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Which Master Shall I Serve?

Desperate for answers following Oklahoma's devastating loss to the University of Texas on Saturday, fans turned to the local media at Monday's press conference with Bob Stoops. Instead of...

ESPN DirecTV Mobile Studio to Visit Norman


As part of the tour, College Football Live with Chris Cotter and Robert Smith will originate live from Headington Hall at 4 p.m. Friday on ESPNU.

Adrian Peterson ranked first in NFL 100


Players around the NFL have voted Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson as the league's best player.

Bob Stoops thinks the tales of SEC dominance are ‘propaganda’


Stoops utters the unthinkable by suggesting that the SEC isn't the greatest conference EVVVAAARRR! Not surprisingly, YAHOO! sportswriter Frank Schwab, who's never been accused of having an individual abstract thought, took exception to Stoops blasphemous statements.

Rookie QB Jones Gets First Work As Steeler


Landry Jones reported to the Steelers two days ago and immediately was handed a playbook the size of the one he had at Oklahoma.


We Have Met Thy Enemy, And It Is Us | Cultural Study | Aggie vs. Their Own Tortured Identity

Inspired by the Crimson and Cream Machine's, "Know Thy Enemy" series. After reading the first installment of CCM's "Know Thy Enemy" series, I'm completely convinced that by the final installment...

Herbstreit & Howard discuss OU/ND


From Soonersports.com, Kirk Herbstreit and Desmond Howard discuss the matchup between OU and Notre Dame.

Big Tex Destroyed By Fire


In an act of self mercy, Big Tex chooses to spontaneously combust rather than be subjected to further beat downs of his beloved Horns at the hand of the Sooners. This is remarkably similar to what we seen with the Longhorns on Saturday, and of course, with their fans in the days following the blowout loss.

Statesman.com : Bohls: Texas needs to define what ‘unacceptable’ really means


Texas writer has harsh words for University of Texas. Let's hope Mack starts winning again. I shudder at the thought of him leaving.


Hey Texas Fan, Why All The Hate?

As a fan of the most tradition rich program in college football, it can be difficult to understand the shifty, unreliable thought patterns of our less fortunate conference brethren, the Texas...

In an effort to take heat off their SEC brother, Aggie, someone from Mizzou decided to contrive...


In an effort to take heat off their SEC brother, Aggie, someone from Mizzou decided to contrive this little video to show the rest of the league their southern roots. Maybe one of them will eventually learn that rather than work that hard to show you belong, maybe it's just easier to be yourself.


The NCAA Finally Bares Their Teeth

It wasn't too long ago that fans and media alike were criticizing the NCAA as a toothless bear, incapable of exacting justice on programs such as USC and Auburn for perceived transgressions within...


The Devolution of College Football

Through the eyes of a college football purist If there was ever any meaningful information to be gleaned by observing the maneuverings of the University of Texas, and now ESPN, it's that in pursuit...

TCU AD Chris Del Conte let the expansion cat out of the bag


Im sure this won't come as a surprise to anybody, but it's nice to see it in print from a reliable source.


Navigating the Waters of Football Purgatory

Bumped Sadly, spring ball is behind us and I am forced into a cruel, merciless world void of college football. There is an impending sorrow I always feel in the days leading up to the spring game,...

Oklahoma State gives Mike Gundy 1.6 million more reasons to stay awhile


$3.7 million is a lot of jack for most schools to pony up for a football coach. In fact, only five other college coaches made as much last season. When you have as much money as Boone Pickens, is it possible to get buyers remorse? I'm not saying, I'm just saying, if OSWho falls back into mediocrity, will this be yet another contract that Hargis might wish he could rewrite.

Dejuan Miller's dad ripping Jay Norvell on twitter


If you can stomach going to Hookem.com you can see the tweets Miller's dad sent out. Note the times on the tweets. Douchebag was prolly drunk. Not cool.

LB Nelson: Defections have 'affected us'


Travis Lewis says player defections are a result of "Stoops deciding to put his foot down."

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