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Been a Bruin fan since the day my grandfather took me to see a game at the Rose Bowl when I was 5. UCLA is the greatest athletic institution at the collegiate level, and they go about it the right way.

I'm not an alum, but I won't let anybody tell me I'm not as much of a fan as anyone who's graduated from that fine institution. Do I envy you for getting to walk that campus as a student? More than you know. However, I bleed true blue and gold just like everyone of you. GO BRUINS!

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Los Angeles Dodgers
  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers
  • NFL San Francisco 49ers
  • NCAAF UCLA Bruins
  • NCAAB UCLA Bruins
  • NHL San Jose Sharks
  • Soccer Chelsea
User Blog

An Alternative Look at the NIT

I think it goes without saying we are all disappointed with not only the current season, but with the direction and leadership within the program. I agree with the majority on BN that Ben needs to...


Ben Howland and the RPI: 2008 - Present

UCLA's record under Ben Howland since 2008-09 against teams with decent to top RPIs have been somewhere between horrible to mediocre.

UCLA Alum Auctioning Off A Piece of History


An anonymous alum is auctioning off the original center court at Pauley from 1965-1982. Auction runs from April 15-30.

Ted Miller's Take on the State of UCLA Football


This was posted today and I thought it fit into discussions earlier regarding coaching hot seats. Miller's article follows Chris Low's write up on Ole Miss.

Bruce Pearl Misses "Dumbass" Lane Kiffin


"I've made mistakes -- I clearly did," Pearl said, according to KnoxNews.com. "But what I was hoping for was that some other dumbass would get on the front page and take me off the hook. I miss Lane Kiffin.''

Jon Gold Talks UCLA on Petros and Money


Matt "Money" Smith: Are CRN and CNC on the same page? Jon Gold: They aren't even in the same book...


AccuScore predicts UCLA has slight edge over K-State

It is unclear if injuries have been factored in, but none-the-less AccuScore has given UCLA a slight advantage going into Saturday's game with the Wildcats.  Some notable information/stat lines: T...

Coach's Rare, Unknown Feat


The late, great UCLA coach had a hole-in-one and a double eagle in the same round in 1939, according to a story in the Los Angeles Daily News on Tuesday.

UCLA O-Line: New Look, New Attitude


"They knew it had gotten to the point where they had to get better and they have," Carter said. "There is definitely an attitude change. Every time I go into the weight room, one of those guys is in there. They're aiming for perfection, aiming for greatness as opposed to just trying to play."

UCLA is Lead Story currently on tWWL's CBB Page


However, the story is behind a firewall. Just wondering if anybody read it and what Matt Meyers' take on the program is.

A College Basketball Coaches Survey: The Dark Side of Recruiting


Dana O'Neil of tWWL talks to 20 prominant NCAA coaches anonymously regarding summer recruiting, rules violations, and the all-too-hot topic of agents at the NCAA level. The coaches are very candid and open with their responses, making for an extremely interesting read.

ATV interview on "Petros and Money"


Such a class act. ATV talks training camp, expectations for his rookie season, and the future of UCLA football. ATV: This year UCLA is going to "surprise a lot of people"

Reggie Bush Finally Speaks Publicly Regarding $c Sanctions


"I'm going to do everything I can to make this right, some way, somehow, some shape or form, if its the last thing I do"

Cheatey Petey calls NCAA penalties on southern con "really, really harsh"


The man loves to act like a first grader when things don't go his way

Scully and Wooden For the Kids


Prime Ticket will be reshowing the 90-minute special from two years ago at the request of Vin Scully's wife, Sandy. The special is scheduled to be shown Monday night following the Dodgers postgame show, "Dodgers Live". There will also be a 30 minute presentation of "The Life and Times of John Wooden", narrated by Dick Enberg, following Scully & Wooden.


Duke De-Commit Carrick Felix

Anyone aware of our chances of landing him? It sounds like he will end up in the Pac-10. Doesn't seem like a bad under-the-radar transfer as he is talented with three years of eligibility left.

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