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OT: 30 for 30

In some form of brilliance long since absent from ESPN (somebody must've had an out of world experience there to come up with this), the network created a great set of sports related movies that...

Monday Night Football is Dead



Mike Smith on Robinson Hit: "That's the way we teach it."


"Right after the Sunday night game, Falcons head coach Mike Smith said that he felt the Robinson hit was clean, and said 'that's the way we teach it.' On Monday, Smith said that his opinion hadn't changed."

Edwards Is Sueing Restaurant $14M for Employee Slander


What a D-bag. Apparently, an NFL team refused to give Edwards 15M in guaranteed money when the team found out he was in an altercation at the Michigan restaurant. Probably Denny's.

I Want Chris Jennings Back. The Man Has Some Wheels.


Now Braylon has to go twice as fast to reclaim his title...

Tuba's Turn


Lock him down. Also in talks with DQ.

The Contract Extensions Continue With Evan Moore


No complaints here. Love this guy.

Vick Is No Longer In Debt


Dang. 100M over 6 years. Almost half guaranteed.

Pryor Declared Eligible for Supplemental Draft


I feel like were going to make a move for him. I'm still on the fence about him though.

Benard Shows Up 20lbs Heavier; Jauron Is not Pleased.


Sounds like Benard got the wrong idea about the type of DE he was going to be, that's all.

Cribbs is Fighting Corrupt Meter Maids.


Well, I guess it's something to believe in. Fight the power?


Off - Topic: Automobiles

A hobby of mine is working on mine and my friends' cars. Death traps, yes. Canvases of moving expression? Also, yes. As you can see from my sig, I love talking about cars.

"Half-jokingly," he is even going as far as holding back some of his knowledge of the West Coast...


"Half-jokingly," he is even going as far as holding back some of his knowledge of the West Coast offense. "Yeah, I can't disclose everything to (McCoy)," he said. "I'm still trying to go out there and play for my position, you know?" A lovely dynamic appears to be brewing at quarterback for a team coming off another 11-loss season.

Rachael McCoy Kind of Has a Big Mouth


At first, I scoffed at the title of the article but when I started reading into it, McCoy's wife needs to learn a little self control when talking to Cowherd. Gah, Texas in trouble.


Off - Topic: Video Games

  via   I feel that I should be the one to start this one since my 3rd 360 died today. First one succumbed to the RRD, the second one went the way of the flying white dots...


Herzlich is an UDFA. Give Him a Flyer After The Lockout?

So, a lot of people (including myself) were clamoring for Heckert to draft Herz. Shows how good we are on the boards; we would've wasted a draft pick. Herz went through undrafted and now we need to...

Delhomme has told the Browns he has no intention of being a backup, and apparently could end up...


Delhomme has told the Browns he has no intention of being a backup, and apparently could end up starting if the lockout drags on long enough and the team decides second-year QB Colt McCoy hasn't had enough time to acquit himself with Pat Shurmur's system. The way he has played the past two seasons, it's hard to envision anybody making Delhomme a starter, especially at his current salary, but stranger things have happened.

Owners Lose Ruling, No More Lockout Insurance


This puts the players and owners at an essentially even plane. The owners no longer get money from the networks even if there's no football. They just lost a whole crapload of leverage.

Well, Looks Like the Season Won't Be Starting For Awhile...


Personally, I think Smith is single-handedly running the NFL into it's grave.


Apparently, DBN Gets Important Readers...

Check out an email I received a few days ago that I just got around to opening. It's from a Marketing Rep. from Schutt Sports! Hey guys, I'm the Director of Marketing Communications for Schutt ...


The Concussion Problem: The Technique or The Equipment?

This is an article I've been flubbing around with for a few weeks. The NFL is now trying to take a large approach against concussions but are they going about it the wrong way? I'd like to think...


JT's House of Pancakes Official Online Menu

So, me and Dawg Nuts are going into business together, opening our own chain of restaurants from the JT's HOP franchise. We feel it is important to give our customers choice, so we have created an...

Daboll Hired as Dolphins OC


Commence the laughing. BAHA!

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