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OT: The Nexus 4

First off, I come off both impressed and severely disappointed. Some nice pecks: Quad-Core Android Jelly Bean 4.2 Full Resolution Panorama Wireless charging ...that's about it The bad: ...


OT: Costume Fabricators in Ohio?

So, let's use this as the general Halloween costume thread. But I also need a question answered. I want to go as either Deadmau5 or Tom Bangalter from Daft Punk this Halloween. There's no way I...



Steelers suck. Steelers suck. Steelers suck. Steelers suck. Steelers suck. Steelers suck. Steelers suck. Steelers suck. Steelers suck. Steelers suck. Steelers suck. Steelers suck. Steelers suck....



Today, my Account Manager for my market district started a contest: The first four to sell a home-based internet service would receive two tickets to a Browns game (next week or the week after). I...


OT: Dietary/ Vitamin thread

So, I've realized that I need to get much healthier, so I'm trying to radically change my diet and supplement intake. But I can only do so much with my income. Currently, I take 1 Multi-Vitamin,...

Seattle Seahawks running exact same receiving core as mid-2000s Browns


Lol, Antonio Bryant, Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards. Wtf Pete Carroll?

Colt singing with Brad Paisley at Blossom


Colt singing with Brad Paisley at Blossom

Grossi says Brad McCoy Cost Colt Future Opportunity


Other good bits in there too, such as (what Grossi speculates) a discussion between Holmgren and Heckert about whether or not they could justify Weeden at 22 and if so, Holmgren had to pull rank on it.


So you've just been drafted by the Steelers...

There you are, one of the top players in the upcoming NFL Draft. You sit in the Green Room anxiously waiting for your name to be called. You hope it's the Cleveland Browns, with the number that...

No Competition. Weeden is Day 1 Starter


GM Heckert told ESPN's Bob Holtzman about 28-yr-old Brandon Weeden, "You don't take him if he's not going to start." So long, Colt.

Another Mike Polk video...


1. It's funny but also annoying considering he's lamenting over free-agency crap. 2. Why you gotta hate on MUU?


OT: What do you drive?

Dunno if we have car enthusiasts in here or just people who drive Mini - vans, so I wanna see what hot rods DBNers race around the school parking lot.

Marcus Benard's 2011 Salary Has Been Declared His 2012 Salary; Still Under Contract


Sweet. Because he spent the majority of the year on Non - Football related IR, his 2011 salary was pasted to 2012. Let's see what he can do with extensive playing time in the 4-3.


OT: Cleveland - Born Music

I'm making this thread after I received Kid Cudi's new album "WRZD". Needless to say, it's Cudi hitting it out of the park again. But it made me think, this guy absolutely loves repping Cleveland...

All of DQ's Guaranteed Money Is In The First Two Seasons


Win - Win. After the second season, the Browns can get out of DQ with no penalty. They must be assuming with his injury history, this sustained play won't last for more than a couple years.

LaRon Landry is clearly taking steroids.


For a safety, that body type has to make him so inflexible. Bad career move on his part. Also,his age combined with his past body types make this look like a clear cut case of steroid use. Dunno how he can deny it.


If NFL Players Were Rage Memes...

Depending on the person they are, how they look, things they've said, I've compounded a list of notable NFL players, personnel and teams and what their corresponding Rage face would look like.


What if the Browns were London's "Home" team?

Now, let me speak. I'm not going Art Modell on you here. But think about it. The NFL has started to play games in London over the past few seasons. Now, the St. Louis Rams are going to have a home...

Romeo Crennel is a Head Coach. Again.


We are just spittin' out former coaches around the league apparently.

Mel Tucker Is Now A Head Coach


From average DB coach, to awful DC, to mediocre DC, to head coach. Word of advice on how to succeed in Jax: give the ball to MJD 100% of the time the rest of the season and laugh when his ACLs blow.


OT: No Shave November!

Figured we needed to talk about something that isn't about the Frowns or Penn State. What better than a facial hair thread! I shaved on Nov. 1st and this is what I look like 15 days in. Just...

Hillis Blew Out His Hammy Again


Said it looked bad, was distraught and when it happened he threw everything within reach.

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