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Pictures of New Unis!


Evolutionary and subtle changes. A bunch of not-totally-useless tech improvements and now sporting the helmets that University of Oregon rolled out for the National Title game a couple of years ago. The new gloves are especially cool, and it looks like Earl will not get in trouble for orange shoes anymore.

Chilo Rachal: Secret Superstar


No, I didn't make this up. Its an outside-the-paywall PFF look at our new star (!?) guard, Chilo Rachal. Pretty different view than 9ers fans who wanted to buy him the next ticket on the spaceship to the sun. Long story short, he's a dominant run blocker (2nd only to Carl Nicks (!?))and merely below average pass blocker.

Van Gundy rant on flopping on national TV


I loved listening to this, even though this is hardly the worst flop of just this quarter, much less the game.

Times: Sam Farmer's mock draft


Has us picking De Castro, which to me feels like a early Christmas.

The Footage the NFL Won't Show You


Article describing the NFLs guarded nature about the "all-22" footage of games. From the Wall Street Journal, of all things. Maybe its time to occupy the league office?

Trib takes a good look a red zone D against eagles


Unusually good trib article covers ways to stop the eagles in the red zone.

Maybe its not horrible that we didn't get Colon


Didn't know enough about him to care at the time we were pursuing him, but maybe it was ok that he resigned with Pittsburgh.

PFF Chicago Bears Preview


Not the most optimistic appraisal of our situation, but they do have an equal amount of content on the plus and the minus side, so that's something.

Bears new pass protector not good at pass protection


Matt Spaeth, 4th from worst. I guess that is an improvement from worst (Manu).

Pompei: Bears may strike gold with undrafted free-agent lode


Dan Pompei is up on our UDFA haul. I'm pretty happy about Linnenkohl but a little disappointed we couldn't pick up Tim Barnes (Ravens). Its a little hard to know what to make of these guys, in general, but at least we have more of an idea of who are camp bodies will be. Who do you think has the best shot of making the final roster (if anyone)?


Brandon Manumaleuna is the least efficient pass blocking TE

Note: My first fan post, please let me know how to improve them  (Editor note: not bad for a rookie) As you know, we signed Manu basically to add another guard-sized person to our anemic offensive...


Time for More Reps for Wolfe and/or K. Bell

I think the Bears should give some reps to either Garrett Wolfe or Kahlil Bell for this game.  The likelihood of the Bears moving into the number one seed is low, and we have had ever decreasing...


Website has scathing analysis of game vs. Lions

One of my favorite football sites, Cold, Hard, Football Facts, has an ultra-negative breakdown of the Bears' offensive (said either way) woes from last Sunday.  It more or less confirms what my...


Atlanta Has Their Own Albatross

While there is a lot of worry on this site (understandably) about becoming a perennial 1st-round-exit squad if Oden does not pan out, I can't help but think that Atlanta has a chance of taking this...

Simmons suggests that Blazers acquire Camby


This short term rental is better than tanking. Please KP, I just got a DVR! Keep Broys competitive fire nourished with a tank-free season.

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