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Roll on Pete Seeger

While not the original artist, Pete Seeger was definitely one of the most prominent artists to sing our State's anthem.

Stadium Locations for 2016 Copa América Centennial (Portuguese)

No proof that this is accurate, but this site lists CenturyLink as one of the locations where games could be played in the cross-conference tournament.

What's up with the game clock? (An NCAA Primer)

This FanPost is an introduction to some of the differences you may notice during Sunday night's match between Seattle U and the University of Wasthington. With a dozen or so connects to Sounders FC this game is of great interest in the community.


Seattle U at Creighton match thread (NCAA tournament)

Seattle U tied up Creighton with 15 minutes remaining in the first half. The winner of this match will go on to play the Huskies on Sunday. With halftime about to start, the teams are looking...

Has Clint Dempsey's signing transformed Seattle's season? - The Guardian

A article that feels just a bit like a troll. From an author whose parents apparently confused a test for dyslexia for a baby name book.

Police Undercover as opposing fans?

The linked article is about a new policy happening at Seahawk games. This is one idea that I feel I could get behind for the Sounders and MLS in general. We all know that 99% of fans are friendly to traveling opposition, but this seems like a good way to weed out that 1%.

Oklahoma City based Sonics spreading to Seattle

I can't help to feel that we are the victim of a massive trolling campaign here...

The definition of sold out.


Always in sports, there is a question of how you define a sell out. Usually, the sell out is announced when there are technically still seats available, even if they are only individuals. Let no one question how "sellout" is being defined for our next home match.

Portland @ Seattle officially sold out at 66,800

Only single tickets left, with nearly 3 weeks until the match.


False Assumptions: A Failure of Security

There is an assumption from the front office (and many others), that because they were able to smooth this process out for the Seahawks, they will be able to do the same for the Sounders. It is my...


An open letter about metal detectors

Sounder at Heart commenter SounderJunkie sounds off on an issue that will surely be getting a lot of attention soon.

USMNT Kick-off in Seattle (20MB)

Just thought I would share the panorama I took from my seat at the game on Tuesday. It's beautiful to see the red and white crowd on their feet. Can you find Waldo?


Tigres - GIFs

Still playing a bit of catch up on the GIF creation, but there were a lot of memorable moments to save in this 2 game set. Now, there have been people trying to decide why exactly the Sounders...


Montreal - GIFs

This is a bit belated, but I took a look through the Montreal match thread and provided the GIFs that were requested. I'm hoping to take a look through the Tigres threads later this weekend, and...

Marcus Hahnemann on curry, cider, snowboarding and Seattle Sounders

"The sense that Hahnemann was a three-dimensional being amid cardboard cut-outs made him a popular interview for reporters in England, where interests that might seem typical in and around his native Seattle - hunting, mountain biking, a car collection, alternative rock, flying - looked exotic."

Marc Burch on the suspension he says he deserved

It would be easy to forget this off-season that Marc Burch is currently suspended from MLS play. He will miss the opening game of the season to finish out the suspension, but he still supports the league's decision.

MLS attempts to trademark "Cascadia Cup"

Cascadia supporter groups now must prepare to fight the league for ownership of the title.


NCAA Volleyball Tournament - Day 1

The NCAA Division 1 volleyball tournament kicked off tonight in schools across the country. The Pac-12 sent 7 teams to the 64 team tournament this year, tied with the Big 10 for the most entries....

Eddie Johnson gets the call. The GAM is back!

We've all been wondering how long until Eddie got called back to national team duty, now we have our answer. Of course, the unfortunate side effect is that Eddie will presumably be unavailable for our game against Real Salt Lake, but I can't help but be happy for him.

NBA fights flagrant flopping without fouls

I must admit that I haven't actively followed the NBA since 2008, but this is something we can certainly understand as both soccer fans. As far as I know Steven Lenhart doesn't play basketball, so the problem is not quite as rampant in the NBA, but it something that fans are used to seeing. In fact, I frequently point at basketball when my friends ask me how soccer fans put up with the flopping. Importantly, this rule change seemingly has no affect on how the calls are handled during the game. As far as I know the NBA doesn't have a direct analogue to the MLS disciplinary review board. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Steve Young Suffers Concussion Attempting To Explain Final Call In Packers, Seahawks Game

ESPN medical personnel confirmed Tuesday that analyst Steve Young suffered a traumatic brain injury Monday night while attempting to explain the referees’ confusing ruling of a touchdown on the last play of the Packers, Seahawks game...

Making the Case: Poo-poo-ing Portland's Pong

The Free Beer Movement has a good analysis of overexcited fans going to far. Pong is by no means the only fan who has crossed a line, but it's a shame to see so much defense of his actions by may Portland fans. It is important to keep a distinction between banter and hate. I love our friendly rivalry with Portland, but there must be emphasis on the word friendly. There are supporters that get to the point that they blur the line between Soccer and life. Allowing those individuals positions of power causes legitimate danger as they gain the possibility of starting a mob. I understand the unspoken rules of protecting your own, Pong is the one who broke that covenant last night by attacking (verbally) the players on the pitch. If the reports of his actions are accurate, this is a big test for the Timbers Army to maintain the respect that they otherwise deserve.

Passing graphs reveal Seattle weakness?

Central Winger presents an interesting (if oversimplified) analysis of passing reliability by field position. I think we all feel that our rotating forwards have yet to really mesh together in the way that we want them to. These passing graphs provide some backup for that view based on just statistical data. I would be interested in being able to see graphs like these for individual games or comparing our wins and losses. The year as a whole just isn't as informative as it could be.

Sounders Women vs UW is sold out

The Sounders Women are looking to add some additional seating and sell "standing room only" tickets at the gate. It's great to see the continued support in a week that has 2 men's games.

WPS Season Canceled

Mere hours after the US Women reaffirm their dominance in the CONCACAF Olympics Qualifying tournament, WPS has announced the cancellation of their 2012 season. This is not entirely surprising considering the well publicized struggles with the owners of MagicJack reducing the league to only 5 teams (FIFA guidelines specify a minimum of 8 teams to be considered a league). Expected or not, it is a sad confirmation. Yesterday we watched Alex Morgan run circles around the Canadian defense. We watched Abby Wambach use brilliant positioning to create open goals. We watched Hope Solo stand her ground against a world class Canadian offense. Today, they are all unemployed.


US vs. Mexico (Women's Soccer)

The next US women's international game is set to start in the next few minutes, and it's not a friendly. The team is playing for it's right to play in win the London Olympics. The concacaf...

The view from across the pond.

They seem unable to decide themselves whether their David Beckham worship is ironic or not, but there are at least a few Sounders mentioned in the Guardian 2011 MLS awards.

Just as the pews are open, Seattle loses Fucito in the (mock) draft.

I know that we are inevitably going to lose somebody valuable in the expansion draft, but I don't know how I'm going to stand it when we do.

Terry Boss concussed in Puerto Rico, may be out for season

With Schmid openly discussing even the possibility that this is a career ender, this makes our need for another keeper even greater than it has been. If we want to fill the role before the roster freeze (and I have to assume that we do), then we have only slightly over a week to do so.

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