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Which of these longshots will breakthrough and contribute?

We all know the obvious candidates to have improved seasons and contribute in a meaningful way in 2014. Heck, just about anyone expected to be in the everyday line-up is a candidate. Sweeney,...


The case to spend now and one way to do it

First off, I just want to say that I’m a big believer in the path the FO has taken up to now and won’t be disappointed if they don’t really spend this offseason except tinkering around the...


Dale Sveum: moron or mad genius?

My first reaction was: What? Marmol? What a moron! But my second reaction was: No one that Theo and Jed hires can be that stupid. I think literally everyone, Carlos Marmol included, knew he...

A's, Diamondbacks and Marlins hook up in a 3 way deal.


Kind of curious from the D'Backs perspective, IMO, as I had read they would look for shortstop or 3rd base help for their extra outfielders (instead taking Heath Bell). Billy Beane continues to amass talent, and the Marlins move another big contract. Yordy Cabrera was a 2010 2nd round pick by Oakland but hasn't shown much bat yet.


Should he play or should he go...hot corner edition

Ian Stewart was epically bad this year. His .627 OPS surpasses only the .621 OPS we've gotten from Luis Valmalo as his replacement. Some folks are happy to point out the nice return the Rockies...


Should he play or should he go....

Welcome to the 1st edition of "Should he play or should he go..." Bryan LaHair edition. Kanderber and Nunya struck up this conversation in today's pre-game thread and I thought it worthy.

Let the Brett Jackson clamor begin


"If a big league prospects service clock starts after today, he'll be under team control through at least 2018." Service time isn't an issue, yadda, yadda. Don't really care about super-2 status. This offense needs help: time to find a taker for Reed Johnson post-haste.


3 questions to answer before Spring Training

So, who wants to talk about some baseball? UPDATE: Rizzo acquired, Cashner moved, questions 1-3 answered. Obviously everyone is on the front page but feel free to address questions 2,4 and 5 here...

Do not overpay relievers


This article is longish, but worth the read. Most interesting to me were the last 6 paragraphs where he talks about how the Rangers, Rays & Braves have done it.

Killing time with Carl Crawford rumors


This actually would make some sense...if Soriano went to Boston at the same time. 1. Henry clearly disliked the Crawford signing. 2. Epstein pushed for it 3. That's $68 million in salary relief...for Boston. 4. Soriano is actually well-suited for Fenway, either as a LF or a DH. Lots of wind-killed fly balls to left would be off/over The Monster. 5. Crawfords speed is well-suited to the left field corner in Wrigley. My initial thought was I didn't want the last 3 years of Crawford's contract, but the more I think about it, it may make us a better team right now. Don't know how this would effect the rest of the negotiations, but how cool would it be to see this turn into a huge blockbuster? They've got all the time in the world to work it out, right?


Cubs management overreacts, makes Z situation worse

Well I know this thing has been beat to death already, but... They could have shrugged their shoulders and said "go ahead, retire."  or they coulda said "see you Wednesday, you're on the hill"...

Millwood opts out


Really, I know we've declared our intentions to start our LOOGY tomorrow, but it's not too late to change plans...


Thinking about the line-up

     I don't think we're likely to see a set line-up a whole lot this year for a few reasons.  One, our catcher is one of our best hitters, so 30-40 times when he's not starting that changes the...


Meh. Red Sox not much better

With all the headlines the Sox grabbed at the Winter Meetings, you'd think they acquired the ghost of Babe Ruth back from the Yankees. 


Does A-Gone make Cubs contenders in '11?

Let's assume for a moment the rest of the team stays the same, with the only other addition being a right-handed set-up man a la Wood but not necessarily Kerry.  Some people think the Cubs should...


MLBTR lists possible right-handed platoon OF's

     They put this in for the Phillies prospect Dominic Brown, but  it could apply to the Cubs if they decide to keep Fukudome.  I've posted as a Fukudome supporter before, as I like his patience,...


Outfield Scrum

This post was going to be entitled "Why this team could be special."  But I can see from my last post and from some of the other posts around here that nobody is ready for that.  I am going to have...


Z to the pen: a season saving move

  That's right..  Now that Piniella and the Cubs have been raked over the coals by bloggers and national media, it's time to call it what it is.  And this is potentially a season saving move.  ...

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