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Longstanding citizen of the Nation; ardently dedicated to our beloved Raiders.

Flagrum contra apostatas!

"George Blanda ... the greatest clutch player in the history of this game." Al Davis

"Let no thing possess you that you do not dictate." Raymond St. Martin

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Oakland Raiders clear the way for Bully-Building Coaches

Even as I write this, Hue Jackson and Al Davis are working hard to honor Hue's promise to "Build a Bully" ... these are good decisions to advance the Raiders closer to that noble goal.

Oakland Raiders Hire Al Saunders as Offensive Coordinator


It's official, Al Saunders will work with Head Coach Hue and Al Davis and this Holy Triumvirate vil conqueror ze NFL und ze Vurld!


Al Saunders for Oakland Raiders OC position?

For nearly 3 decades London born Al Saunders has coached and consulted offenses in the NFL. Known for his unrivaled, in bulk at least, offensive playbook which is reported to contain 7,000 plays within its 700 pages.


Chuck Pagano: strong candidate for Oakland Raiders Defensive Coordinator?

Chuck Pagano came to Oakland in 2005 and for two seasons coached the Raiders' defensive backs. In his 2nd year, the Raiders' pass defensive ranked #1 in the NFL, allowing a meager 151 yards average /game.

Oakland Raiders Name Hue Jackson Head Coach


Oakland Raiders Owner Al Davis, on naming Hue Jackson Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders said, "The fire in Hue will set a flame that will burn for a long time in the hearts and minds of the Raider football team and the Raider Nation."


Divisional Playoff Weekend

Here we go ... Baltimore @ Pittsburgh (-3 1/2 , under 37) 1:30 Saturday Green Bay @ Atlanta (-3, under 43 1/2) 5:00 Saturday Seattle @ Chicago (-10, under 42) 10:00 Sunday New York (Jersey) @ New...

What separates Asomugha from the great Raider CBs?


Asomugha lacks the mentality of Willie Brown, Mike Haynes, Lester Hayes and Terry McDaniel. Those CBs desired the football, their worked at baiting QBs, luring passes their way to take possession for their team.

And, Raider Nation is pulling for __________ !


With 10 teams w/ potential to be Supreme Champion. let us know which one you want to win SB45. With the Raiders out, I like Baltimore and Philadelphia. Baltimore because of its physical approach -...

Jason Campbell gives Washington Post the difference between Foreskins and Raiders


On the difference between the Raiders and Redskins: Bottom Line: "The biggest difference is the hunger the guys [in Oakland] had this year."

Oakland's difference makers: Coaches Waufle & Jackson


Raiders improved D - moving from the No. 26 Overall Defense in 2009 to No. 11 in 2010 - is heavily indebted to DL Coach, Mike Wauffle.

Are the Raiders tough enough to stop a man called Maurice "-"?


Maurice Jones-Drew | #32 | RB Maurice has been tearing up defenses the last few weeks: Against Dallas he rushed for 135 Against Houston 100 Against Cleveland 133 Against NYG 113 ... and...

Raiders Captain, "We are going to stay focused. We see what’s at stake, and how attainable it is. We won’t lose focus."


These are the welcomed words of Oakland's Strong Safety, Tyvon Branch, expressing exactly what we all needed to hear, having experienced our Beloved Raiders coming out flat 7 straight years after a Bye-week.

'Mid-way' Raider Nation regular season outcome poll


Being a bye week, speculation is least harmful now. Anyway, I am curious to know what the Nation's opinion is currently about how our Win - Loss record will look at the end of the regular season.

Oakland's (basic) strategical gameplan vs. K.C.


with ferociousness, terrorize him and make him wish he was a shoe salesman in some suburb of Kansas City instead of having to face you for 30 minutes of hell!

To Oakland's DC: Unleash the the Black Death Marshall!!!


Field Marshall John has all this at his disposal and must realize this and unleash them without any reservations. ...We have a high-octane D that runs best at full throttle.

2nd Half Game Thread: 10-24-2010: Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos


Off the scale 1st Half with domination in every category. Hue is calling a good game. Marshall is calling a good game. Bush and McFadden together seem unstoppable. The D is hitting on all cylinders...

Is Al Davis still a visionary? Does he still have guts?


It does make sense that Al Davis, the consummate Maverick, will bequeath his reign to a woman and make her his omnipotent GM.

An Oakland win today and the Divisional Crown is a real possibility; a loss, and it’s back to scrounging for silver linings


... the Raiders are playing for their identity today. The stigma of being a team that cannot stand the slightest success, i.e. a complacent host, can be exorcised today (!) ...

Raiders inviting trade offers


Over the past week, Oakland Org has been making calls around the league soliciting offers for many on our roster. "The Oakland Raiders called around the league this week and let it be known that any of their players are available in a trade, according to league sources." ESPN.com's Bill Williamson Raiders players that have drawn interest around the league since training camp began include linebacker Thomas Howard and cornerback Chris Johnson.

Bay Area Battle of the Tight Ends


The outcomes of the pass coverage contest between MLBs Rolando McClain and Patrick Willis, and Strong Safeties Tyvon Branch (or Mike Mitchell) and Taylor Mays are critical.

Officially sanctioned 'right of prediction' re Raiders vs. 49ers outcome


This renewed attitude that puts winning ahead of any and all values is embraced by the players (we saw that last Sunday and rejoiced). This is Now The Raider Nation's Zeitgeist for this New Decade and this spirit is what will make the decisive difference in Sunday's outcome.

