense?

If there were no obstacles and we could acquire any of the following defensive players right now, which one of the following do you think would make the biggest positive impact on the Raiders 26th...

Mark Davis and Amy Trask Must Now Intervene


A pro-temp GM (for example, John Madden) would impose order and put coaches and players on notice that everyone will be held accountable for their good and bad performances; this would send a...

How much do you want a Raider win today?


Would you rather beat GB and go on to sweep Detroit, KC, and SD to finish 11-5 record but miss the playoffs by the tie-breaker with Denver, or would you prefer to finish 8-8 or 9-7 and make the...


"This Team's Psyche is My Psyche" Hue Jackson HC Oakland Raiders

Be Strong Hue and hold onto your Faith. I know this team is as strong or as weak as you are. So please be your best self: confident, swaggering, tough, glib, and smart.


Raiders' Need for Defensive Leadership Now Available

The Raiders really need to move on Jack Del Rio as their DC. Our Defense needs strong leadership, Richard Seymour cannot do it by himself. A strong unifying voice is needed in what Hue Jackson has...


Raiders Poll: Out of curiosity ...

If you were assured a certain victory over one of the following upcoming opponents: Chicago, Green Bay or Kansas City, which one would you take? Chicago presenting a strong rush and strong rush...

Thanksgiving Games Thread


Considering 3 of the teams playing in today's games will face Oakland, here's a thread to note your thoughts impressions. Rooting for GB for two reasons: First, want them impeccable till we face...


Chicago at Oakland: Who impacts the game most?

Michael Bush, the Raiders insurance policy, ace-in-the-hole, go-to-guy, human locomotive with soft hands and motor that will not quit until the last referee blows his whistle and drops dead.

The Raiders feast-famine dynamic: Broncos win, Raiders will too


The feast-famine dynamic of the Raiders is a fact but Sapp's assertion of the cause of that dynamic is not a fact that is absolutely provable.


No Secrets Remain for the Oakland Raiders

The Raiders have won every* game played against an inferior rushing attack - one rated 17th or worse) regardless of the opponent's passing ranking. Just as significantly, the Raiders have lost...


Was Oakland Raiders decision to cut Hagan Hue Jackson's emancipation proclamation?

Could it be that Hagan was the one cut because he was Al Davis' choice at the exact time that Hue wanted Housh? I believe this is exactly the case and also that this decision is Hue's Declaration...


Warning: Overconfidence about Sunday could doom Oakland!

One last thought, the Raiders have lost every game following the bye week for the past 8 years.

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