Why the Raiders' playing safe is anything but


This innate attitude of Oakland's HC - this lack of killer instinct - this desire for security and playing it safe - that is undermining and emasculating our team and season.

Tribute to George Blanda


George Blanda - Oakland Raiders (via DtchMastr) One very cool Dude.

A Cardinal CB's assessment of Nnamdi Aomugha


The Shutdown Effect By Darren Urban Posted Sep 23, 2010 Cornerbacks like Asomugha, DRC strive to lock up receivers Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (left) is trying to reach the shutdown status like that of Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. It’s stereotyping, but that didn’t stop Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie from nodding over across the locker room at Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston and calling them "prima donnas." A gross generalization for sure, but the topic of shutdown cornerbacks had been brought up, and DRC didn’t hesitate to note that wide receivers like his teammates’ ilk have all the rules in their favor so "you really can’t put your hands on them, touch them or nothing." Not very nice, since Fitzgerald had just praised DRC a little while earlier as a top-notch corner that helped when it came to matching up with Raiders Pro Bowl cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha this weekend. "(Nnamdi) is one of the premier corners, one of the best in the business," Fitzgerald had said. "I have a great corner in DRC I get to go against in training camp and every day, and he is preparing me to go against (Nnamdi) and other premier guys in the league." The notion of a shutdown corner still exists, even in a league built for every team’s passing fancy. Such a corner may toil in relative obscurity, as Asomugha has in Oakland while the Raiders have wallowed in double-digit loss seasons. Some hang out on Revis Island. Some are shutdowns-in-training, like DRC. But it is a crucial role that, while impossible to succeed on its own, can change the dynamic of a defense. "There are a lot of good corners in this league and you have to be aware of those guys because, as we have seen Dominique do a few times, he can make that play to change the course of a game," Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt said. "There are guys who are successful in man-to-man coverage, but some of that onus falls on the team too. I don’t care who you are, if you don’t put pressure on the quarterback and you have to cover him all day, he’s going to get open." How the Cards deal with Asomugha – or more specifically, how Fitzgerald does – will be one of the keys to Sunday. Asomugha builds off his physical talent with a study ethic few can match, as the Cal Berkeley product learns the tendencies of the opposing offense and their top wideouts. That’s what makes Asomugha so tough, Fitzgerald said. And why Rodgers-Cromartie wisely pays attention to such players. "Anytime you got a guy like Nnamdi or when we had (the Redskins’) DeAngelo Hall on the other side, I watch them guys and watch how they carry themselves, how they act against the run, how they play the ball," DRC said. "Just to see how I need to pick up my game and become an elite corner." Or what others might call a shutdown corner. The rules do make it harder to be such a "beast," as Cardinals quarterback Derek Anderson called Asomugha. But it’s relative, Asomugha said. The rules say defensive backs can’t get physical, so the cornerbacks who can cover the best without being physical are shutdown guys. If the rules are changed so that cornerbacks can’t even look at receivers, Asomugha added, "then the shutdown corner becomes the guy who does it best without looking at the guy." Stats don’t always dictate the best cornerbacks, because teams avoid throwing it their way. Of course, that creates a whole different issue, which is staying involved mentally. It’s an issue DRC was battling (although he insists he is past it), although to move to elite status, it can’t be a distraction. "Every snap, I’m like, ‘OK, this is the one,’ " Asomugha said. "I never go into a play thinking this one is not coming to me. I think that’s helped me because I talk to guys and they tell me the great thing is when the ball doesn’t go your way you are still in great position." That way, even if the so-called "prima donnas" have the rules on their side, a shutdown corner – or a player trying to be one -- can do the job. "Even with the rules, I have a good chance of covering my guy," Rodgers-Cromartie said.

Chargers LT McNeill ends holdout, signs one-year tender


McNeill can't play till October 17th, so he'll miss the Raiders game as will WR Vincent Jackson - both placed on the roster exempt list by GM A.J. Smith.

Oakland Raiders Combinations for the Knockout in AZ


Time of Possession could well be in the 33-34 minute range with sustained drives, and 1st downs galore. Our DL under Mike Waffle's brilliant oversight, should stifle Arizona's running game and get the ball back after unprecedented 3-and-outs. Our coaches showed inspiring ability to make adjustments in sets, strategy and personnel. We are all about winning again - just winning Baby - whoever, whatever, however that comes about.

Raider Wake up Call and A.S.A.P. Overhaul


The Offensive Line must be immediately overhauled. Veldheer would make a great Center in time but we need him now at LT. Gallery or Loper remain at LG, Satele must come back to C, Soup Campbell and Langston are best at RG (and Cooper Carlisle should create an opening on the roster), Khaliff Barnes should play RT (unless Veld and he switch).

Raider DE Backups, Jay Richardson and Alex Daniels, were released Monday making room for...


Raider DE Backups, Jay Richardson and Alex Daniels, were released Monday making room for acquisition of at least one Offensive Lineman on their roster.

Rejoice Raider Nation, We have a Center!


Veld is going to be used where he can help the team most - right now. A a very strong 315lbs, Jared is the answer to the many NTs on our schedule and one positive response to our sporadic running game.

Oakland Raiders finish final roster cut on sour note


Oakland, which had a reasonable roster cut through 21 of 22 players, decided to cut a universal fan favorite - Stevie 'Wunderkind" Brown who had distinguished himself during preseason at FS and on STs.

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